Weekly WordPress News: Special Lifetime Deal At WP Compress

Hopefully you’ve had a good week sorting through the thousands of privacy policy update emails you received as a result of the GDPR…

This week, we have a great deal for you – we got WP Compress to extend its lifetime image optimization deal for WPLift. With this deal, you can optimize 30,000 images per year across unlimited sites for just $89 one-time. Get the deal here.

Beyond that, 93digital published a neat WordPress time machine that lets you see every single version of WordPress from start to finish. And WP Tavern also has an explanation for why your site might not have automatically updated to WordPress 4.9.6.

Finally, though it’s not specifically WordPress, the CMS market had a big development as Adobe is purchasing Magento in a billion dollar deal.

Let’s get to all of this week’s news…




Team WPLift

Team WPLift

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

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