5 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins To Import RSS Content

Published on April 5th, 2018

Last Updated on January 29th, 2021


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Looking for the best WordPress RSS feed plugins?

These plugins can help you do something simple – like display RSS feed items via a shortcode. But some also get more advanced and can help you do neat stuff like import RSS feed items as actual WordPress posts, filter RSS feeds by keywords, and lots more.

To help you find the tool that best fits your needs, I’ve collected five popular, high-quality options that span the spectrum from simple to advanced (and free to premium!).

What Can You Use WordPress RSS Feed Plugins For, Anyway?

RSS feeds might seem pretty simple at first, but you can actually use them to implement a ton of different functionality on your WordPress site.

Here are some of the things that you can do with RSS feeds on WordPress:

Basically, if you can find an RSS feed for something (which is pretty easy), these plugins will give you the power to manipulate that RSS feed’s content on your WordPress site.

5 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

Below, I’ve collected five of the best WordPress RSS feed plugins:

1. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is one of the most popular WordPress RSS feed plugins. It lets you automatically import any number of RSS feeds and, depending on the extensions you have, manipulate those feeds in a number of interesting ways.

Like many WordPress plugins, it’s a free core plugin available at WordPress.org that you can extend with a bunch of different paid extensions.

In the free version, you can:

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  • Import unlimited feed items from multiple sources
  • Display those feed items via a shortcode
  • Choose whether or not to include various metadata (like the original author or publish date)
  • Style how your feed displays look with custom CSS
  • Manage all of the feeds right from your WordPress dashboard

wp rss aggregator interface

While the free version is good for displaying basic feeds, the pro add-ons are where most of the cool functionality lies.

Here’s some of the coolest functionality from WP RSS Aggregator’s pool of paid add-ons:

  • Import feed items as actual posts or custom post types on your WordPress site, rather than just displaying the feed with a shortcode.
  • Import the full text of an RSS feed item, even if the RSS feed itself only includes partial text
  • Filter feeds by keywords to automatically include/exclude certain content for more control over what content actually gets imported
  • Connect to various content spinning services (I’m not a huge fan of content spinning, but I can’t deny it’s a popular use for RSS feeds)

If you want an example of what you can do with the Feed to Post add-on, you can check out WP News Desk.

There are also other add-ons that give you more control over the RSS feed shortcode, if you don’t want to import RSS feed items as actual posts.

As I mentioned, the core version of WP RSS Aggregator is free. The paid add-ons vary in price, though you can save money by choosing the Advanced Feeds bundle for $150 or the Simple Feeds Bundle for $70.

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2. RSSImport

RSSImport is a lightweight solution for importing simple RSS feeds to WordPress that doesn’t rely on any external libraries.

You can display feeds using either:

  • Shortcode
  • Widget
  • PHP function

To use the plugin, you’ll customize how things work using a bunch of different parameters. While these parameters are pretty flexible for a free plugin, they’re also not very easy for a beginner to grasp.

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So if you aren’t comfortable working directly with shortcode parameters, I’d recommend sticking with one of the plugins that gives you an actual interface for importing RSS feeds.

Here’s an example of how you import RSS feeds using RSSImport:

rssimport interface

Power users should have no problem – but I think casual WordPress users will struggle, especially in comparison to the more user friendly WP RSS Aggregator and other plugins next on this list.

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3. WP Robot

WP Robot isn’t just a WordPress RSS plugin, but RSS feeds are definitely something it can handle.

In fact, the plugin can import content from over 30 different sources (including RSS feeds). And you also have tons of options for filtering exactly what content to import:

wp robot keyword filtering

Once you have content, You can then use these feed items as actual blog posts on your site or connect to spinning services.

WP Robot definitely skews more towards autoblogging than simple RSS aggregation. But if that’s what you need, it’s a great, popular option.

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For more information on WP Robot, you can check out the detailed WP Robot review that I wrote about a year ago.

WP Robot starts at $99 per year for use on up to 3 sites.

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4. Feedzy RSS Feeds

Feedzy RSS Feeds is a freemium RSS feed plugin from ThemeIsle.

In the free version, you can use shortcodes and widgets to display RSS feed items anywhere on your site. And you can even add multiple feed URLs to a specific category to display multiple feeds via a shortcode:

feedzy rss feeds

If you go with the Pro version, you’ll also get access to a bunch of more advanced features like:

  • Import RSS feed items as actual WordPress posts
  • Use templates to display RSS feed items
  • Display images in feeds
  • WordAI integration for content spinning (again…not a huge fan but I recognize the importance of this feature to some people)
  • Automatically insert your affiliate link in feed links
  • Keyword blacklist to exclude certain words

The Pro version of Feedzy starts at $59 for use on a single site, though you’ll need one of the more expensive plans for access to all of the premium features.

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5. Super RSS Reader

Super RSS Reader doesn’t include as many advanced features as some of the other RSS feed plugins on this list. But if all you want to do is display the titles and excerpts of posts in an RSS feed, it’s got some pretty cool features to help you do that part of the RSS feed equation.

With it, you can display RSS feed items using a “news ticker like effect”. What does that mean? Well, here’s a static shot of the demo:

super rss reader

And as you’d expect from a news ticker, the feed items will actually “scroll” by themselves so that your visitors get a true news ticker experience.

Another feature that you can see in that screenshot is the ability to display multiple RSS feeds via different tabs.

If you primarily want to use RSS feeds to display news items (or something similar) on your WordPress site, give Super RSS Reader a look. Plus, it’s free, which never hurts, right?

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Which RSS Feed Plugin Will You Use?

In the end, I think your options shake out like this:

If you just want to display basic feed items via a shortcode, one of these four free plugins should do the trick:

And if you want to actually import RSS feed items as real WordPress posts, you should probably check out these premium plugins:

Know another great WordPress RSS feed plugin? Let us know in the comments so that everyone can benefit!

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