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30 WordPress Tumblr Style Blogging Themes

Last Updated on April 19th, 2021

Published on January 17th, 2013


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Since its launch Tumblr has had enormous influence on how people blog – regardless of platform. It’s use of custom post types has helped its users to keep their posts extremely short, simple, and to the point. Just a link, just a paragraph, just an image, etc.

While this type of content is easy to produce and consume the Tumblr platform has some limitations some may want to avoid. Flexibility and the use of add-ons (or plugins) being the main culprit. Thankfully though, in WordPress users can find a happy medium. They can still create a Tumblr-like blog, but with the extreme power and flexibility offered by WordPress.

If that’s something you’d like to do with WordPress, here is a collection of 30 Tumblr Style WordPress themes that can help you get started.


Charlton is an ultra-clean blogging theme which makes use of Post Formats to allow you to post video, audio, quotes, photos, photo galleries.

Charlton WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49 (Developer Club: $99)


Perosan is a simple personal blogging theme with some nice built-in extras such as social media count widgets, flickr widgets, lined paper style text widgets and a homepage slider.

Perosan WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $49 (Developer Club: $99)


Branded is an incredibly unique and highly interactive WordPress theme for creative people. Based on powerful responsive grid and powered by easy to use admin panel, with lots of features, this can become the perfect theme for you!

Branded WordPress Theme


Pulse is a Premium Photography WordPress Theme with a very unique layout. It’s equally adept at showcasing design or photography projects. Its page templates accommodates multiple galleries, each with as many images as you want.

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The theme was made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers, but in tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS as well.

It is built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax and progressively enhanced with CSS3 components for ultimate style.

Pulse WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $39


Locks is new, clean, minimalistic and very elegant WordPress theme for all! Theme includes awesome features like post formats (gallery, image, link, quote …), custom posts (portfolio), custom templates (business, blog,portfolio..) and much more. Overall design looks pretty sleek and follows latest trends in web design like responsive layout or HTML5 language.

Locks WordPress Theme


Gridone is a big, bold, beautiful, portfolio theme for creatives. Gridone is a grid-based, fullscreen, portfolio, WordPress theme with 4 stunning looks and many functionalities.

Gridone WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $39


Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme family (Tisa, Suco, Elemin, Funki, Minblr, Wumblr, and iTheme2). It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other and automatically loaded when you hit to the bottom of the page.

Grido WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $39


Designed by Tyler Galpin, and boasting all-new tumblog functionality with a quick publishing form on the dashboard Crisp is perfect for lazy bloggers who want a professional, slick looking site with Tumblr-like ease-of-use.

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Crisp WordPress Theme


Canvas is our most ambitious theme to date! Every element of Canvas is highly customizable through our options panel, so you can make the design, layout and typography exactly like you want. If you are after a highly customizable blog design or just a starter theme for your next client project, then Canvas will most definitely work for you!

Canvas WordPress Theme


Designed by Cameron Moll, Briefed is for all types of designers & creatives thanks to it’s modular layout and clean, minimal design. The home page is completely customizable with a portfolio powered by custom post types, optional Dribbble feed, and jsMasonry for an adaptive layout.

Briefed WordPress Theme


Beveled is a clean yet sophisticated portfolio theme, which can be used to show off you work, or even display your photos. It is compatible with the WooTumblog plugin, which when enabled gives you access to post formats and iPhone publishing!

Beveled WordPress Theme


Socialike is a responsive WordPress blog with post formats and social media pages.

Socialike WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Stonking is a minimalistic Powerful Professional WordPress theme for post-format, self hosted audio supporting, made and your Blog, Portfolio, Business or almost any other kind of website.

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Stonking WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Fashionic is a trumblr style responsive theme with beautiful ajax transitions. It can be set as a Emagazine website, blog, personal homepage, portfolio, and so on.

Fashionic WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45


Memo is a super-awesome tumblog style WordPress theme with a clean, minimal design. If you’re looking to get started with microblogging then Memo will be right up your street.

Memo WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $50


Sideshow is a funktastic portfolio theme for the artsy fartsy with a built-in Tumblr style blogging system. It’s simple, to the point, and does little to distract viewers away from your work but everything to showcase it – exactly how a portfolio should function.

Sideshow WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $50


Gridler is a grid-based portfolio theme with a tumblr style blog supporting a range of post formats.

Gridler WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Quicknote is a simple & functional blog theme, suitable to share your thoughts in a very unique way. With 6 background options you can match your personal preference.

Quicknote WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $35


FLOW is a creative, responsive blog/personal template. It is great for every type of blog or personal site but it also can be used for other projects.

Flow WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $35


Daily – A Beautiful WordPress Blog & Photo theme – Responsive for Mobile & Tablet.

Daily WordPress Theme


Every wordpress magazine themes are not made for frontend publishing feature. We will introduce to you frontend publishing and multimedia theme. Because our theme has support Oembed it has included Soundcloud + Vimeo + Youtube + Twitter + Instagram. Our 5 post format is easy to configure also Page additional options are better than before.

PressGrid WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Blogphix: An Infinite scrolling, unique and ridiculously easy to use blogging theme for anyone who just wants to share on the web. Setup is minimal and barely requires any attention. The many styling, unique post formats and extras inside the theme options area allow you to really dig into each section of this theme and make it your own.

Blogphix WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40

Plus Grid

Plus is an extremely easy to use Responsive Grid Multipurpose Magazine Theme, it adapts to any device(try resizing your browser), designed to present your news in a minimal and fluent way. A clear layout with tons of shortcodes and improvements. Both experienced developers and users with no programming background can customize and fire this theme with minimal effort.

PlusGrid WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45


Peak is a clean and powerful portfolio WordPress theme with a brilliant Tumblog. Whether your a photographer, an artist, a web designer or a really creative person, Peak is great way to showoff your work.

Peak WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Wilton is a fully responsive WordPress theme, suited for blogging. Supports audio, video, image, quote and gallery post formats.

Wilton WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40


Bulletin is a simple and elegant “Tumblog” style WordPress theme perfect for many types of websites such as blogs, portfolios, photography, and personal use sites.

Bulletin WordPress Theme


Create a Tumblr style blog with full control over your content with Typo. Share your images, videos, audio files and more all within your own WordPress install!

Typo WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45


Kari is a reliable and fast WordPress theme for small agencies and creatives. Design relatively adapts on visitors screens, focus them on your works, give your contact information right in time. Your work is just to be ready for conversation.

Kari WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $45


Powerful WP Theme designed in a clean and minimalistic style. This theme is very flexible, easy for customizing and well documented, approaches for personal and professional use. VALOR has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery. It has a solid flexible responsive layout that scales from 320px to 1260px width all Bootstrap features.

Valor WordPress Theme

  • Full Details | Price: $40

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