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Weekly WordPress News: How Do CMS’ Handle Content Blocks?

Weekly News WPlift

It was a quiet week in the WordPress community. Not much news of note, beyond continued development and discussions about Gutenberg. We did a find a nice article from CSS-Tricks comparing how different content management systems handle content blocks. There’s also continued discussion about malicious code in previously trusted WordPress plugins. And finally, we rounded … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: Gutenberg 1.0.0 Is Out

Weekly News WPlift

There’s big news this week as Gutenberg 1.0.0 dropped. Matt Mullenweg also published an article about Gutenberg, and Gregory Schoppe has a good response to Matt’s article. We also have some good resources and tutorials on Google Analytics alternatives for WordPress. And finally, there’s two good sales going on for Meta Box plugins and ThemeRex … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: Big Changes at

Weekly Newsletter

On August 7th, announced that Business plan users can now install third-party themes and plugins. It’s a pretty big shift and a major opportunity for theme and plugin authors, though Tony Perez has some interesting thoughts on the impact of Automattic’s move on the WordPress hosting ecosystem. There’s also some continued debate on the … Read more

A First Look at Gutenberg Editor for WordPress: Mixed Opinions

A first look at Gutenberg Editor

In case you didn’t already hear the news, the new Gutenberg Editor is now available as a public BETA plugin on the plugin directory. It’s not quite ready for prime time – the plugin includes a hefty warning about not using it on production sites – but it is functional and usable…for beta purposes. … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: New Gutenberg Features

Weekly Newsletter

After an eventful past week with the launch of WordPress 4.8, things were a bit quieter this week. You can check out Apply Filters interview with Matt Mullenweg. And Chris Lema also has an interesting article on whether the WordPress economy is shrinking. There’s also some business news, as Imagely completed an acquisition of Tesla … Read more

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