The Best Free WordPress Themes February 2018

As February comes to an end, we bring a wonderful list of WordPress themes for you and your friends. Let’s walk a way to find what’s there in February’s theme basket.

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The Surely theme is an ideal choice for those looking to run a blog centered around premium content. As such, all the elements of the design are focused on readability and efficiency. It’s slow by no means, so it can handle a multitude of content without many problems.

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If you’re looking for a unique layout that gives importance to images, the moca theme can aid you in accomplishing your goals. It features a carefully coded minimalistic page, with a search bar and several other optional menus. It’s excellent for highlighting individual posts.

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Spirituality agencies are a different type of service provider and, as such, they require a different blog theme. The fSpirituality theme features a custom background, custom menus, and a translation-ready layout. People will feel enlightened as they feel out this unique theme.

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i-amaze is one of the premium business themes to come out in the last few weeks. A killer set of drop menus, custom CSS styling and a multi-blog layout feature make this specific theme a good one for a company portfolio or a law firm. Compatibility with multiple blogs included.

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Many people think that travel, lifestyle and fashion blog are the easiest blogs to manage, but they require special themes that can highlight the feel of the blog, as well as individual content. This is why the BlogStyle theme is perfect for all kinds of ventures in the field of blogging, amateur and professional alike.

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It’s not that often that we see a good theme that’s fit to house both complex corporate blogs, as well as small businesses. Akaka does just that, with a minimalistic design that is meant to highlight the very best content on your blog or website. Visibility is simply amazing.

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Simplicity is sometimes the best choice when you’re looking for the most suitable WordPress theme. The All-rounder name fits this theme perfectly, as it can enhance the image of every possible business, regardless of the size or the area of functioning.

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Every good accommodation needs a website that can match the extravagance and beauty of its premises. If you’re looking for a theme to encompass every service your motel, hotel or resort has, try out the Hotel Resort theme, one of the most mobile-friendly themes we’ve tested this year.

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Frolic is a theme that makes you calm and motivated at the same time. The unique color mix, along with a sleek design, instils discipline and motivation within you. Using this theme, you can promote your gym, yoga studio or just about any time of fitness facility imaginable.

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Renden Business

Renden Pro is one of the most famous multi-purpose professional themes out there. Renden Business is a free iteration of the theme, with a responsive layout specifically designed to fit in with the subsequently added HD pictures that can and will enrich your website.

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Equable Lite

Most themes are plagued by distractions, but Equable Lite is having none of that. It’s one of the most amazing themes tailor-made for writing and literary blogs. It’s efficient and boasts some of the most majestic yet simple code we’ve ever seen.

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Digi Store

Out of all the eCommerce themes we see nowadays, not many of them are tailor-made for digital enterprises. The Digi Store come to the rescue, with a slick futuristic design, meant to showcase your best products and entice customers to up their gadget game.