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How to Sell WordPress as a CMS Solution to a Reluctant Client

We all know that WordPress is awesome, but those outside the world of web development may not be as enthusiastic. If you’re pitching to a corporate client, even mentioning WordPress could cause you to lose out to another provider offering a bespoke CMS. The tide is changing as an increasing number of big brands and … Read more

Lessons Learned from using WordPress for Clients: How to Customize & Simplify the Admin

When you hand your finished project over to a client, WordPress and the site you have built for them will hopefully be working perfectly. However, it doesn’t take much for things to start to go wrong once an adventurous but inexperienced admin user gets let loose on the WordPress dashboard. This guide covers some of … Read more

6 Reasons to Build your Web Dev Business around WordPress

You have a few options for which CMS to use when running your own web agency: you can create your own, choose a commercial product or choose from one of the many open source options available. WordPress currently has a whopping 54% market share out of every CMS available. Choosing one and becoming an expert … Read more

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