Saved: A Complete Church Theme for Your Religious Organization

Published on September 1st, 2017

Last Updated on September 1st, 2017

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These days more and more churches are creating websites to represent their religious organization. And despite the fact that churches are typically traditional and conservative by nature, that doesn’t mean you can’t jump in on the benefits of having a solid website to represent your church’s mission, values, and personality.

Take a look at some of the advantages you will have by building a church website:

  • Receive higher Google search rankings
  • Improve relationships between members of the congregation
  • Organize church events in one convenient location
  • Address churchgoers’ questions and concerns
  • Communicate social proof that your church is reputable
  • Broadcast your message to those that can’t physically attend services
  • Increase your church’s charitable donations

As you can see, there is a lot to reap from building a high-quality church website where all people can go to learn about church happenings, share personal testimonies, and even make new connections with other members.

If you are interested in creating a WordPress website dedicated to your church, you should consider using the highly flexible, customizable, and church specific theme Saved.

What is Saved?

Saved Church WordPress Theme

Saved is a premium WordPress church theme brought to you by to help you create a church website with ease. It comes with a bold design, easy customization options, and plenty of features for added functionality.

In fact, this religious theme offers website owners a simple way to create and manage a website committed to their church’s values.

Take a look at some of this unique church WordPress theme’s best features:

  • Responsive by design and 100% mobile-friendly
  • Real-time customizer for making easy changes
  • Brandable with a custom logo upload
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Sticky menu and logo for easier site navigation
  • Menu highlighting with custom color button
  • Cool animation effects for added visual appeal
  • Two-level footer menu
  • Translation ready for reaching an international audience
  • Ready to import sample content for quick start
  • Retina ready images for crisp display

And that is simply the beginning. Saved is a church theme that is sure to make your religious organization stand out from the crowd. And not just because it looks amazing.

Rather, because it truly lets you shine a light on the beliefs you and your church members hold to be true.

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Saved Main Features

Homepage Builder

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Homepage Drag & Drop Widgets

Use the widget based drag & drop homepage builder (found in the WordPress Customizer) to drop any widget onto your website’s homepage – all in real time – to create an inviting and warm first impression for everyone that clicks on your website.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Homepage Example

With custom content widgets specifically created for Saved, you can easily display any information or visual design you want on your website’s homepage. Enjoy unlimited content blocks and use unlimited widgets, because they all work on the Saved theme. And, know that your widgets can be displayed in any order you want so you can introduce your site’s most important information as you see fit.

Here are some of the best Church Themes content widgets available:

  • Locations. Include a map and details for your church’s location using a “Location” button.
  • Sermons. Easily display your church’s most recent sermons, complete with an image and archives button.
  • Giving. Accept charitable donations from your members using this customized giving button, complete with image and link to any URL.

In addition, Saved comes with widgets for adding headings, content, and buttons over images, linking text and images to other pages on your site, sharing upcoming events, recent posts, church profiles, and recent photos as a gallery.

Events Calendar

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Events

Sharing events with your churchgoers is a must. After all, community involvement, outside of normal service times, is a great way to boost connections amongst the congregation and get people more involved with charitable and family-friendly events.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Upcoming Events

Display your upcoming events in a calendar view or as a list, and allows site visitors to see categories so they can find the exact event they are looking to attend. In addition, show weekly, monthly, and yearly occurrences so people can plan ahead for big events. Lastly, display maps and directions to events so people know exactly where to go.

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Custom Page Templates

Saved offers website owners a ton of variety when it comes the type of content they want to share with site visitors. Get a feel for the type of custom page templates you have available.



Saved Church WordPress Theme - Sermon Audio

Saved makes it incredibly easy for you to share all of your church’s sermons with site visitors. For those that want to revisit an especially powerful service, or for those who cannot make it to every sermon, your website can fill that void.

 WordPress Theme - Saved Sermons

Share audio, video, and even text sermons with fellow members of the church. Plus, upload YouTube or Vimeo videos, and organize sermons based on categories such as topics, books, series, and even speaker interviews, and keep your congregation in the know.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Add New Sermon


Saved Church WordPress Theme - Ministries

Using the Saved Child Pages, you can create a listing of all of your ministry pages. From there, churchgoers will be able to click on the desired ministry and navigate to the page with all pertinent information regarding their chosen ministry.


Saved Church WordPress Theme - Testimonial List

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Share personal testimonies of church staff, leaders, and members for inspiration and a renewal of faith. Additionally, add text testimonials or integrate video for added appeal using the Saved Child Pages dedicated to testimonies.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Testimonials

Staff and Leaders

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Staff and Leaders

Share your organization’s staff and leaders, complete with profiles, social media networks, personal photo, and contact details.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Staff and Leaders - Organized

In addition, organize people according to their specific group or role within the church to make things easier on site visitors exploring your website.


Saved Church WordPress Theme - Blog

Saved also has a dedicated blog section so you can share anything church related your congregation might be interested in. Enjoy featured images, detailed descriptions of each post, and links to specific posts for further viewing.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Blog - Add New Post

Add social sharing buttons, configure your blog to be your homepage, create an RSS feed for your latest posts and archives, and include one or more authors depending on who writes each post.

Church Theme Content Plugin

Church Theme Content is a free WordPress plugin that comes with your purchase of the Saved theme. It helps you to manage all of your church website’s content, since there tends to be a lot, and display it on a compatible theme.

  • Enter sermons in audio, text, video, or PDF format
  • Upload sermon content from WordPress or popular sites like YouTube
  • Create sermon podcasts and even include them on iTunes
  • Manage events including date, time, and location
  • Enable recurring events and use the locations feature for meeting information
  • Easily switch to another church compatible theme, and bring all customizations with you

In addition to the exceptional features the Church Theme Content plugin brings church websites, there is an additional add-on you can utilize for further functionality: Custom Recurring Events.

Saved Church WordPress Theme - Blog - Custom Recurring Events

Though Church Theme Content brings basic event recurrence functionality to your website, this premium add-on allows you to customize each reoccurrence to follow specific patterns such as “every second Tuesday”.

Documentation, Support, and Pricing

Saved comes fully documented with plenty of articles regarding general usage of any of theme functions, as well as specific documentation related to the Saved theme. With easy step-by-step instructions and visuals, you can be well on your way to building a church website in no time.

When it comes to support, Church Themes makes finding answers easy. To start, you can view the FAQs section and see if you can troubleshoot issues yourself. Additionally, as a paying customer of a premium theme, you will receive 1 year of support that can be initiated here, as well as one-on-one email help for more private support discussions.

Support includes:

  • Answering questions about using the features of a CT theme or plugin
  • Addressing bugs found within a CT theme or plugin
  • 24 hour response times during weekdays (excluding U.S. holidays)

In addition, you can also get a lot of helpful information from Church Themes’ regularly updated blog.

Saved is priced at $124 with an annual renewal fee of 50% off the current theme price at the time of renewal. If you wish to take advantage of the Custom Recurring Events plugin, you will pay an extra $29 per website.

If at any time within the first 45 days of using a Church Themes theme or plugin you are not satisfied, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Final Recommendations

In the end, Saved is a fully functioning church website theme that offers every possible feature you could possibly need to run a high-quality church website. From blog content to integrated maps, leader profiles to missed sermons, and everything in between, there is nothing Saved can’t do for you when it comes to your religious organization’s website.

Though the price may initially seem a bit steep, consider all that comes with your theme purchase. A complete church website management system, free management system plugin, and plenty of customization options for making your church website stand out.

Altogether, if you are looking to encourage more people to come to your services, keep regular churchgoers up to date about church happenings, and inform anyone that pops onto your website about your church’s mission, values, and beliefs, I highly recommend giving Saved a try.

More information

Have you ever used the Saved church WordPress theme? What did you think about its functionality and features? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!