Sell Advertising on Your WordPress Site with WP AdCenter

In today’s post Im going to show you how to use one of my own WordPress plugins – WP AdCenter. WP AdCenter is an advertising management plugin – you can use it to place your own affiliate adverts, adsense or any other ad network and you can also use it to sell ad spots on your site publicly, you can choose the price and either sell the spot based on a time period or a number of impressions. In this tutorial I will show you how to set it up and add some default banners and also create an “Adver tise here” spot which leads to a signup page.

Install the plugin

Once you have purcased the plugin you will receive a zip file to download – In your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

Activate the plugin and you will see a new menu item called WP Ad Center :

Configuring the Plugin

The first step is to visit “Settings” here you can enter your Paypal email address and choose a currency from the drop down :

Create an Ad Zone

Adverts are displayed on your site in “Ad Zones”, you can create as many as these as you like for different places on your site – the Ad Zones can contain as many banners to show at once or one at a time. To create one, in the menu visit “Ad Zones” and you can fill out a name for it, a description and you can choose which size banners it will contain – there are standard sizes to choose from or you can enter a custom size :

Once that is done, if you wish to show more than one banner at once you can choose how many banners to show vertically and horizontally :

Finally, you have a space to enter a URL which will be your advertising signup page so enter it here and tick the “Enable Advertise Here” box and click “Save Ad Zone”.

Place Your Ad Zone

Once your Ad Zone is created you will need to add it to your theme, there are 3 ways to do this :

  • Using a Shortcode in Posts or Pages
  • Placing a Widget
  • Adding code to your theme’s files

The easiest way it to use a widget, simply visit “Appearance” > “Widgets” and you will see a widget called “WP AdCenter” – drag this to an area in your theme and you can choose your Ad Zone from the drop down box :

Create a Package

Packages are what you sell to the public – you have the option to sell impressions or a time period, so visit “Packages” and you can create one. Choose your Adzone you created before from the drop down and give the Package a name and description. Choose impressions or time and enter a price and pick the duration or enter the number of impressions you wish to sell.

Create Advertising Signup Page

You need to create a page for advertisers to signup on, this should be the same URL you put when you were creating the Ad Zone – go ahead and create a new page and add this short code :

This will create a page like so :

When someone places an order you will receive an email notification and you can choose to approve the ad or not.

Create a Default Campaign

You can show some affiliate banners or adsense or anything else you like in the Ad Zone while you dont have paying advertisers. To do this, visit “Campaigns” and enter a campaign name and choose yourself as the advertiser – enter a start and finish date and click “Save Campaign” :

Add Some Banners

Finally, you need to add some banners to the campaign you just created – Visit “Banners” and choose your name and the campaign you just set up and also pick the Ad Zone. You can then upload your banner, link to an external file or paste ad code ( for adsense etc ):

Add as many banners as you like here and they will rotate through the available ad spots.


Wp Ad Center keeps track of impressions and clicks for each campaign ( it wont count any visits or clicks from admin), visit the “Statistics” menu to view any campaigns stats – advertisers can also login and view the stats for their own campaigns.  From this page you can print the stats chart or download it as a .PNG, .JPG, .PDF or .SVG file.


I cant really write an unbiased conclusion as this is my own product! I can say I’m quite proud of this plugin – I’ve had good feedback about it being nice and easy to use with a clean interface. I know its not perfect yet – we will keep improving it and adding more features if feasible, based on users feedback. Eventually I would like to build some sort of marketplace around this plugin where advertisers can see a list of sites using it and site owners can promote their advertsing spots.



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Sell Advertising on Your WordPress Site with WP AdCenter”

  1. Hi!
    I bought this plugin and like it!
    The only problem I see is there is no Support Forum…and I sent an email a long time ago when I bought the plugin and till now have had no answer!

    Today I received an email with an update, but did not receive any link to download….and you don’t have a Client Area to download in the site plugin.

    Also would be great if we could translate the plugin……..I really would like to translate into Portuguese – Brazil…

    Sorry to post this here……but I could not find any other place!!!


      • Hi! Just receive the link!! Thanks!!

        I asked when I bought the plugin that when I put my email in the “Your Paypal Email” field, when I Click SAVE, the email was not saving, returning the same page with a blank field……..was that solved?

  2. Will your plugin support “Bitcoin” payment transactions?

    Paypal seems to be not the perfect payment option and time is progressing fast. A new payment solution has become a lot of attention lately and it solves for many users huge problems.

    When you integrate Bitcoin as a payment option, I would purchase your plugin. Could you please reply with a short answer if you would consider it?


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