Earlier this year, we ran a newsletter letting you know that SiteGround had started automatically issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to sites. At the time, that was the biggest SSL news. As far as I know, no other shared host has made such a bold move.

Google has already started rolling out virtual scarlet letters for sites which haven’t made the switch to HTTPS, so this was actually a pretty beneficial move. I mean, some hosts haven’t even made Let’s Encrypt available as an option, whereas SiteGround is giving everyone SSL for free by default.

But as cool as that was, it still didn’t completely solve the puzzle for people who already had existing WordPress sites.

See, as Daan can tell you, moving an old, content-filled site to HTTPS isn’t always a walk in the park (we had some talks behind the scenes about the difficulties of moving wplift to SSL).

SiteGround knows this…so they just made it a heckuva lot easier to move your old site to SSL.

SiteGround Launches One-Click SSL Plugin “SG Optimizer”

SiteGround used to have a plugin called SG CachePress which helped you configure SiteGround’s server-side caching to better work on your site. That’s gone! It’s now called SG Optimizer.

In SG Optimizer, you can still configure your site’s caching. But now you can also do something super cool:

Force HTTPS.

Literally all you have to do is turn the feature on and it will do everything necessary to run your WordPress site with HTTPS. Why is this important?

Because normally when you move to HTTPS, you have to set up 301 redirects and run a find and replace on your database to move all of your old links and media to HTTPS instead of HTTP. It’s a major pain, especially for beginners.

I moved to SSL manually on one of my sites and, while I was able to handle it, I don’t think it would be easy for a WordPress beginner.

So, instead of doing all of that manually, SG Optimizer handles everything for you. I will admit…there is a plugin called Really Simple SSL that offers similar functionality, so SiteGround isn’t the first to do this.

But I still love to see SiteGround making it easier for their customers to implement SSL on WordPress. I’m sure this will help a ton of beginners who might not have discovered something like Really Simple SSL on their own.

You can get started by downloading the SG Optimizer plugin from WordPress.org. Due note – even though it’s listed on WordPress.org, you still need a SiteGround account in order to use the plugin.

Why SiteGround is an Awesome WordPress Host

Remember the past few weekly news roundups where we talked about how hundreds of thousands of WordPress installs were hacked due to the REST API vulnerability? Yeah, that wouldn’t have happened on SiteGround.

See, SiteGround automatically updates your WordPress installs to keep them safe. And that helps a lot. Because even though I know how important updates are, I still forgot to update one of my older sites. But you know what? SiteGround did it for me. So that site stayed safe.

Add in free SSL certificates and one-click SSL implementation and SiteGround just keeps getting better and better. Best of all, this is all available for not much more than other, far inferior, hosts.

SiteGround is what Daan uses to host wplift and it’s what I use to host all of my personal sites. So if you’re looking to up your hosting experience, considering giving SiteGround a try.

Go to SiteGround and Get One-Click SSL

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.

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