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Weekly WordPress News: WPLift on SSL & REST API Vulnerability Hits 100k+ Sites

Weekly Newsletter

WPlift (finally) has SSL for the entire website. It did take me all morning communicating with Siteground, Sucuri, and MaxCDN – but it works! A big up for their support. Let’s Encrypt itself is easy to install, but the combination of having a Firewall, a complicated .htaccess file and a CDN was causing some troubles for me. … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: Should You Sell Themes or Plugins?

Weekly Newsletter

Freemius concludes their Envato analysis with an awesome look at the numbers of Theme Forest and Code Canyon. Whether you’re a theme or a plugin developer, the numbers are certainly impressive. There’s also a big new player using WordPress – the Obama Foundation. And WordPress released some info about customization. Other than that, it’s been … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.7.1 and Google Mobile Popup Penalty

Weekly Newsletter

This week, WordPress 4.7 got a minor tweak to fix some security and maintenance issues. Freemius also has a good breakdown of the reasoning behind their decision to start using a WordPress page builder. And if you’re using mobile pop-ups on the first page readers see after coming from Google search results, you’ll want to knock that out immediately.

Weekly WordPress News: New Homepage

Weekly Newsletter

If you’ve visited sometime this week, you’ve probably seen the biggest bit of news: A brand spankin’ new homepage. In other news, Matt Mullenweg wrote about ensuring the continued development of WP-CLI. Also, WooCommerce fans will want to check out the official WooCommerce year in review. And if you’re not using a CDN, … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: Virtual Reality and a New Homepage

Weekly Newsletter

This week, we got news that the homepage is getting a facelift sometime in the near future. The change is primarily aimed at marketing better to new users. There was also big news for fans of virtual reality – all sites now support VR and 360 degree content. This functionality will likely be making its way to Jetpack sometime soon.

Weekly WordPress News: GPL Licenses and Starter Content

Weekly Newsletter

The biggest news from this week was a dust up between Matt Mullenweg and Wix over Wix’s use of some WordPress code. You can check out both Matt’s original article and the response from Wix’s CEO. There’s also some great news that fresh installs of themes will soon be allowed to include starter content. … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: What Makes a Theme “Popular”?

Weekly Newsletter

This week, Alex Denning ponders the evolution and best practices of selling WordPress themes. There was also some controversy involving gaming the “popular” designation on It seems a new theme managed to impressively wrack up 10,000+ active installs despite only being downloaded 3,000 times. I guess people just wanted to use it on multiple projects!

Weekly WordPress News: No More Child Themes? + Theme Repository Drama

Weekly Newsletter

There’s been some drama with the official WordPress theme repository after GoDaddy managed to get their theme approved surprisingly fast. There’s also a chance child themes will go away as WordPress mulls adding custom CSS to the Customizer. I sure hope so! You can also check out two cool interviews. One with Kim Doyal, the … Read more

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