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How To: Install WordPress on your Computer using XAMPP

I’ve got a confession to make. Although I’ve been using WordPress for a  good few years now, and over the past year have used the software almost every day, I’ve only very recently setup a local installation of WordPress. To make matters worse, I even used to use XAMPP many years ago when I used … Read more

How To Create a WordPress Development Site: Staging Options & Plugins

A staging site or development version of your site can run in parallel to your live or production site and allows you to make changes and experiment without directly affecting the version which your readers, clients and customers see and interact with. Once you are satisfied that that your modifications, edits and upgrades are ready … Read more

How To: Move WordPress from Localhost to a Server using phpMyAdmin

Us WordPress geeks have a strange addiction: how to use WordPress to the fullest! This is what keeps us up at 1 AM experimenting with new plugins, themes and codes. Usually, we carry out these tests from our home/office (if my job is WordPress) computer and once we find something we like its time to … Read more

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