Review SEOBreeze: A WordPress SEO Plugin Destined to Get You Better Search Results

Published on April 21st, 2017

Last Updated on July 16th, 2020

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever these days thanks in large part to the increasing competition in the online world. In order to stand out amongst those in your industry vying for the same following you are after, you must do everything you can to make your website the best. This includes having exceptional web design, security, loading speeds and performance, and of course SEO optimization.

Making your website user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to read is one of the major benefits of following SEO best practices. However, having an SEO friendly website really benefits you when it comes to better search engine results.

Each day search engines scour the internet for millions of online users and present them with search results that are relevant to their queries. And, by making your website SEO friendly, your website is more likely to be crawled properly and suggested as a search result.

Several WordPress plugin options on the market today can help you to optimize your website in terms of SEO. However, today we are going to look at one in particular that’s brought to you by the talented team at WPEka – SEOBreeze. Designed as a complete WordPress SEO plugin, SEOBreeze offers plenty of features that will help website owners of all kinds rank higher in search results and build a more successful website.

What is SEOBreeze?

SEOBreeze is a premium WordPress plugin created for website owners of all types. Integrated with all of the latest SEO updates from Google, including the most recent Algorithms, this SEO plugin comes with a standard set of important features any SEO plugin should have. For example, on-page optimization, keyword analysis, image optimization, Meta descriptions and tag titles, and even real-time analysis abilities are just some of the optimization settings available.

Beyond that, the developers of SEOBreeze are convinced that their product is the ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress sites. In fact, in the ever-changing world of SEO optimization, WPEka believes SEOBreeze is the key to keeping up.

Here are some of the benefits you might expect to see while utilizing this feature-packed SEO plugin:

  • Attract more daily traffic
  • Garner respect as a trusted website
  • Boost chances of being shared across social media
  • Improve user experience
  • Maintain website consistency

SEOBreeze Key Features

Compatible with the latest version of WordPress, SEOBreeze brings to you plenty of great features for getting your website noticed by the likes of Google and other search engine results. Let’s see how this SEO plugin gets you ranked higher and found by people looking for what you have to offer.

On-Page Analysis

On-page analysis of your posts and pages is easy using SEOBreeze. Simply create or edit a post or page as you would normally, and scroll to the bottom when finished. Here, find two tabs labeled General Setting and Page Analysis.

Under the General Setting tab, configure the post or page title, Meta description, keywords, and focus keyword. You can also prevent your post or page from being indexed and exclude it from your sitemap.

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SEOBreeze - SEO Plugin, On-Page SEO Settings

From there, simply save your post or page changes and click on the other SEOBreeze tab labeled Page Analysis. Here, notice a detailed breakdown of your post or page in terms of SEO optimization. Following a color coding system, green being the best, you will see which areas need improvement.

SEOBreeze - SEO Plugin, On-Page SEO

In addition, see your SEO percentage score near the bottom. This score represents your post or page as a whole and gives you an idea how strong it is in terms of SEO optimization.

Moz Integration

Moz is a well-known online marketing tool that helps online businesses worldwide improve their SEO efforts. This popular tool measures, monitors, and evaluates your SEO efforts both on and off-page, including within your social media accounts.

SEOBreeze - SEO Plugin, Moz Integration

By integrating SEOBreeze completely with Moz, the industry leader in SEO reports, you will be able to actively monitor how your website stacks up against even the toughest competition. For instance, evaluate both your search result rankings and links so that you can see where you can do better to get a higher search result. And, the best part is, signing up for an account with Moz is absolutely free.

Video SEO

Wouldn’t it be great if your website’s videos ranked higher in video only search results? Well, now they can using SEOBreeze’s intuitive Video SEO feature. Simply navigate to SEOBreeze > General Settings and click on the Video SEO Setting tab.

SEOBreeze - SEO Plugin, Video SEO

Here you can create a custom video sitemap specifically for your website’s video content. This way, the next time someone searches for a video relating to your business, or even organically searches for what your company has to offer, your videos will appear in search results at a higher rank.

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Local SEO

With SEOBreeze’s Local SEO Module, you can effectively rank your website locally and on Google Maps. Put your business on the map (literally), enable your location as a custom post type, and even add additional fields such as phone number, email, and hours of operation. Additionally, this plugin automatically creates a GEO sitemap.

SEOBreeze - SEO Plugin, Local SEO

By creating a custom Geo sitemap, nearby locals will easily find your website thus boosting traffic, conversions, and even sales.

Google Analytics Monitoring

In addition to monitoring your SEO efforts, SEOBreeze allows you to integrate Google Analytics for automatic tracking of things such as:

  • Multiple domains
  • Advertisements
  • Outbound links

Moreover, you can exclude logged in users such as the Admin, Contributor, Subscriber, Author, and Editor from Google Analytics tracking based on their role.

Support, Documentation, and Cost

SEOBreeze comes with professional and limitless expert WordPress support to aid you with any issues you encounter. In addition, WPEka has provided a thorough how-to post for SEOBreeze here. This, along with many other useful articles, will help you improve your SEO beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

In order to purchase SEOBreeze, you must join WPEka’s plugin and theme club. For $17/month, you receive access to all WPEka plugins and themes (over 100 premium WordPress products), all new releases and updates, superior support for any WordPress related issue, and have unlimited website use.

Additionally, there are no contracts to sign and you have a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus, you can cancel your membership at any time with a simple click. Lastly, WPEka will hook you up with special deals and freebies just for being a part of their exclusive club.

Final Recommendation

If you are looking for the next best thing when it comes to a WordPress SEO plugin, SEOBreeze has you covered. Offering what all other WordPress SEO plugins offer, plus more, this exciting new tool can have you drawing in more site visitors, converting more readers, and retaining more customers in no time.

Look and see how SEOBreeze can help you with things like attracting local customers, ranking your video content, and improving both on and off-page SEO efforts. In the end, if you want to build a successful website that visitors can navigate easily and search engines can index and present in search results, you are going to need to bump up your SEO game.  So, why not do it with SEOBreeze?

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Have you ever used the SEOBreeze plugin for boosting your website’s SEO efforts? If so, I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!