Standard Theme Review: A Personal WordPress Blog Theme

The new Standard Theme 3 is a sleek blogging theme well suited for personal or professional use whether they be single or multiple author sites. The Standard Theme 3 is clean, powerful, and it comes with six custom post types and seven custom widgets baked in. It’s optimized for SEO, allows for quick and easy layout customization, has a responsive design, and well – it’s just nice to work with. Or at least that was my experience.

If you’re interested in the new Standard Theme 3 I’ll be covering it’s installation and configuration below. We looked at the version back in april, this review covers the new version for self-hosted sites.

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Installing Standard Theme

After you make your purchase of the Standard Theme 3 at their website, you will need to download the zipped file made available to you. Once that is downloaded go ahead and head over to your WordPress Admin > Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload and install the Standard Theme zipped file.


Configuring The Standard Theme

Upon activation you will notice a new menu called Standard in your Admin’s side bar. When you click on that there are four option tabs – the first tab being Global Options. This tab is where you insert your feedburner URL, Google Analytics ID, Affiliate Code (if you’re promoting Standard to others), and adjust your site mode to Online or Offline.


Next there is the Presentation tab. In this tab you’re able to adjust the appearance of the theme by uploading a custom logo or header image, adding a favicon, changing the main column layout, and choosing whether or not to display SEO breadcrumbs and feature images.


In the Social tab you’re able to choose from existing social icons to or upload some of you’re own. To link the icon to your account all you have to do is click on it and fill in the text box that appears below it.


And finally we have the Publishing tab. Pretty straight forward here, there is an option to control when the Author Box at the bottom of posts is displayed as well as Page options for generating a Privacy Policy and Comment Policy. Each of the Policies are pre-drafted pages that you can edit to fit your needs.


Oh and of course you’ll want to take advantage of those cool post types seen in the demo. It’s super easy with the format box that you will now find under your publishing options when you bring up a new post.



As you may have gathered from my introduction, I really like the new Standard Theme 3. It’s extremely easy to installa and configure, has a great responsive design, powerful built in features, and above all it’s just enjoyable to play around with. Some themes you buy or download, install, and then sigh. You sigh because you’re not looking forward to the tedious customizations required in order to get it looking the way you want it to. With Standard Theme 3 I didn’t sigh once, had fun messing around with the options, and in literally minutes had a pretty cool looking site that I could be proud of. Highly recommended.

Purchase the Standard Theme here for $49 Get Hosting »

Nathan B Weller

Nathan B Weller

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