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25+ Free Icon Fonts for Theme Designers or Anyone Else

Last Updated on June 15th, 2020

Published on April 28th, 2017

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Want to spice up your WordPress themes? Icon fonts provide a handy way for you to both enhance the design of your themes and give your theme’s users more functionality. And best of all, there are heaps of free icon fonts you can start using today.

On the design front, they allow you to quickly implement icons without needing to grab individual images or vectors. And on the functionality front, they allow your users to easily include icons in their theme customizations. The Nielsen Norman Group found that, when properly used, icons can improve web usability, so it’s definitely a nice thing to add to your themes, especially on menus.

I won’t belabor the point too much because I’m guessing you already know the benefits of icon fonts if you found your way to this post.

So, without further introduction, I give you my list of 25+ beautiful free icon fonts.

Font Awesome

free font icons font awesome

Font Awesome is the current king of icon fonts. In a single collection, it offers over 675 different icons. Though it was originally designed for Bootstrap, Font Awesome works well with all frameworks. You can implement it either by hosting the CSS yourself or including the BootstrapCDN Font Awesome CSS file.


free icon fonts dashicon

Even if you don’t know Dashicons by its name, you know its icons. Dashicons is the official font of the WordPress admin dashboard. And if you like those designs, you can bring those same icons into other aspects of your WordPress site.

Themify Icons

Themify Icons is a set of over 320 icons from popular theme provider Themify. You can download it as both an icon font version or a plugin version. And best of all, it’s 100% free for both personal and commercial use.

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Foundation Icon Fonts 3

The Foundation Icon Fonts 3 set includes 283 different icons with one font. They span eCommerce, social media, accessibility, and more. All the icons include rounded corners to give them a “softer more approachable feel”.

Elegant Icon Font

The Elegant Icon font includes 360 free icons covering a variety of uses. All of the icons are completely free to use. As the name suggests, the Elegant Icon Font comes from Elegant Themes, the creators of the Divi theme.


Personally, I love the style of Dripicons. They’ve got beautiful thick lines and an overall great aesthetic.


The Pictonic package includes 266 free font icons. They cover a range of brands and uses. If you sign up for Pictonic, you can get access to thousands more icons.


Sosa is a set of 160 free icons from Ten by Twenty. They span a variety of uses, so you should be able to find something helpful.

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Typicons is a set of 336 “pixel perfect” free font icons. They’re all-purpose and cover tons of different areas.

Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons is a free font icon collection with 300 metro-style designs. The icons are all beautiful and circular. I dig it.


Ionicons are a beautiful set of icons. You can directly grab the latest CSS file hosting by MaxCDN.

Symbol Signs

Symbol Signs is a collection of 50 commonly used signage symbols. It’s by no means for every project, but if you have this specific need, it’s a great option.


IcoMoon’s free icon pack includes 490 different vector icons for you to play around with. You can also search all of the icons by keyword, which is a nice touch. Much easier than trying to sort through manually!


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Batch is a set of 343 different icons built by Adam Whitcroft. I like the style of the icons included in Batch quite a bit.



Socialico is a set of 74 different social media icons. So if you need to add a variety of social media networks to your theme or website, it’s a great option. But don’t expect anything else.

Raphaël Icon-Set

The Raphaël Icon-Set isn’t huge, but it does have some great icons. All of them are mapped to specific letters on your keyboard to make them easy to use.


Entypo is a free icon pack containing 411 “carefully crafted premium pictograms”. It also includes a social extension if you need icons for social networks.

MFG Labs Icon Set

The MFG Labs Icon Set is the result of an internal project. Now, it’s public and freely available for you to use in your websites. The icons are definitely beautiful, though the selection isn’t as broad as some of the other font icon packs.

Ligature Symbols

Ligature Symbols is a free icon pack with a very odd name. What’s nice is that all of the icons are easily searchable so that you can quickly find what you need.

PW Drawn Icon Font

The PW Drawn Icon Font includes over 80 free icons with a very unique style. It’s definitely different than the other icon packs on this list.


Fontelico is a small set of 30 different free icons.

Feather Icon Set

Feather Icon Set is a nifty free set of minimalist icons. They’ve got a neat trendy style that I enjoy.

Premium Pixels

This Premium Pixels set is 80 different mini icons that you can use across a range of topics. You can download both as a PSD or an icon font.

Rondo Social Icon Font

Rondo Social Icon Font is a beautiful collection of ~40 circular social media icons. I definitely dig the style on these.

Map Icons

Need a set of font icons that you can use with the Google Map API? If so, Map Icons are for you. Very helpful for displaying geographical locations in a more aesthetic way.

Weather Icons

Another niche icon font set. Weather Icons is a free icon font containing 222 weather themed icons. So if you need to display when it’s raining or sunny, these are the icons for you.

Space Icons

Space Icons is a set of 230+ beautiful space-themed icons. Spaceships, planets, and lots more are included in this neat icon set.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can tell, there are a lot of free icon font sets out there. I tried to round up some of the best, but I know that there are more out there. So if you know of a great set of free font icons that deserve to be on this list, definitely give us a shout out in the comments and share with the crowd!

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