Theme Matcher: Convert a Static HTML to a WordPress Theme

Published on November 11th, 2013

Last Updated on March 25th, 2021


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If you’ve ever wanted to build your own WordPress theme, but aren’t sure where to start, then the Theme Matcher HTML to WordPress conversion service is something you will be interested in. Whether you’ve been tasked with converting an existing website to WordPress, or want to build a theme based on an HTML mock-up, this service aims to make your life easier.

By giving Theme Matcher the URL of a website, and then defining the different parts of the site, the service will build a theme matching the layout, with almost instant results. This sounds great in theory, but does the service live up to its claims? Find out in our Theme Matcher review.

Theme Matcher

This is a sponsored review, it is completely my opinion and not influenced in any way by being paid. If you would like to order a sponsored review, please visit our promotions page.

User Experience

Theme Matcher Start

To use Theme Matcher all you are required to do is enter the URL of a website you wish to convert, and then select the areas of the site that correspond to the main components of a WordPress theme. This consists of selecting the content area of the source site which will be used to display the posts and pages for the theme.

Theme Matcher Step 1 Small.

The next step is to highlight the equivalent sidebar area where the theme’s widgets will be displayed. Finally you can remove elements of the page you don’t want to be included in the theme. This could include elements such as a search box, login area or adverts. During the definition and selection process, you can edit the selected areas for more precise control over the layout

Theme Matcher Step 2 Small

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, the service will then create a preview of the theme. From the preview you can see how your theme will look. As the service takes the CSS from the source site, the fonts, colours and other styles should be applied to the theme.

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Theme Matcher Preview Small

If you are having trouble using the online tool, you can opt to have the Theme Matcher team create the theme for you. Simply use the assistance form to send them the address of the site you would like converted into a theme, and they will do the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

From the preview page, you can choose to start again if necessary, or proceed to downloading the theme. At this point you are required to choose a pricing option or enter your receipt code to be able to download the theme again if you are using one of the included revisions.

Theme Matcher Download

The download page includes instructions covering how to install the theme and even how to install WordPress for those that are new to the platform. Installation of the theme is done in the usual way, by uploading a zip file through the WordPress admin or uploading the theme folder using FTP.

Theme Matcher Install

Once uploaded, the custom theme can then be activated and setup through your WordPress dashboard as usual. Depending on your source material, your theme will either be ready to go or require some modification. With the sites we tested the service on, Theme Matcher was able to do a good job of porting the page elements from an HTML site into a WordPress theme.

After identifying and defining the content and sidebar area manually, the service was then able to identify the menu, logo area and footer, and incorporate these elements into the WordPress theme.

Why Use Theme Matcher

From our experience, this service works well and does a good job of building a WordPress theme based on an existing site layout. But with so many good WordPress themes out there already, why not just buy an off the shelf product, instead of using a tool like this?

While buying a theme is one option, many situations arise when it’s not the ideal solution. A tool like Theme Matcher is perfect for those who need to convert an existing static HTML site to WordPress and want to keep the same look and feel for the new site. Whether you’ve been hired to do the migration for a client, or are doing it for your own site, this service allows you to easily migrate to WordPress without having to change the interface design and appearance of your whole site.

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Another scenario where this service would be very useful is for a company that needs to add a blog to their site and wants to use the design of their non-WordPress site, for a WordPress-powered blog. By simply using this tool, a theme can be generated for the blog that matches the identify of their existing site.

Theme and website designers will also find value in this tool as they can quickly develop a prototype of a theme layout in HTML and then use Theme Matcher to generate the WordPress theme. This can save hours of development time as only basic HTML and CSS needs to be used to build the layout, without having to add any of the WordPress code. The HTML mock-up can be effortlessly and cost-effectively converted to a theme.

Designers can now also offer WordPress theme development without having detailed knowledge of the construction of a WordPress theme. Simply by drafting a mock-up in HTML and then using this tool, a ready to use WordPress theme can be generated for client use almost instantly. Theme Matcher is also a great way to generate a basic theme that can be further added to over time.


Once you’ve previewed your theme and are happy with the results, it is necessary to pay for access to the theme files. Thankfully the cost is low, especially when compared to hiring a developer, or in terms of man-hours should you choose to code the theme yourself.

Theme Matcher Pricing

There are three price points available:

  • $47 for 1 theme with two free revisions and standard support
  • $67 for 1 theme with five free revisions and premium support as well as free CSS tweaks by their team
  • $297 for 10 themes, intended for resellers, designers, or freelancers doing many themes

All pricing options include a search engine optimised theme, with an HTML5 CSS3 foundation that is completely unbranded by Theme Matcher. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

While you could by a premium theme for around $47, with this service you get a custom theme based on your own mock-up, or based on an existing site, allowing you to migrate a site’s identify and branding to the WordPress platform, saving you the need to hire a developer at a much higher rate.


I must admit I was a bit sceptical about this tool before trying it out. Website layouts and WordPress themes can be complicated entities and the idea of a website that can covert one to the other in just a few seconds seemed unlikely.

However, not only is Theme Matcher very easy to use, it gets the job done, and all at a low cost compared to the alternatives. The cost is even comparable to buying a premium theme which makes the option of keeping an existing design when moving to WordPress a viable alternative to being forced to undertake a redesign due to changing platforms.

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As you can preview the conversion before signing up or handing over any money, there is no reason not to try this service when either building your own theme or overseeing a migration to WordPress.

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