Drive Traffic to Older Blog Content for Free with the Revive Old Post Plugin

Social Media is great for driving targeted traffic to your site for free. If you have a good Twitter or Facebook following then you are not so reliant on search engine traffic so if any problems arise, like the recent Panda 4.0 update which hit a lot of sites, you can weather the storm by producing good content and sharing with your followers. The problem is the life-span of content on Social Media is not very long – I usually tweet our latest post out in the morning UK time and then again later in the day for people in different time zones and then that’s it usually – I leave it for the search engines to pick up then.

I noticed some sites that I follow on Twitter and Facebook were sharing links to posts on their site and the post was a few months old so I figured they were using some sort of plugin to handle this. It’s a good idea as the chances are most of your followers will have missed the link first time round so this gives them the chance to see it again.

Revive Old Post” (formally Tweet Old Post) is a free plugin with created by ThemeIsle  ( the folks behind the CodeinWP service ) which can handle this, if you need more features such as sharing images , they have also created a pro version which costs $24.99.

Setting Up The Plugin

Once you have uploaded and activated the plugin you will see a new menu named “Revive Old Post” which is where you can configure everything. You have the option to add your Twitter, Facebook and Linked logins to start with :


You can login with Twitter to authorize it, for Facebook you will need your own app to enter the API details. These are pretty easy to setup now.

How to Create a Facebook App

  1. Go on
  2. Click on Create New App from the top right corner
  3. Enter a Display Name and Namespace and click on Create App
  4. Once you arrive on the app dashboard, copy your App ID and App Secret in the fields on the right
  5. Go on Settings tab from the left sidebar menu add the contact email and click on Add Platform and select Website
  6. Copy/Paste this url : into App Domains and Site URL fields and Save
  7. Go on Status & Review tab and set your app live from the top-right switch.
  8. Now everything is done, click on Authorize App button.

How to Create a Linkedin App

  1. Go on
  2. Enter the required details and pay special attention to the further fields :
  3. Make sure you set Live Status to LIVE
  4. Default Scope should have r_basicprofile and rw_nus checked
  5. Copy/Paste this url : into OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs
  6. Once all required fields are filled click on Add Application button, get the API Key and Secret Key and paste them in the fields on the right
  7. Now everything is done, click on Authorize App button.

Setup Content and Timing Options

Once your required accounts are setup you can then configure how you want the message shared so you can choose post content ( Title Only, Title + Body Text, Custom Field ), URL shortener, hash tags and so on to be included :


Finally you have the options for timing: Set an interval of when posts should be published ( I recommend once per day to prevent annoying people and certainly no more than once every 12 hours ), you can choose to not share old posts more than once ( depends on your amount of content but I think this would be a good idea also ). And essentially you can choose to not post from certain categories or post types, so if I used this on WPLift I definitely wouldn’t post from our news category as who wants to read old news right ? You also have an option to go in and exclude exact posts from being sent out, again this is a good idea to remove time-sensitive, expired news etc.


This plugin certainly has the power to be abused – tweeting old posts every hour of the day is a sure-fire way to get yourself unfollowed but I think with the right sort of site and the correct settings this could be a useful tool in building extra traffic to your site you might not otherwise have. For instance, if you have a category of more in-depth evergreen content such as our guides category then it could work well. Setting the plugin to post on hours when you are not normally online – for example evenings and weekends, then you have the opportunity to reach people who wouldn’t normally see your social media posts.

Download Revive Old Post Free » | Pro Version $24.99 »



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Drive Traffic to Older Blog Content for Free with the Revive Old Post Plugin”

  1. Nice info and indeed a handy tool. Even I have seen few companies and bloggers to share their old articles at times. So they must be using this kind of plugins to revive their old posts. Surely a good tool for any blog and obviously can be misused.

    We are using Blogger and do you know or have any ideas of any such plugins which work with Blogger engine? Any help or resource will be helpful.

    Sam Mudra

  2. Nice posting.. I’m wondering, what is the deferent feature between free plugin and pro version, only sharing image?


  3. Hi Raffo,

    The differences are :

    – multiple accounts for each social network
    – linkedin support
    – post with image
    – post from pages for custom post types.

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