Using WPBudget to Snag a Premium WordPress Theme

As a WordPress website owner, chances are the decision whether to use a free WordPress theme or upgrade to a premium one has come up. In fact, this debate has probably been around since the beginning of WordPress and has plagued everyone at some point.

With so many free WordPress themes available in just the WordPress Repository (2,363 to be exact) it is no wonder why you may question investing some of your hard-earned cash into something as seemingly expensive as a premium WordPress theme.

Well, today I am going to share with you why paying for a premium theme is almost always in your best interest. In addition, I am going to reveal a wonderful new system that allows you to search for premium themes at discounted prices – WPBudget. That way, when you do decide that a premium theme is your best option, you can still save some of your money by buying your WordPress theme for a lower than normal price.

What is a Premium WordPress Theme?

In a nutshell, a premium WordPress theme is one that costs money to use. If it isn’t free, the only other option is to label it as premium. In fact, there are no other qualifying descriptions attached to a premium theme besides the fact that one must pay to utilize it. And, anyone can build a WordPress theme and sell it to the masses, thus branding it “premium”. That is why there are so many third-party WordPress theme shops and marketplaces offering premium themes to WordPress users.

However, quality premium themes are usually built by professional web designers. In addition, these designers are knowledgeable about the WordPress content management system (CMS) and have experience in the technical coding required to create a sustainable theme.

Why Use a Premium WordPress Theme?

Premium WordPress themes have plenty of pros that make spending money on them worthwhile. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should use a premium WordPress theme for your website.


Choosing a premium WordPress theme from a reliable source usually guarantees better product quality. However, the term quality is subjective. Here are some of the things you can expect from a “quality” premium WordPress theme:

  • A unique design that will set you apart from the competition
  • Support from the Theme developer
  • Updates on the theme
  • Clean code that meets current web design standards
  • A great variety to meet different style and type of websites
  • Responsive design so visitors can access your site from any device

In the end, premium WordPress themes are generally better quality than their free counterparts and make for better websites overall.

Increased Functionality

Website owners want their WordPress themes to be user-friendly. Unfortunately, many free WordPress themes are just the opposite. In fact, sometimes advanced knowledge of PHP, CSS, and HTML is required just to navigate the theme’s basic features or bump up the functionality to meet your needs.

This is not typically true with premium themes as they are built with functionality and user-friendliness in mind. With intuitive user interfaces that allow for easy customizations of every site element using a built-in theme customizer, premium themes stand out in terms of functionality.


Website security has never been more important. And many free themes, especially those from unreliable sources, have malicious code baked right into them unbeknownst to you. In addition, their lack of frequent updates cause even the developer of the theme to stay mindlessly unaware of the issues lurking in their theme.

With a premium WordPress theme, you can rest assured that your theme comes with clean code, meets even the strictest of web standards, and is regularly monitored and updated for security vulnerabilities.


If you use a free WordPress theme, there is no obligation on the part of the developer to offer you any support should you run into any problems setting up the theme or utilizing any of the features. However, all premium themes offer some level of support. More so, some theme shops are known for their exceptional support making the purchase of their premium themes even more worthwhile.

So, What is WPBudget?


Now that you have decided that purchasing a premium WordPress theme is what you need to do for your website, the question remains.

How do I purchase a high-quality premium theme without breaking the bank?

True, the cost that accompanies premium themes is worth it, as described above. Nevertheless, that does not mean you should recklessly throw your money into something just because it is the better choice.

That’s where WPBudget comes into play.

Many website owners frequent Envato Market looking for the high-quality premium WordPress themes.  In fact, Envato Market is a well-known website made up of themed marketplaces that can sell digital products, hire freelancers, or even learn new skills that are needed to build websites, videos, apps, and graphics.

In an effort to better the services they provide millions of website visitors in search of the perfect WordPress theme, Envato released a new author driven pricing system for their WordPress theme marketplace, Theme Forest. With this new system, theme authors are allowed to set their own prices. Because of this new price-setting structure, many theme authors have chosen to lower their prices on specific themes in the form of discounts.

In order to help website owners like yourself take full advantage of the discounted themes that are now available on Theme Forest via Envato, a new, standalone service was created by the name of WPBudget.  In short, the WPBudget services helps website owners find the themes they want from Theme Forest that are lower in price, but still maintain a high quality standard.

What WPBudget Offers

WPBudget is a free service that displays all current Theme Forest discounts (that’s 987 currently) in one convenient location. It uses the official Envato Market API to pull, collect, and display information about theme discounts in real time so you know you are always getting the most current deal available.

Initially, when you click on the WPBudget website, you will see the theme’s original price, the new price, and the amount you ultimately save by purchasing the discounted theme.


In addition, WPBudget offers an easy to use search function for things such as:

  • Theme category
  • Discount date
  • Popularity
  • Rating
  • Lowest priced

With these useful search filters, you can get the best deal possible on exactly the type of theme you are looking to implement on your website.


How to Purchase a Theme Off of WPBudget

The first thing you will want to do after clicking on WPBudget is filter your search results to bring up themes that are in your particular niche.

Next, you can do a quick preview of any theme’s live demo by clicking on the available button WPBudget provides site users. If you quickly decide this is the theme for you, just click on the Buy Now button and complete your purchase.


On the other hand, if you prefer you can click on the theme’s thumbnail image or theme name. From there you will enter the Theme Forest site where you can view things like:

  • Theme features
  • Recent update information
  • Theme author
  • Support provisions
  • Number of sales
  • Comments
  • Theme rating
  • Compatibility
  • Documentation
  • And much more


Here you can also see a live preview of the theme and even make a purchase if you so choose.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you are looking for a great WordPress theme that has unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and exceptional security and support, I highly suggest investing in a premium theme.

What I don’t recommend is spending extra cash mindlessly.

If you can find exactly what you are looking for by using the free WPBudget service, why spend more that you need too? With an advanced search function and nearly 1,000 premium themes to choose from, and more being added all of the time, you are bound to find the perfect theme and at a discount price.

What do you think about the WPBudget service? Have you used it recently to find the perfect premium theme for your WordPress website? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay, a freelance writer for hire who loves WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending time with her son and two silly nephews!

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