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TaskHive Theme Review: Launch a Service Marketplace Website With WordPress

Last Updated on January 31st, 2023

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TaskHive is a brand new WordPress theme that makes it easy to create a service marketplace-style websites like Fiverr and TaskRabbit.

If you ask, the launch of this new theme really couldn’t have come at a better time. The impact of global events on the economy over the past year has prompted more people than ever before to try their hand at freelance work, while the popularity of gig-based services like Uber are seeing the benefits of ditching the 9-5 and going it alone.

What this means, is that if there was ever a perfect time to build a Fiverresque business that connects freelancers and other gigging professionals with the people who need them, it’s right now.

While that may have been easier said than done in the past, TaskHive simplifies the whole process of starting your own freelance marketplace business so that you can take your own slice of an industry that contributes some $1 trillion to the US economy.

Don’t just take our word for it though. In this comprehensive TaskHive review, we show you just how simple it is to set up your new platform and start giving the likes of UpWork and Fiverr a serious run for their money.

TaskHive Review

TaskHive review

One of the things we love about this theme is that you don’t have to use it solely for freelancers or gig workers.

Designed by the makers of directory-building plugin HivePress, TaskHive is packed with features and endless customizable options.

This means that it can also be used as a marketplace for digital downloads. If you always wanted to take on the likes of ThemeForest and Envato, and develop a platform where creators could sell digital assets like WordPress themes, TaskHive will help you do that.

Here’s how it works:

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TaskHive: Key Features

HivePress really have thought of everything.

Unlike other themes, there’s no need to download expensive third-party plugins. All the functionality you could need to create a fully-operational marketplace site is included in one comprehensive package.

Key features include:

  • Effortless WooCommerce Integration
  • Responsive design
  • Premium support
  • Sales Statistics
  • Tools for payout requests and order disputes
  • Commission rate settings
  • Fully translation-ready with Loco translate integration
  • Easy to use design tools based on Gutenburg blocks
  • Option to design using shortcodes for sites using the classic editor
  • Detailed documentation with a step-by-step tutorial for every feature.

All this costs $59 for a lifetime, single-site license. It also includes a number of premium plugins valued at a total of $48, making it a solid deal all-round.

TaskHive Installation and Setup

TaskHive installation

Even if you have very limited WordPress experience, you’ll find setting up TaskHive to be a walk in the park.

After downloading the theme, simply open your WordPress dashboard and head to Appearance > Themes > Add New. 

Upload and activate and we’re almost ready to go.

TaskHive Extensions

TaskHive extensions

Helping to make TaskHive a great value-for-money investment, the theme comes bundled with 7 plugin extensions, including:

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A popular plugin used to create directory and listing websites. While it can be used for anything from job boards to classified ads, it also works especially well at managing and displaying the listings for your marketplace site.

HivePress Favorites

As the name suggests, HivePress Favorites will enable your buyers to create lists of their favorite listings, making it a handy tool to encourage repeat visits and long-term loyalty.

HivePress Marketplace

This extension provides the main marketplace functionality for your site. A clever tool, it creates a hidden product for every listing which makes it simple to calculate vendor earnings vs. your commission.

HivePress Messages

Naturally, vendors and buyers will need to communicate with each other, as well as with you if they have any support issues. HivePress messages is an integrated messaging tool that enables them to do that.

HivePress Reviews

Customer reviews are a big part of any marketplace website. HivePress Reviews allows buyers to leave reviews for listings, with the seller rating being generated based on the average review score for their listings.

HivePress Tags

Tags make it possible for your vendors to create tags for their categories to improve search and make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.


The most widely-used eCommerce tool for WordPress on the market. WooCommerce is a vital feature that enables the purchasing process so that buyers can buy products/services and you can pay vendors.

Again, these are a breeze to set up. Once your theme is in place, you’ll receive a dashboard notification asking you to install them. Click “begin installing plugins,” follow the instructions, and you’re done.

Importing Demo Content

We like to keep things simple here at WPLift. So, while it is possible to start building your marketplace from scratch, we actually recommend importing the demo data so that your website starts off looking exactly like the TaskHive demo.

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That way, you’ve got a solid foundation upon which to start and a good idea of how things are supposed to look.

You can do this using the free one-click demo import plugin. Once you have the plugin up and running, just go to Appearance > Import Demo Data and click the Import Demo Data button as show in the image above.

Customizing TaskHive

Now it’s time to get to the really fun part:

Customizing TaskHive to make it your own.

To do this, you can go to Appearance > Customize, where you’ll find a number of options available, including:


The TaskHive WordPress theme is based on a basic 3 color scheme, with two primary colors for buttons, bars, and other design features, and a third color for the background.

This section of the Customization menu is where you can easily change those colors without having to worry about hex codes or complicated HTML.


The theme has 7 different menu options, including:

  • 2 social media menus
  • 2 primary menus
  • Header and footer menus
  • 1 services menu.


TaskHive makes use of Google Fonts so you have a wide range of typography options to choose from.


The WooCommerce eCommerce tool is used throughout TaskHive to enable sellers to advertise their products or services and buyers to buy them.

In the Customization menu, you can edit multiple settings relating to the look and feel of listings, including product images, the display of multiple listings, and your checkout process.

Other Settings

Of course, the Customization menu also includes standard WordPress options such as site identity, homepage settings, widgets, and Custom CSS.

Advanced TaskHive Features

Along with all of the above, TaskHive also features some advanced tools that help you manage all the vital components of your new marketplace website.

These include:


Here’s where you can manage individual vendor profiles as well as adding and editing vendor attributes (such as hourly rate),


TaskHive allows vendors to request payments, though it’s up to you to decide whether they have to meet a certain threshold in order to do so. However you decide to handle payouts, here’s where it’s done.


Add, remove, and edit the listings your vendors post. If you want to highlight certain listings in the “Featured” category on your homepage, here’s where it’s done.


One feature we really like comes courtesy of the WooCommerce platform, which offers advice, guidance, and recommendations on tools to grow your business, as well as an incredibly helpful feature that allows you to create and manage coupons.

How it Looks

While all these tools and features are no doubt impressive, if your marketplace website is really going to be a big hit, it needs to look good too.

Fortunately, TaskHive scores top marks in that regards too.


TaskHive review

Featured Services

Main Services Page

Listing Page

Final Thoughts

With the freelance industry and oft-hyped ‘Gig Economy’ only set to grow even bigger, there’s never been a better time to build a marketplace website than right now. If you’ve always thought the same thing but been put off by what seems like an excessively complicated process, TaskHive may be the WordPress theme for you.

Packed full of features, invaluable tools, and a stylish front-end design, it offers a complete marketplace website in a box for only $59, with extensive step-by-step tutorials that make the whole process as simple as possible.

Give it a try, and who knows, you may have the next Fiverr on your hands.

Try TaskHive  

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