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This week, the plugin review team put out a post titled "Please do not submit frameworks", in which they clarified that the official directory should not be used to host frameworks:

Having a framework as a plugin is a poor experience for the user. Not the developer. The user. The user understands “I have an add-on for WooCommerce, I probably need Woo.” They do not always understand “I have plugin Slider Joe. Why do I need Advanced Custom Fields?” In addition, by having a library as a plugin, the onus of version compatibility is now on the person least likely to understand it: the user.

This is despite a number of frameworks such as Redux (200k installs), already residing there.

Also noticed today, is a very moving video posted by Pressnomics where Joshua Strebel of Pagely travelled to interview Alex King on video, as it turned out, 10 days before his passing from cancer. I recommend you take a look at the video, posted here on the Pressnomics blog.

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