The Best Free Themes of August 2018

The summer is over and we have scouted the best themes that came out. Let’s walk through the best free themes of the month August.


You’ll love this elegant theme which is quite simple to use as it has a pretty intuitive interface. It’s a responsive 3 columns blogging theme, and it offers a wide range of customization options. If you have a FreshWP PRO version, you’ll be able to get many color and font options, 8 different post styles, 8 featured posts widgets, tabbed widgets and many more. This clean theme is perfect if you are blogging about business, politics, but it can be as well suitable for some other topics about gaming for example, or even art, fashion and lifestyle themes.

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G Blog

This theme is outstandingly minimalistic and elegant. Its looks will enhance your site as it comes with a slider, promo section, copyright options and social options. You’ll also be happy to see that this theme has added a custom widget for the most recent post, author, and social menu. It can easily happen that you stop looking for alternative themes, once you download this cool WordPress theme and get to know its advantages. If you’re blogging about fashion, traveling, or if you’re cooking master that wants to share his or her knowledge, this is the perfect theme for you.

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If you want to your blog to look clean and simple then, you’re going to like the Bekko WPKoi WordPress Theme as it’s minimalistic theme full of interesting features. Bekko offers you different layouts and post formats, and it’s even compatible with WooCommerce and Elementor page builder plugins. Your blog will surely have a unique design, and it will be pretty intuitive for new readers. Bekko gives your blogging site that cool spirit which will be very pleasing to the eye and very simple to use and navigate through. Use this theme and make no mistake.

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For a serious business blogging site, this theme is just a real bull’s eye. This theme is super clear and super easy to customize WP template. Super theme is a modern multi-purpose HTML5 theme which is excellent if you want to make a photography portfolio site, or newspaper, images, publishing, news, blog, and as we mentioned before, business website. Go for it and try it out, we are sure that it will suit your needs perfectly and that you won’t need to look for some other themes in a longer period. Enjoy all of the super features of the super WP theme.

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If you’re seeking fantastic high performance-based theme, then Pandrah is all that you’re looking for. This super-functional theme is going to suit all your performance needs as it’s optimized for Page Speed and User experience. Pandrah has a simple and very clean design and it’s SEO optimized and mobile friendly. This theme is a fantastic mix of functionality and eye-pleasing style. It’s pretty versatile as well so it’s suitable for any topics, from fashion, cooking and some lifestyle themes to the politics and business topics. So wait no more, and use this awesome, high-performance theme suitable for any kind of website.

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Melograno Lite

This full screen, modern theme is just awesome if you want to create a cooking website, or if you’re more interested in some health and fashion topics. This is a very simple theme, but its stylishness is quite impeccable, and that makes it a perfect choice if you want to blog about your experiences with making delicious meals or creating a perfect outfit for any season or event. This WordPress theme uses a custom header full-screen background image, beautiful blog layout and a collapsed overlay menu and sidebar. Try this theme and enjoy the looks of your newly created website.

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Travel Blogs

Well, the name of this theme says it all. If you’re willing to share your traveling experiences via a personal website, then you’ve come to the right place. Travel Blogs is a highly responsive, SEO friendly and fully customizable WordPress theme. But don’t let the name of this theme stop you from using it in case you have a technology, fashion, photography, sports, lifestyle, adventure or some other type of blog. This theme is quite versatile, and it comes with front page slider to display featured posts. It uses the latest version of bootstrap and is cross-browser compatible.  It’s pretty stylish and simple, so give it a try.

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Alante eMagazine

This is a multi-purpose professional theme, and it’s free. So if you want to create a business or blog website consider downloading this theme as it will give the unique, clean and minimal feel to your website. The theme has a very responsive layout, it’s even HD retina ready, and it comes with a bunch of powerful theme options which you can use to modify your theme without thinking about codes. The theme also comes with a pretty cool and easy to use, full-width slider. You can easily add a logo to your site and design an excellent homepage layout, so the aesthetical part is just perfect.

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Sales Zone

You can pretty easily guess by the name of this theme for which purpose it’s the most useful. If you have an e-commerce website, or you want to create one, Sales Zone is a perfect choice for you. This theme provides you with the optimal settings for all important WooCommerce and WordPress functional features. A great advantage of this theme is a simplicity it offers to your customers and easy navigation through it. This is a very responsive theme, and it’s pretty mobile-friendly.

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Pure Blog

If you’re mostly about some personal blogging, Pure Blog is the right choice for you. This is a simple, modern and stylish theme which will give your readers a fantastic browsing experience. The design of this theme is quite well polished and outstandingly well-balanced, so it will give your site the seriousness it needs, but as well it will be very browsing-friendly and will make people come back to it more often. So if you have some cool personal content to share, this theme will just be your best friend. Pure Blog comes with an array of features that let you design your site to suit your unique web content.


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 This is an easy-to-use Blog/Magazine WordPress theme, but it is also a great search engine. It’s designed to be user-friendly as much as it’s possible with its clean and simple layout, which emphasize the content to its fullest. Designed with visitor engagement and search engines in mind, this theme will help you create a beautiful and highly functional website. So if you have a site that deals with various content, from some celeb-gossips and fashion-related topics to serious themes news magazine, this theme will be by your side and you’ll enjoy its features.

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If you want to create one-page sites for a design agency, corporate, restaurant, personal, showcase, magazine, portfolio, eCommerce, or other, this theme is just the absolute hit. The CapeOne theme is compatible with Elementor, the most popular drag&drop page builder, which is useful if you’re about to create elegant sites with no knowledge about coding. There are various specific elements and elegant frontpage templates for the plugin which will help you create a site that will have amazing style combined with outstanding functionality. CapeOne also offers various options for header, footer, pages & posts, so you should definitely give it a try.

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So you’re about to create a news website, but you don’t know which theme will suit the content you want to publish. Well, don’t worry anymore as CoverNews WordPress theme is specially designed for the online blogs, magazines and news portal websites. This theme is extremely responsive and looks beautiful on every device possible and all the screen sizes. It’s fully packed with many cool and useful features that require to build a very eye-pleasing website. You can employ this theme for a personal blog, modern news journals, fashion magazine, travel blogging & magazine as it has a very versatile design, suitable for various online content.

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Blossom Chic

 This is a very feminine theme, perfect if you want to create a stunning, lively and eye-catching website. As its name says, it’s chic, and it has that blossomy aesthetics which are just perfect if you are about to share your fashion tips, favorite recipes or create a lifestyle, travel, food, beauty, makeup, coaching, or parenting blog. This theme is very customizable and very mobile friendly. It even has an Instagram section which you can use to link your blog with your Instagram account and significantly increase your followers. It even has the advertisement widget so your blog will be ready to make some money.

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Blogger Base

 Blogger Base is a minimalistic looking WordPress theme designed to give a modern look to your website. This is a great multipurpose theme which is useful if you want to create a blog about food, fashion, lifestyle, tech, sports, some personal content or whatever comes to your mind. All in all, this theme is very versatile so you can use it virtually for whatever purpose and content, so you can think about creating magazines and newsletter sites using this theme. As well, if you want to create your online writing journal, this theme can be easily customized to suit all your needs.

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Foody Lite

If you’re about to start your online food project, then consider using this theme for it. Foody Lite theme is very minimalistic, but it looks fun as well, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to have a browsing-friendly site. It’s very fast and responsive, it has a beautiful and engaging design, and this theme will make your site look good on any device. It’s lightweight as well so it won’t take long for the content to load when you open it on any browser. The category page is already designed to look like a recipe index with an area for custom widgets.

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Block Lite

This theme has a modern and responsive design with a block style layout for your blog posts. It’s created to be fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor and custom blocks. If you want to customize this theme, the theme options are located within the WordPress customizer for a simple setup and design process. So if you want to create an awesome art blog, or traveling blog this theme will help you significantly.

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Uni Education

If your goal is to create a cool looking educational website, then Uni Education theme will most certainly be a natural choice for you. This theme is designed to help you present your website content in a very appealing manner which is perfect to attract students who might learn something useful while reading your blog. Uni Education theme has a wide list of customizable features including front page and customizable sections with customizer apps and widgets. It has a wide and boxed layout which is suitable for loading from your mobile device. Cross-browser compatibility and mobile-friendly design are the key traits of this theme.

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Egesto Lite

Egesto lite is the perfect theme if you want to start a business blog as it enables you to easily and quickly build the professional looking website which will have the super-cool seriousness aura. This dark theme is tested through multiple devices, from a desktop to a mobile phone and its performance is just awesome. Egesto Lite comes with a fluid layout that adapts well across devices, and this theme comes loaded with 28 social media icons as well. These icons are quite useful when it comes to connecting your social network profiles with your site.

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Bootstrap Blog

We’re pretty sure that you want a perfect theme for your lifestyle & travel blog, so this Bootstrap Blog is highly recommended for you. This very light theme is packed with loads of cool customizing features. It’s extremely easy to use and beautifully styled as well, so the golden middle between functionality and aesthetics will be right before you if you choose to use this theme for your website. This theme supports Woo-commerce plugin and is SEO optimized, so you’ll be provided with all the key features that one blog theme can offer.

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 This theme is just a must-have if you’re about to start a celebrity & fashion news site. The CoverMag theme has a different layout as well as changes in some essential fonts and color setup. This theme also comes with altered frontpage layout’s default value and with the help of available customizer options along with some pretty cool widgets you’ll be able to style your website with ease. If you want to create a clean and minimal blogging site, this theme gives you the opportunity to do so.

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 Are you a music journalist and want to create a website which deals with the hottest popular music news and topics? Well, If you are, then you came to the right place when it comes to designing your website. BMag is a clean, modern and adaptable designed theme and will look cool on any device. Some of its key features are: Four widgets for customizing magazine’s front page, header image or logo, and custom theme colors. This theme is even translation ready (with English and Spanish languages integrated), it’s fully responsive and will give the awesome looks to your newly formed online music magazine.

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If you want to create an awesome looking website which deals with parenting themes or some cool fashion tips, then consider using Raudra theme to design your website. Raudra is a multipurpose WordPress theme which has extreme flexibility when it comes to customizing its looks, and it’s amazingly versatile, so if you have some cool design ideas, you can use it for any sort of topics. This theme can be eve used as a personal website, business portal, artistic portfolio or WooCommerce shop site. Give it a try and you certainly won’t be disappointed as this theme has a lot to offer.

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Krystal Business

So you decided to create a good-looking business oriented website, but nothing comes to your mind when it comes to designing it. Well, Krystal Business is a highly versatile multipurpose business WordPress theme and is suitable for any type of business. All of your aesthetical needs will be fulfilled, but most importantly, your readers and website visitors will be pleased as well. Don’t let your cool business content get slept upon just because of the looks of your website and download Krystal Business theme.

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If you’re an architect or just in love with the architecture and want to start a blog to share your fascinations and remarks on some high-end architectural solutions, then Henge is the perfect choice for you. Henge is an aesthetically pleasant and modern looking theme, and it’s multipurpose as well. So you don’t have to be interested in architecture only if you want to use this theme. It all depends upon your creativity to utilize the design possibilities that this theme has to offer.

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