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How To: Display Your WordPress Posts & Pages in a Grid Layout

Adding responsive grids to your WordPress site is a great way to display content and manage your page layout. While there are many excellent themes that feature grid based layouts, you can still take advantage of responsive post grids even if your theme doesn’t have them built in. Although there are plenty of WordPress plugins … Read more

30 Grid Based WordPress Themes for Creatives & Photographers

When showcasing your creative work, be that photography, art or design you will want to choose a theme which lets your work stand out and be displayed in an attractive manner. One such way is by using a grid layout which is as old as design itself, in today’s roundup we will be looking at … Read more

25 High Quality Clean WordPress Themes

“Clean” is obviously a subjective term when talking about WordPress themes, but in this roundup what I was looking for was nice grid layouts, whitespace and minimalism in a high quality design. Anything with over the top graphics, 3d effects and visual “fluff” was discounted. I present to you 25 newest clean WordPress themes … … Read more

25 Premium, Minimal & Grid Based WordPress Themes 2011

In yesterday’s post, I rounded up 25 Free clean, minimal and grid-based WordPress themes, in today’s post Im going to look at what the premium / commercial theme shops have to offer. Modest Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice character or style. With this theme I really wanted to strip … Read more

25 Free Clean, Minimal & Grid Based WordPress Themes 2011

Minimalism in web design means removing all extra flourishes and design touches so the design is in its purest form. This style of design is growing in popularity as people realise they want to let their content do the talking without the distraction of a website which competes with it. There are many WordPress themes … Read more

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