The Weekly WordPress News: 5%, bbPress Woes, Free Theme Release & More

I have been working on converting a large forum over to bbPress which has over 20k members and over 900k posts – The import went ok but what I’m struggling with is the speed of the forum itself. It’s very slow, even compare to the old vBulletin site it currently runs on – there is a delay just clicking around the site and an even bigger delay when posting and replying. Obviously large sites running bbPress can be achieved as the forums run on it but I’m disappointed with the performance – if anyone has any suggestions on how to speed it up for larger forums I would really like to hear them, thanks!

I have a new free theme in the WordPress directory this week, CleanPort is one of our best sellers on ThemeFurnace so check out the post here on WPLift or head over to download the theme. Releasing free themes into the directory undoubtedly helps our business grow as we receive direct referrals from the site who turn into paying customers, it’s also how my company gives back to the WordPress community in general, we definitely spend more than 5% of our time doing so :)

Also this week I have been updating our coupon code section here on WPLift, check it out for some fresh coupons on loads of WordPress related deals.

On with the news! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly WordPress News: 5%, bbPress Woes, Free Theme Release & More”

  1. Oli, re bbPress move to a really good host, preferably SSD VPS with at least 1-2GB RAM soyou have total control of the server and use this stack:

    nginx fastcgi, modpagespeed and SPDY 3.1 (get a simple ssl cert), instead of php-fpm use HHVM and instead of mysql use mariaDB 10

    then follow all the front end optimizations that you see suggested based on gtmetrix/pingdom/webpagetest results

    I guarantee you’ll see massive improvements, if you need a host recommendation send me an email and I’ll be happy to suggest an amazing fully managed vps that is very affordable and on the plus side, they can set everything up for you on the server so you don’t have to lift a finger

    • Hi Rob,
      I do run my own dedicated server with PHP mySQL – thanks a lot for those tips, I’m going to look into it now :)

      • you’re welcome Oli, I’d be curious to know the difference it made so report back when you see the results

        there are also a couple of simple nginx optimization tweaks that you can find online easily

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