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26 Best Photography Themes for WordPress

Photography WordPress Themes

Photography themes are among the most stylish WordPress themes in existence. This is mostly due to the fact that they rely on beautiful imagery to complete their looks. Style is a major thing to consider when deciding on a photography theme. You should also make sure the theme supports portfolios and galleries as these are … Read more

40 New & Fresh WordPress Photography Themes for 2014

Photographers are some of the best-served people when it comes to WordPress themes – there are so many choices if you wish to have your own Photography portfolio online and with WordPress functionality they are very easy to setup and maintain. Whether you are a hobbyist who want to show off their latest photos or … Read more

Full Screen WordPress Themes for Photographers: 30 Stunning Portfolio Options

WordPress seems to be made for portfolio style websites and photographers have long since used it to host theirs as it provides an easy way to display their work and update it with new content when they need. Photographers have been well catered-for by theme developers – there are literally thousands of themes to choose … Read more

30 WordPress Themes for Photographers in 2014

If you’re a photographer looking to make the most of 2013 on the web, setting yourself up a WordPress website could easily be one of the best choices you make. While there are certainly a lot of portfolio and showcasing options out there, WordPress is unique in that whatever you build is 100% yours. You’re … Read more

30 Unique & New WordPress Themes for Photographers

WordPress photography themes is a subject we always return to on WPLift, our favourite CMS makes it so easy for photographers of any level to maintain a web presence and host their photos for free that it just makes sense. New themes catering to this area of the market are constantly being released, there are … Read more

WordPress Theme for Photographers – Photocrati Theme Review

If you’re a professional or aspiring photographer you’ve probably already run into the burden of getting a high quality website up and running. That is unless you’re not concerned with having a central hub for your work/career as a photographer. If that’s the case then I’m sure you’ve gotten by just fine using free services … Read more

25 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Photographers

As I mentioned the other day, the standard of free WordPress themes is increasing as more and more designers realise the benefits of releasing themes to the  public for free. Portfolio style themes for creative and photographers have always been one area that is particularly well served, it stands to reason as the people who … Read more

30 of the Very Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

One of the more popular uses for WordPress websites over the years has been photography portfolio sites. There are hundreds of photography based themes on a number of different sites but if you’re a photographer busy creating your portfolio, why spend all your time sifting through hundreds when we’ve gone ahead and set aside 30 … Read more

30 High Quality WordPress Photography Themes

WordPress and photographers go well together – it allows them to have an online portfolio or photography blog that is easy to maintain themselves using the built-in image upload and cropping tools. I looked at photography specific themes back in august of last year and have since released my own theme for photographers. Things move … Read more

Theme Release: Photum, Free WordPress Photography Theme

Im pleased to announce the release of my second free WordPress theme: Photum is an HTML5 responsive theme for a Photographers portfolio. I released this theme yesterday on my Photography Blog. Technical Details As I said, the theme is responsive using some javascript – the main portfolio page re-arranges depending on your browser size. The … Read more

25 High Quality WordPress Photography Themes for 2011

I have covered free portfolio themes and commercial portfolio themes on WPLIft before, which could be suitable for photographers but today’s post is a roundup of themes that have been designed specifically with photography in mind. These themes allow you to display your work in a clean environment and most have galleries and full screen … Read more

20 High Quality Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you have images to show off, such as graphic design work or photography, then a portfolio style theme for WordPress could be a good fit for your site. A good portfolio theme is not over-designed, it holds back and lets the images of your work do the talking. In this post I’m going to … Read more

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