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Social Marketplace by BuddyBoss Review & Setup (2021)

Last Updated on November 22nd, 2021

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In this BuddyBoss Social Marketplace review, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this feature-packed platform. Your website may be turned into a newsfeed. You’ll be able to attract more users or members to your platform for open conversations this way. 

Let’s take a closer look at this plugin to see how it may assist you in making your website more appealing and useful to your visitors.

What Is the Social Marketplace by BuddyBoss?

Social Marketplace by BuddyBoss

BBPress and BuddyPress are well-known open-source plugins for WordPress membership sites and online course instructors. The WordPress community created these plugins to allow users to create forums and social networks with groups, a news feed, and member profiles.

Even while these tools come with a lot of useful capabilities out of the box, users must customize them and combine them with third-party tools to obtain the look and feel they want for their membership site or online course. Furthermore, many plugins have limited style choices, necessitating the use of premium WordPress themes to take care of the aesthetic side of things. As you would expect, setting up a membership site or selling online courses isn’t straightforward.

BuddyBoss social marketplace was originally available as open-source software, allowing users to freely utilize and change the platform to meet their unique requirements. Over time, the developers added new features, corrected problems, and turned the platform into the BuddyBoss platform we know today. 

BuddyBoss social marketplace is a community-building tool that allows you to establish social networking groups, forums, and private messaging on your website. You may use this method to build your own Facebook-like experience on your WordPress site. BuddyBoss is also a wonderful choice if you want to build an online community or develop a membership site to offer your online courses. It does, however, have limited style choices, so you’ll need a good theme to make your site seem visually pleasing. 

The BuddyBoss theme, for example, is ideal for anybody seeking a simple method to create a professional-looking website without having to fiddle with CSS coding. BuddyBoss is a premium theme that works in conjunction with the BuddyBoss platform. It works with a variety of programs, including GamiPress and LearnDash.

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Social Marketplace by BuddyBoss Integration 

It is viable with many diverse modules and permits to coordinate them impeccably with the topic. We have featured just the most intriguing incorporations. You can see every one of the incorporations here. 

Characterized System 

You can change your informal organization site into an ordered site, same as the Facebook commercial center for instance. You simply need to introduce the free module: Another WordPress Classifieds.

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Online business

Ideally, you can sell items with the module Woocommerce, it’s incorporated and functions admirably. 

Occasions framework 

On the off chance that you need to add an occasion framework with Calendar, ticket booking, and that it is incorporated into the news channel, it is conceivable with one of these 2 free modules: Events schedule or Events administrator. 


You can utilize a lot of module structures like Ninja Forms, WP Fluent Forms, and Gravity Forms. 


With Gamify it’s feasible to rewards clients with focuses, positions, identifications, or accomplishments. Gamify is a free module, read more about the Gamify reconciliation. 

Occupation postings

Change your informal organization into a free place of work with the WP Job Manager module. Individuals can add bids for employment and go after the position. 

Live Chat

You can give a live talk highlight to your clients with the iFlychat module. There is a free bundle, you may need to think about changing to a paid offer. 

Participation modules

On the off chance that you need to set up an enrollment framework to give Premium admittance to your individuals or basically charge for admittance to your site, you will require a participation framework. You have the decision to utilize one of these modules:

  • Memberpress 
  • Limit Content 
  • Paid Membership Pro 
  • Extreme Membership Pro (should be set up accurately) 
  • Improvement 

We suggest that you utilize the WPRocket module which is adjusted to BuddyBoss and is extraordinary compared to other store modules. 

Page Builder

BuddyBoss has considered everything, there are even the most mainstream page manufacturers considerably coordinated. Here is a rundown of upheld page manufacturers: 

  • Divi 
  • Elementor 
  • Thrive Architect 
  • WP Bakery 

In the event that you don’t know which one to pick, we suggest utilizing the Elementor module (free). You can even utilize Elementor for gathering conversations or different purposes! 

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Task Management

With the WP Project Manager module, you will actually want to set up a task for the executive’s framework. With the exceptional rendition you can have every one of the accompanying highlights :   

  • Plan for the day 
  • Achievement 
  • Messages 
  • Records 
  • Warnings 
  • Kanban Board for WordPress 
  • Gantt Chart for WordPress 
  • Time Tracker 
  • Receipt for Charging Clients 
  • BuddyPress for WordPress 
  • SubTask for more straightforward errand the executives framework 
  • WooCommerce Integration 
  • Slack Integration 
  • Overseeing projects from frontend 
  • Search engine optimization modules 

BuddyBoss has put forth an attempt on the mix of practically all SEO modules. In any case, no I’m joking, as BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress, it’s BuddyPress that we need to thank! 

Included modules are: 

  • Across the board SEO pack 
  • RankMath 
  • SEOPress 
  • Yoast SEO

Social Marketplace Key Features

User Profiles

Everything locally spins around its individuals. Tweak your local area with completely editable profile handles that permit individuals to share insights regarding themselves. 

Custom Profile Types: Every people group is extraordinary. You can make as many profile types as you need, name them to be that as it may you need, and set various guidelines and settings relying upon the profile type. 

Custom Profile Fields: Depending on the sort of client, you can accumulate and show diverse data on their profile that permits individuals to share insights regarding themselves. 

Profile Permissions and Rules: Assign WordPress jobs to various part types. Confine paying individuals to the part registry or give them additional profile fields. 

Social Groups

The BuddyBoss Platform permits individuals to coordinate themselves into public, private, or secret social regions with independent movement feeds and part posting. 

Gathering Type: Every people group is extraordinary. Make public, private, or secret gatherings and set various standards and settings relying upon the gathering type. 

Gathering Invites: Allow all gathering individuals, coordinators, and additional mediators to welcome different clients to the gathering. 

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Gathering Organizers, Moderators: Create coordinators or mediators inside a gathering to control who can alter the gathering, post-movement, or welcome clients. 

Gathering Activity: Allow all gathering individuals, coordinators, or potential mediators to post into the gathering movement feed. 

Forum Discussions 

Make a conversation gathering to permit individuals from a gathering to impart in an organized, release board style design. 

Gathering Forums: Each gathering can make its own conversation discussion. A few gatherings can alternatively be connected to a similar conversation discussion. 

Savvy Embeds: It permits clients to naturally insert YouTube recordings, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photographs straightforwardly into themes and answers. 

User Connections

Permit individuals to make associations with each other and spotlight on those they care about most. 

Private Messaging

Permit individuals to send a private message. Messages can be shipped off one part or a gathering of individuals. 

Client Invites

Permit individuals to send email solicitations for non-individuals to join the organization. 


Advise individuals from pertinent movement with a toolbar bubble or potentially by means of email and permit them to tweak their warning settings 

Permit individuals to look through the whole organization, alongside custom post kinds of your decision, across the board brought together inquiry bar. 

Action Feeds: Global, individual, and gathering action takes care of with strung remarking, direct posting, @mentions, #hashtags, and email warning help. 

Worldwide, individual, and gathering takes care of: Turn your gatherings into a two-way “Divider” for a more intelligent encounter. Allow your individuals to compose on one another’s Walls and “Like” each other’s posts. 

Media Posting: Let your clients transfer photographs and coordinate them into collections, from their telephones, tablets, or workstations. 

@mentions: Users can @mention other enlisted clients on the site. The referenced client will get a warning of the post. 

Email Notifications: Edit and make email notices actually like posts and pages. The BuddyBoss stage includes an adjustable email API. 

Album and Media

Individuals can transfer photographs, sort out them into collections, and label their companions! 

Branded and Customized Emails

The BuddyBoss stage includes an adaptable email API. Modify and rebrand messages to suit the plan and duplicate requirements of your organization. 

Private Community

Make a private local area by limiting site admittance to just signed-in individuals. Login and Registration pages will remain freely apparent. 


In spite of the fact that BuddyBoss Platform shows in U.S. English as a matter of course, the topic has the implicit ability to be utilized in any language.

RTL Support

Set WordPress to one side to left language and BuddyBoss Platform naturally changes to an excellent RTL design. 


It gives people more access and decision with regards to how their very own information is gathered, utilized, and imparted to worked in GDPR designs.

Social Marketplace Pricing

BuddyBoss products have been utilized on tens of thousands of websites over the years to assist businesses and organizations in creating the ideal online community, membership site, or platform for their online courses. 

BuddyBoss has several price options depending on how many websites you wish to utilize the theme on. 

The yearly fee for one site is $228. The yearly fee for five sites is $288. The yearly fee for ten sites is $328. Here you can see the full price plans and purchase the BuddyBoss Theme.

Pros of BuddyBoss Social Marketplace

  • The settings are well structured, with video lessons describing each aspect. The forum and social networking features have been combined into one plugin. 
  • When the BuddyBoss Platform is updated, the BuddyBoss Theme is generally updated on the same day. When you use plugins from various authors, you’ll notice that when new functionality is introduced to the plugins, your theme doesn’t have a style for it, which means it won’t look good. Then you have to pay developers to style it for you, and keeping it all up to date becomes a hassle.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at BuddyBoss. There are agents available at all hours of the day to answer your queries, and if the product has a bug, they’ll go onto your website, patch it, and repair it in the product.
  • They have a large team of developers working day and night, throughout the year on building new features and improving existing features. As the months go by, its feature set will keep stacking and stacking.
  • If you’re moving from BuddyPress, you’ll be able to keep all of your BuddyPress plugins. Since the BuddyBoss Platform started as a fork of BuddyPress and bbPress, it is made sure to retain all the compatibility with the existing BuddyPress plugins. 

Cons of BuddyBoss Social Marketplace

  • While you can customize anything as much as you want, going into the coding and the child theme becomes geeky, and BuddyBoss isn’t as simple to change as a standard WordPress theme.


  1. The BuddyBoss Platform is available for download. 
  2. Access the Admin Dashboard by logging onto your WordPress website. 
  3. To add a new plugin, go to Plugins > Add New. 
  4. Attach the zip file buddyboss-platform.zip by clicking Upload. 
  5. Click Activate after it’s finished uploading.

Basic Setup

  • Creating customized meals
  1. Select Appearance > Menus from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Create a new menu and add all of your wants pages to it. 
  3. Reorder pages by dragging and dropping them. “Save Menu” should be selected. 
  4. Set your new menu to the desired place by clicking “Manage Locations.”
Basic Setup of BuddyPress social marketplace
  • BuddyBoss includes four menu options: 

The primary menu appears in the header. 

  1. Profile: Footer Menu — appears in the footer Extra Links — appears in the sidebars of all BuddyPress users. 
  2. Group: Extra Links — appears in the sidebars of all BuddyPress groups. 
  3. Drag and drop menus into an indented spot to get drop downs for the “Primary Menu” location.
  • Including featured pictures in blog articles is a good idea. 
  1. Go to Posts in the WordPress Dashboard and choose a post to modify. 
  2. Click “Set featured picture” in the right column under “Featured Image.” 
  3. Then click “Set featured picture” after uploading your image to the media uploader. 
  4. To “Update” your blog entry, click the “Update” button. 
  5. When you go to your blog index, you’ll notice that your uploaded picture is now the featured image for this article.
Edit Post - BuddPress social marketplace
  • Removing Comments on specific pages.
  1. All new pages will include a comment box by default. It’s possible that you should alter your conduct. 
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to update from the front-end. 
  3. In the Toolbar at the top, select “Edit Page.” 
  4. Check the “Discussion” option under “Screen Options” at the top. 
  5. Uncheck “Allow comments” in the Discussion area as you go down the page.
  • Providing individuals with the ability to build accounts 

If you’re using the BuddyPress plugin, this is only applicable. 

  1. Go to General > Settings. Under Membership, choose “Anyone may register.”
Membership Settings - social marketplace
  1. Go to BuddyPress > Settings > Settings. Make sure that “Show the Toolbar for logged out users” is enabled. 
Main Settings
  • Changing the user’s default avatar 

BuddyBoss comes includes a stylish custom avatar that may be used in place of WordPress’s default “Mystery Man.” 

  1. In your Dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion. 
  2. At the bottom of the page, change the default avatar to “BuddyBoss Man.”
  3. Select “Save Changes” from the drop-down menu.
Default avatar - social marketplace
  • Advanced member search configuration 

If you’re using the BuddyPress plugin, this is only applicable. 

  1. The “BP Profile Search” plugin should be installed. 
  2. Select Users > Profile Search from the drop-down menu. 
  3. The terms “Search Form Header” and “Toggle Form” are meaningless. Because those choices are solely for the hard-coded option, whatever you put in there will not be used. BuddyBoss makes use of the plugin’s included widget. 
  4. Select all of the fields on your profile that you want to make searchable. 
  5. Uncheck the box that says “Add to Members Directory.” Instead, we’ll make use of the widget. 
  6. Select “Save Changes” from the drop-down menu. 
  7. Widgets may be found under Appearance > Widgets. 
  8. Add the “BP Profile Search” widget to the widget area of your choice (often Members Directory).
social marketplace Profile Search Setup

Verdict on Social Marketplace from BuddyBoss

If you want to build a full-fledged social membership website, BuddyBoss is the way to go. You may use LearnDash or LifterLMS with this tool to create a social membership site. 

You may also create a discussion forum on your WordPress blog. You may also see a live demo of BuddyBoss by clicking here. 

First and foremost, BuddyBoss social marketplace has a fantastic design that sets it apart from any other BuddyPress theme. It’s the most user-friendly, and it functions in a similar way to Facebook, making it easy for users to become acclimated to your site. 

Furthermore, it’s pretty simple to set up, the performance is fantastic, the site loads rapidly, and everything works flawlessly. BuddyBoss will not disappoint you in any way, I promise it! It’s even more incredible that WordPress allows you to create such a site.

Overall, investing in BuddyBoss would be beneficial if you want to turn your website into an engaging platform. We hope this information has helped you decide whether or not to purchase this product.

As usual, let us know how you get on!

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