Weekly WordPress News: New Page Builders, Lots of Envato & My New Theme

In the last week or so there were two new WordPress site builders released which gathered quite a bit of attention. The first, by Obox, called Layers looks the most promising. It’s free to download and use, I’m assuming they plan to make money from it by releasing premium addons at a later date – I love this business model, it works really well with WordPress – just look at WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads, both release the core plugin for free and make money from the extensions. Brian wrote a pretty thorough roundup about Layers, so go and check that out. The other one released was by WPMU, named “Upfront“, I’m not too keen on them as a company so haven’t looked too much into that one.

I’m still not convinced with page builders, I do think that WordPress needs to make it easier for end-users to build custom pages so they don’t have to rely on hiring developers and people like Squarespace and Wix are killing it at the moment but I’m not sure if having all these competing products is the answer – I would rather see something built-in to WordPress itself, which is a huge undertaking and not something I’m sure we could pull off. I still prefer light-weight themes that serve one purpose without all the bloating and extra code that gets bundled with these types of themes and plugins.

I launched my own new theme last week, named “Stacker” this one is a simple, responsive grid theme for displaying images – perfect for portfolios, photographers and artists. You can view the details and see a demo on ThemeFurnace here.

WPLift readers can join ThemeFurnace for 50% discount which gives you access to all of my 16 themes from just $24.50 using code : STACKER ( expires monday 2nd March ).


Hope everyone has a good weekend, let’s get on with the news!

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