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Get Graphical with the 8 Best WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugins

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Here’s the deal: Not everyone responds well to text. In fact, lots of people actually prefer to see things visually. So if you have some data or statistics you want to include in your next WordPress post, wouldn’t it be great to be able to display them visually straight from your WordPress dashboard? I think … Read more

wpDataTables: The Easy Way to Create Advanced Tables and Charts for WordPress + Giveaway

Do you need to display data from a range of sources on your website in a more visual format? If so, the wpDataTables plugin could be just the tool to help you. Whether you want to display your data in an interactive table or as mobile responsive charts and graphs, wpDataTables has the features to … Read more

WP Table Manager Plugin: Create Tables & Charts With WordPress

WP Table Manager is a WordPress plugin for creating different types of tables within a spreadsheet-like interface – you can enter your data into the interface, using it to manage table cells and sort data with a drag and drop interface. You can then apply a theme to it or customize the CSS and output … Read more

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