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The WPLift Guide to WordPress and PDF: WordPress PDF Plugins

Want to improve the way your WordPress site handles PDFs? PDFs are great because their formatting is consistent across all devices and they allow you to easily showcase highly styled documents. But without some of these WordPress PDF plugins, you’ll be limited in how you display PDFs. This post will cover plugins that help all … Read more

How to Make your WordPress Content More Shareable on Twitter


We all want more visitors to our website and social media can be a great source of traffic. But how do you go about more getting exposure on the most popular social networks? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this article on how to make your WordPress content more shareable on Twitter. By … Read more

Top 10 WordPress Competition Plugins to help to Promote Your Website

competition plugins for wordpress

Competitions are a great way to promote your website, drive traffic and increase sales. But the thought of running one on your site can be daunting. Don’t worry! There are plenty of WordPress competitions plugins that can help you set up and run a variety of contests and giveaways. In this article we’ll look at … Read more

How To: Display Your WordPress Posts & Pages in a Grid Layout

Adding responsive grids to your WordPress site is a great way to display content and manage your page layout. While there are many excellent themes that feature grid based layouts, you can still take advantage of responsive post grids even if your theme doesn’t have them built in. Although there are plenty of WordPress plugins … Read more

9 Free & Premium Recipe Card Plugins for Food Bloggers

9 Free & Premium Recipe Card Plugins for Food Bloggers

Starting a food blog is no easy feat, but you can make it easier with the right recipe card plugins. Oli posted a full guide on how to start a food blog. It walks you through the process of purchasing a web hosting server and installing WordPress, so make sure you check that out first … Read more

10 Successful Free WordPress Plugins That Use the Add-on Model for Monetisation

If you are looking for inspiration for the pricing model of your next product, or you just want to know which plugins you can start using today with the option of upgrading the features a a later date, then this article is for you. Many WordPress plugins make use of the add-on or extension model. This … Read more

Get Fit and Lose Weight With WordPress! Free Weight Loss & Fitness Plugins

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions to start and the main one for most people is to lose a little weight after the excesses of December – I wonder how many of our readers have joined a Gym and decided to get fit for 2015 ? I’m a big fan of goal-setting a … Read more

The WPLift Guide to the Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The three most important pages in a business website are: About Services & Contact You might not know it, but many high profile businesses have a clumsy online portfolio, with poor navigation. Such factors contribute to a poor customer experience. The ‘Contact Us’ page is the sole means of your readers, customers or other interested … Read more

How To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Responsive: 10 Free Plugins to Download

In today’s smartphone dominated era, phones are an integral part of our lives. This can be verified from the statistics provided by Facebook’s mobile user growth which went up from 293 million (Q2, 2012) to 469 million (Q2, 2013) in just one year – a mind blowing 60% growth! (Source: TechCrunch) For those folks who aren’t … Read more

Find Out What Your Visitors Really Think: WordPress User Feedback Plugins

While a standard contact form is a simple way to allow your readers to send you feedback, a dedicated feedback plugin can help you get more focused and specific input from your visitors. Allowing your readers, visitors and customers to categorise their feedback and answer specific questions, makes it easier for you to manage and … Read more

How To: Add WordPress Widgets to your Posts and Pages

I’m the process of setting up my personal portfolio for my writing services, using WordPress of course, and I was thinking of ways to easily add different types of content, from different sources, to my pages. One simple yet effective way of making my pages a bit more interesting as well as displaying other types … Read more

Foodie Plugins: Free WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs, Recipe Sites & Restaurants

The internet and food go well together – everyone is blogging about what restaurants they ate at, sharing the photos on twitter and instagram, ordering food online and sharing their recipes. WordPress is enabling people to do this easily with a whole host of plugins tailored towards food we thought it would be fun to … Read more

How To: Accept Donations with WordPress – Donation Plugins

There is nothing quite as satisfying as an act of generosity. Be it a fundraiser for an orphanage  or money to help build homes for the less fortunate or maybe even money to help someone go to the North Pole. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that? What if you could use your … Read more

10 Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Workflow

If your blog based on WP you are certainly a lucky fellow! Firstly, because new constant releases of this CMS make it really comfortable and friendly place to work, secondly, you always have a good variety of different plugins to manage your workflow and make the process of editing and managing quickly and easy. But … Read more

18 WordPress Plugins for List Building & Newsletter Management

There’s a case to be made that the most important thing you can do with your WordPress website is build out a good email list. Even if it’s not the most important thing, it’s certainly in the top five. Traditionally this has been done by placing a simple signup form widget in your blog’s sidebar. … Read more

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