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Top 25 WordPress Blogs to Read and Follow in 2022

Last Updated on September 5th, 2022


If you’re looking to keep up-to-date with everything WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we share 25 of the top WordPress blogs to read.

WordPress has been a popular and growing community for 18 years with numerous enthusiasts, bloggers, designers, and developers worldwide. No doubt that this community is constantly evolving in the long run because of the contributions of these individuals. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, or someone who wants to be up-to-date from the latest WordPress news, newest themes, and plugins, or learn about the latest techniques.

There is no other way than to read blogs about WordPress and stay informed and updated. Keep reading to learn about 25 of the best WordPress blogs you should read. 

Chris Lema

If you’re new to WordPress, you may land or hear about Chris Lema. He is a notable individual in WordPress and tops the list of our best WordPress blogs to follow. His blog focuses on eCommerce, e-learning, and freelancing. Chris is also a public speaker and offers courses and e-books. Therefore if you are into those topics, then his blogs may pick your interest.

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Elegant Themes Blog

Another one on our list of best WordPress blogs to follow is the Elegant Themes Blog. This blog has notable bloggers like Kevin Muldoon, Brenda Barron, and Jacqueline Thomas. As the name implies, the topic of their blogs focuses on themes, plugins, tutorials, and guides. This blog is ideal for beginners and professionals as well. If you are looking for this kind of content, then this might be the one for you.


  • Yearly Access – $89 per year
  • Unlimited Access – $249 per year

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Yep, we’ve made it to our list! Ha!

Well, are you new to WordPress and want to get the gist of the tools and features it offers? WPLift provides helpful and informative tutorials, guides, and tips that you need for your WordPress exploration.

WP Lift also offers other functional tools like security widgets and plugins. If you are finding coupon codes for other plugins, themes, and such, WP Lift also offers coupons you can use for your next purchase. Do check it out here to see our full coupons list. Our blog is no doubt included in the best WordPress blogs to follow. If the following is suitable for your preferences, then WPLift might be the one you are looking for! Nope, not being narcissists here! 

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  • Option 1: Directory Placement – $69 
  • Option 2: Review – $399
  • Option 3: Newsletter Ad – $150
  • Option 4: Full Package (Review, Newsletter Feature and Directory Placement) – $499

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WP Mayor

If you are looking for authentic reviews on WordPress then WP Mayor might be suitable for you. It offers engaging reviews from various WordPress topics like themes, plugins, hacks, and product services which are also very informative. If you consider purchasing a premium template or theme, you can check out the reviews from WP Mayor. Indeed, this blog adds to the list of WordPress blogs to read. 


  • Check out the full listing of coupons here.

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Matt Medeiros

This blogger here is yet another addition to our list of best WordPress blogs to follow. Matt Medeiros is a well-renowned podcaster and blogger on WordPress. His topic focuses on eCommerce, building your WordPress website, and productivity tips.

Matt Medeiros started SlocumStudio.com or what he calls “freelancing in WordPress”. They also build WordPress themes that are clean yet powerful. If you are venturing into the business side, give him a read and you might learn everything you need to know.

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Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard is composed of savvy bloggers who share their real-time marketing experience in the form of producing blogs. They provide advice, tips, and techniques for content marketing.

The topics on their blogs are all about blogging basics, blog marketing, SEO, traffic generation, and of course, WordPress. Blogging Wizard focuses solely on helping individuals who are beginning their digital marketing journey. 

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WP Setup

Are you new to WordPress and looking for a reliable blog to read about guides on how to start up your very own WordPress site? Then add WP Setup to your list of other WordPress blogs to read. This blog focuses on topics like WordPress installations and setups, and different tutorials if you’re considering establishing your WordPress site. Each blog educates the users thoroughly and as practical as possible. Give this blog a try, enhance your knowledge and apply it on your own.

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  • WP Setup also offers hosting plans that may suit your preferences. You can check it out here for more details
  • Shared Hosting – $2 per month
  • VPS Hosting – $10 per month
  • Managed Hosting – $20 per month

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Leaving Work Behind

To those who have seen Tom Ewer on WordPress, he is the guy you can turn to if you are working on freelancing, or even starting as one. Tom Ewer has a website called “Leaving Work Behind” where he and his team write about their personal experiences, every success, and failure story, and a lot more inspirational stuff that you need to read.

His blog focuses on how to start your online business and other information that you need to know about freelancing. They also offer products and services to help you get started. Tom Ewer is included on our list of top WordPress bloggers that are worth checking out.


  • Check out their website here to take a look at products and services they offer.

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Are you looking for the latest insights and news from WordPress? A reliable and updated source is brought to you by WPTavern. This blog focuses on the latest news from the official WordPress.

Aside from that, they also have topics about new features, the latest fix, issues, and WordPress people. Everything here on WPTavern is a fresh plus, they also offer plugins and themes so you might want to check them out. We’ve added them to the list of the best WordPress blogs to read.

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As the name implies, WPExplorer is perfect for your WordPress exploration needs. From the collection of themes and plugins, tutorials and guides that are straightforward, and product reviews are also up on their blog.

If you are finding a quality content blog to explore on, WPExplorer is the one for you. They also offer coupons that you can see for yourself here. No doubt WP Explorer is also included in our list of WordPress blogs to read.

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Do you belong to the number of non-tech-savvy users of WordPress? Don’t worry because we got you WordPress blogs to read even if you’re a complete beginner and still getting the gist of everything. Here is WPBeginner. As the name says it all, its articles focus on simple yet straightforward guides and tutorials.

They do not focus on beginners only. WPBeginner also has different categories of blogs to read. In addition to that, they also have themes, plugins, and coupons that you can use for your website.

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Yoast Blog

We all know the struggle of improving your WordPress website’s SEO. As SEO plays a vital part in digital marketing, here is another top WordPress blog that may catch your interest. Yoast Blog is the #1 most popular SEO plugin on WordPress and no doubt, this blog is included on our list. Yoast Blog focuses on WordPress SEO, on & off SEO, and how to be an effective SEO copywriter. If you are interested in improving your SEO, then Yoast Blog is the ideal blog for your needs. 


  • Upgrade to Premium here
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 1 site – $89 per year
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 2 sites – $169.10 per year
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 3 sites – $253.65 per year
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 4 sites – $338.20 per year
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 5 sites – $400.50 per year
  • Yoast SEO Premium: 10 sites – $756.50 per year

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Bob Dunn or also known as BobWP is a renowned publisher and podcaster that creates articles about WooCommerce. If you want to expand your horizons on WooCommerce or an entrepreneur who wants to display their product innovations on WooCommerce, then you’ve come to the right place. BobWP is indeed on the list of our WordPress blogs to read because he offers assistance and advice to freelancers, businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to venture on WooCommerce. 

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The WooCommerce Blog

Another blog that talks everything about WooCommerce is added to the list of our WordPress blogs to read. The WooCommerce Blog, as the name implies, articles helps individuals to start their WooCommerce with their various tips, guides, and everything you need to know about establishing one. They also offer the latest news and features about WooCommerce plus, they also have extensions that you can see for yourself here and may help you in your WooCommerce journey. 

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If you are searching for thorough guides, tutorials on how to start your WordPress journey, or even detailed reviews discussing various WordPress Products, then add WPKube to your list. Like any other WordPress blog to read, they offer you different topics and categories ranging from beginner level up to professional level. They also have hostings and coupons that are suitable for your needs.

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Joyce Grace

top wordpress blogs to read - Joyce Grace

Joyce Grace is one of the top WordPress bloggers you need to know about. She’s an internet marketer, focusing on e-marketing and performs effective SEO in Vancouver and other countries as well. If you are planning to be a copywriter or an internet marketer, her articles are informative and give you a lot of lessons.

She helped a lot of businesses and individuals who want to start their careers in e-marketing. She also offers services like copywriting, SEO, marketing consultant, and web development. If you consider reaching out to her, give her website a visit. 

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top wordpress blogs to read - CodeInWP

CodeinWP aims to provide easy-to-digest information about creating your WordPress website and how to build the website effectively. They provide educational tutorials and guides starting from building a website, up to web hosting, software, and of course, WordPress. Every aspect that you need in those areas is tackled in this blog. Also, they post new content every week about new tutorials and comparison lists to get the most out of your website creation. 

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Kinsta Blog

top wordpress blogs to read - Kinsta

People on WordPress go on about Kinsta Blog as they are one of the fast and reliable WordPress plugins in the market. And indeed, included in our WordPress blogs to read. Even if you don’t have extensive learning or experience about technical stuff, Kinsta Blog provides topics that are well thought and easy to digest information that even a non-tech-savvy individual can understand. 


  • Starter Monthly – $30 / Starter Yearly – $300
  • Pro Monthly – $60 / Pro Yearly – $600
  • Business 1 Monthly – $100 / Business 1 Yearly – $1,000
  • Business 2 Monthly – $200 / Business 2 Yearly – $2,000
  • Business 3 Monthly – $300 / Business 3 Yearly – $3,000
  • Business 4 Monthly – $400 / Business 4 Yearly – $4,000
  • Enterprise 1 Monthly – $600 / Enterprise 1 Yearly – $6,000
  • Enterprise 2 Monthly – $900 / Enterprise 2 Yearly – $9,000
  • Enterprise 3 Monthly – $1,200 / Enterprise 3 Yearly – $12,000
  • Enterprise 4 Monthly – $1,500 / Enterprise 4 Yearly – $15,000

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top wordpress blogs to read - WinningWP

Another WordPress blog to read is WinningWP. Like any other blog out there, WinningWP provides a wide range of categories from books, clients, social media, SEO, blogging, design, themes, plugins, tutorials, eCommerce, and a lot more! Are you also looking for news and trivia about WordPress?

This blog has got you covered. They also have coupons for themes and templates that you can check here. From a lot of categories to choose from, you can say that this deserves a spot on our top 25 WordPress blogs to read and follow this year.

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WPEverest Blog

The plugins User Registration and Everest Forms are some of the most popular and best plugins in WordPress. These popular plugins are hosted by WPEverest. WPEverest doesn’t only provide plugins for your WordPress websites and how-to’s but also provides articles on different categories that are also relatable to WordPress. 

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If you are into WordPress development, you might want to include WPShout on the list of WordPress blogs to read. As implied on their tagline, WPShout provides in-depth WordPress tutorials for developers. This blog is ideal for developers and for those who want to have extensive learning about WordPress development.

Nurture your knowledge and skills as WPShout offers free courses and premium courses that you can check here. They also regularly post updates on Twitter so if you use Twitter, maybe you can give WPShout a follow.

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Tom McFarlin

top wordpress blogs to read - Tom McFarlin

Another entry on the list of WordPress blogs to read for web development blogs is Tom McFarlin. Tom McFarlin is a senior developer for Awesome Motive. His blogs contain topics from software, WordPress, and development. If you are digging into these areas, then you may want to give his blog a try. Even if the articles focus on technical, he keeps it engaging to read so you’ll never get tired of reading them. 

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WPMU Dev Blog

top wordpress blogs to read - WPMU Dev Blog

With over 1.6 million readers, we think that WPMU Dev Blog deserves to be listed in the top 25 WordPress blogs to read and follow this year. Their blog covers topics from WordPress itself, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress, and more from the community of WordPress. Like most of the blogs, WPMU Dev Blog also posts tutorials, marketing, product reviews, themes, plugins, and development. 


  • Personal Monthly – $19 per month / Personal Yearly – $15.83  per month
  • Freelancer Monthly – $39 per month / Freelancer Yearly – $32.50 per month
  • Agency Monthly – $99 per month /Agency Yearly – $82.50 per month

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top wordpress blogs to read - WebsiteSetuop

Are you looking for free resources to create, manage and grow your WordPress website? Then, WebsiteSetup is your perfect WordPress blog to read. Over 370,000+ people go to this blog to set up their website for free. They are composed of a small team that assists people in establishing their website, starting from scratch until they set it up on their own.

You don’t need to learn about codes or hire developers to create your website—their blog basically consists of what you need: different resources, how-to’s, guides, and useful tools by using the right platforms to start. WebsiteSetup also offers free consultation if you need proper assistance.

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top wordpress blogs to read - MonsterPost

MonsterPost is a website that offers a huge collection of themes and templates from different platforms like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, and the likes. They also provide several articles from different categories that include start-ups, webinars, interviews, podcasts, customer success stories, and their very own TemplateMonster school. 


  • Creative Monthly – $18 per month / Creative Annual – $7.75 per month
  • All in one – $14.95 annually
  • Lifetime – $599

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What’s your favorite WordPress Blog?

So there you have it–our list of the to WordPress blogs to read. Each WordPress blog and blogger offers us a variety of topics and engaging articles to read. But these blogs share something in common, and that is to help all individuals worldwide. We, individuals who are using the same platform, or individuals who want to start on their own, a beginner, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an enthusiast. Whoever we are and whatever reason we have, these blogs will help us and educate us in the best way possible. 

As we go through these different blogs and bloggers, we would say that our favorite among them is the WebsiteSetup. Their blog is ideal for someone who wants to start their career by establishing their website. WebsiteSetup will help you from scratch until you can set it up on your own. How about you? What are you looking for? Maybe we have what you are looking for here on our list of WordPress blogs and bloggers. Check out for yourself!

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