The Best Free WordPress Themes March 2018

Welcome, March! Let’s take a look at the wonderful WordPress theme gems of this month.

Higher Education

Simple and clean, this theme is tailor-made for schools, courses, and any other academic institutions. There are significant customization options, but the emphasis is put on ease of use and a clean interface.

Custom menus and sliders are good additions that will aid visitors in finding their way on your site. If you value minimalism and straight to the point design, then this theme is heaven-sent just for you.

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Impressive Business

If you’re thinking of starting a business, a good choice would be prepping your website before you even launch. In this digital era, having a theme like Impressive Business can be the gateway from mediocrity to being renowned by your competitors and customers alike.

It has multiple landing page options and additional slider options to fit all your needs on one page. Simplicity is a big reason why this theme is so popular.

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TS Photography

With every month, we are more and more eager to see the development in the design of artistically-oriented themes.

It’s often tough to establish elegance between different styles, but TS photography is able to juggle a clean design with an image oriented interface.

It’s very skillfully coded and, as such is deemed an excellent theme for SEO. There will be no slow loading times whatsoever, due to a complete lack of unnecessary elements.

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Surya Chandra Lite

Oftentimes, we see business themes that are excellent but possess one flaw. That flaw is a very narrowly focused design, fit only for big business ambitions. Unlike such themes, this one is an excellent option not only for small businesses but for portfolios and personal blogs.

It’s versatile enough to handle all sorts of content, with custom menus, sticky post options and several modification modes all readily available.

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This theme is extremely simple and easy to work with. It mainly focuses on typography, content along with responsive design and menu.

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Blue Monday

“How does it feel/To treat me like you do” – this bold and sharp theme does much more than remind you of the hit song by New Order. It’s ideal for startups as wells as personal blogs, with its amazing array of sliders, highlighting options and image placement choices.

It’s very low maintenance and requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. Social media extensions are readily available and blend right into the modern design.

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Responsive eCommerce

Having an eCommerce site is a big responsibility, especially if it’s a successful one. A responsive theme like Responsive eCommerce is just what you need if you intend to make a splash in terms of amazing your customers.

There are numerous WooCommerce and typography options, as well as a ready-made slot for the Elementor Page Builder. It encompasses all and is suited equally well for both big and small businesses.

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Core Fitness

There are numerous business themes online, but fitness themes are a different breed. They have to enticing, engaging and exuberant in order to be able to present your message and goal to your visitors.

Core Fitness is precisely that, with many different layouts, highlighting options and everything else you might need to share the spirit of motivation with anyone who visits your page. Plus, it’s really easy to use.

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Bistro Lite

If you’re a chef, own a restaurant, a catering service of even a fast food joint – make sure your belly is full while customizing this theme.

It’s mouth-watering design and incredibly light interface will be the death of you if you’re not careful when adding hi-res food images. Thus, you can establish a great gallery of your meals and get your visitors thinking about what they want for dinner tonight. A foodie theme like no other.

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Travel, fashion and lifestyle blogs are all different types of expression, but they follow the same concept. So, if you’re the owner of one such blog or if you’re thinking about starting one – give Holland a try.

It will allow you to express yourself like never before, with footer widgets, tens of different display options and first-class coding able to make your site soar up the SEO rankings the moment it goes life. A great concept!

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Foundation Lite

Rare are the instances when you can say that a theme is suitable for both business and personal purposes.

Foundation Lite fits the bill, as it presents us with a mix of a non-profit organization and a nature photography blog, all forget into one good bundle of code, with many features and SEO optimization.

Thus, if you want a minimalistic, yet daring theme, the top of your candidate list should include Foundation Lite as well.

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Oriented towards photography sites, museums, restaurants and grid websites, Dollah provides you with something that has been deemed elusive for a long period of time – a clean design with an SEO oriented gallery interface.

The thumbnail options are large enough that your visitors will get a clear view of the images you posted. Widgets are presents, as well as compatibility with Jetpack and Contact Form 7.

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Flower Shop Lite

Don’t worry – you don’t have to sell roses to make this theme the face of your website. It’s an eCommerce-oriented theme, with page builder friendliness included.

It doesn’t have to be used for sales purposes – if you like the design, you can use a page builder and make it into anything you want. It’s perhaps the most versatile theme we’ve seen in the last few weeks. A good choice for both beginners and pros alike.

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Bulk Shop

A fashion-oriented WooCommerce theme, Bulk Shop is an ideal way to allow your customers to get to know your products. With many design options, you can opt for any kind of colorway you want, as well as a custom logo or the addition of your favorite plugins.

The options are seemingly infinite, as you can modify the layout to your liking. It’s worth mentioning that this theme is excellent for high-end brands as well, due to its elegance.

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Architect Lite

If you’re the owner of an expanding business, we believe that your search for an ideal theme has ended. With so many fonts, layouts and sidebar modification options, Architect Lite can house sites of all kinds – corporate, eCommerce, personal, business or otherwise.

With a balanced-out interface, you can be sure that your visitors will soon find what they want and stop being visitors and start being customers.

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Page Builder Frame

This theme is known to be a lightweight, easy and user-friendly wordpress theme. You can customise it as per your choice. It works well with other pages such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi and much more.

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Custom Lite

Gift shops, book blogs, and personal writing blogs can make great use of this cozy and elegant theme, without much hassle in terms of coding and be having technical knowledge.

There aren’t many different layout options, but the main one is very adaptable and able to fit every agenda possible. Also, drop menus and sliders are added to the newest version, so there is no need to worry about making your vision reality.

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HB Education

The ultimate educational theme! You can use HB Education to build your dreams and goals into a well-designed, efficient and smooth layout.

Great for online courses, museums, schools and universities, HB Education features a smooth and clear outlook, with drop menus and visible sidebars.

It’s also great for small businesses, with some modifications, of course. There is also no need to know how to code, as this theme is easy to use.

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The one thing we love the most about this theme is a special, CSS-enabled zoom option. It makes Draco truly unique and very interactive and versatile.

The best options for the use of this theme are photography and travel blogs, alongside restaurants, bars, and smaller businesses.

It’s quite unorthodox, so your visitors will remember it very well. If you’re in need of a theme that will become a part of your brand, look no further.

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BC Business Consulting

One of the best creative themes available, BC Business Consulting mixes both art and severity, two key factors when it comes to assembling a great website to entice customers with.

It has transparent bars, with easy and smooth drop-down menus. Built on Visual Composer, this theme possesses state of the art design features, with stable SEO-tailored code. You won’t have to worry about buggy instances or slow loading times ever again.

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Most people think that a good writing blog only requires an interface that is a good font a monochromatic background.

Why not mix it up with images? Siuy has your back, with a simple and lovable layout that will make your readers simply refuse to quit scrolling.

No matter how talented of a writer your really are, there is always room for some aesthetics and Siuy is there to provide it to you. Incredibly clean and customizable.

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Brutalist themes are gaining traction more and more as we near the summer. If you only want to put an accent on your content, look no further.

A freelancer or a photographer could use this theme to boost their work like no other. If you’re interested in selling your images or other products, don’t worry – RichOne is also WooCommerce compatible, meaning that you won’t have any problems integrating sales feature to the mix.

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Food, photography or both will find this site the best home possible. Optimized equally for mobile, tablet and PC layouts, you won’t have any problems integrating these theme and your content into the business plan you have.

Footer and header widgets make it a great choice for beginners and small businesses, allowing you to fully showcase the true power of your creative might. It comes with a neat demo, too.

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BootStrap 4

This wonderful WordPress theme is a great combination of BootStrap and WordPress. It is ahighly responsive and compatible theme.

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This SEO optimized theme is modern and yet highly responsive WordPress theme. It is ideal for Journalists, writers and authors. You can use this theme to publish news through the medium of blogging on newspaper blogging theme.

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Team WPLift

Team WPLift

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

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