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WordPress Backup Plugins to the Rescue of Hacked Websites

This entry is part 12 of 15 in the series Security September Series

There are many backup plugins for WordPress but, you might avoid scrolling down their list to read about their features. This is no ordinary list. I have selected the five best WordPress solutions for scheduling regular backups of your website especially to save your site in case it gets hacked. Each plugin offer features which … Read more

WordPress Maintenance 101: Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

WordPress Maintenance

One of the great things about WordPress is how easy it makes running a website. But WordPress can’t do everything… You need to be a little proactive – here are some things you need to do on a regular basis to keep your site running smoothly. If you don’t, your site might slow down, be vulnerable to security attacks, lose contacts, or even drop in the search engines.

How To Backup WordPress: Guide to Free & Premium Services and Plugins

Putting in place a backup procedure for your WordPress site should be one of the first things you do when starting a new project. You can either wait for something to go wrong and learn the hard way, or install a free or very affordable premium plugin and then never have to worry about what … Read more

How To: Backup Your WordPress site to Dropbox – Free Plugin

Dropbox is an online storage service, once you have signed up for free it creates a new folder on your computer and anything you place in that folder is stored online so you can access it from any computer. You can also choose to share any folders publicly, store photos and share those as galleries, … Read more

How To: Backup your WordPress site with BackupBuddy

Everyone knows they should backup their websites regularly incase of a hosting failure or hacking attack etc but how often do you really do it ? Unless you have setup an automatic solution, I doubt you do it as often as you should. I had my backups for WPLift arranged through my hosting but only … Read more

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