To infinity and beyond with the brand new WPLift!

Welcome to the brand new WPLift!

I am excited to welcome you today with our new website design! I decided to freshen up the branding, bring fresh air to the site and along with this new layout add new sections and services. I am expecting to hear from you what you think about this new coat of WPLift, and meanwhile I want to share some insights from the redesigning process and what you can expect. Ready for a little tour?


WPLift was started in 2010 by Oliver Dale, the original owner. Since then the website grew and got several redesigns, with the major and last change in 2013 when it became black and red (you may even remember WPlift in the shades of purple). In May 2016 came time when I took over and became the new owner of WPLift. When I bought the site, I really liked the content, but the design wasn’t up to date anymore and I felt I need to make some changes. I had to take my time and didn’t want to shake things up right away as I was kinda new in the WordPress world. I wanted to learn first, look around and think about what I wanted.

New design

I wanted to make sure, that the design of WPLift would support our content and tell all our visitors what we stand for: We explore the WordPress universe and share all that we encounter. I found a great designer for the layout and design: Daniel Tan. He helped me set clean and practical layout and the basis of the website. Talking about important people who were standing by my side through the process, I want to thank Freek van Haagen, my neighbour in the building, where we both work as freelancers. Freek is an excellent illustrator who gave the design its own personality and was acting as my art director. He helped me with dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s when it comes to design and the illustrations.


After exploring several theme options (Genesis and Divi) I chose the lightweight theme GeneratePress. An awesome theme. I am very thankful for the guidance from the support forum where Tom Usborne answers nearly EVERY question. I have not touched ANY of the files of the original theme files of GeneratePress. So updating won’t be a problem in the future. All CSS is added by Simple CSS plugin (hurray to Tom Usborne again!) and custom code by the Code Snippets Plugin. In addition to GeneratePress, I used the page builder Elementor. It is definitely my favourite page builder, because it allows me to translate the design from PSD to WordPress without diving into the code. A special mention to AnyWhere Elementor Pro as well. As this plugin extended the functions of Elementor in the exact areas that I needed them.

Makes life quite easy for a noob like me ;-) Really easy.

What is new?

  • Switch to WPForms instead of Contact form 7. Simply due to more options, easiness for the user and better support.
  • FontAwesome Icons used (in the theme and plugin directories)
  • New Social Share plugin: Social Warfare
  • for the coupon section
  • ConvertPlus for helping us to increase our mailing list.

There are new features also:

  • Search function is finally there!
  • Better optimized for mobile devices, so you can use WPLift on any device
  • Free Themes Section: I decided not to produce our own themes anymore. Others are much better in creating free themes (…cough..cough…GeneratePress) then we are. I rather show you guys what I think are the best options if you are looking for a free theme.
  • Our most popular posts are now shown below each posts.

Houston, do we have a problem?

I will set up a survey so that you guys can help me point out if there is a bug or error that I might have missed. Please do tell me about it. You’ll find it in the bottom right of your screen the coming week.

WPLift’s next mission

Even though I am very happy with the redesign, I am definitely not finished. I promise you that WPLift will continue to grow and develop, so it remains the useful and interesting source that makes your WordPress life easier. I am also getting ready to optimize the speed and set up the CDN correctly (again). In the near future I want to establish more A/B tests and implement an advanced model to measure all data to make sure the performance keeps going up.

At last but not least I want to thank you all for your interest in WPLift, your support and please share with me your feedback.

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Team WPLift

Team WPLift

A team of WordPress experts that love to test out new WordPress related software, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

31 thoughts on “To infinity and beyond with the brand new WPLift!

  1. Hello Daan,

    I am Elvina from team Convert Plus.

    Your website looks great! Moreover, we are glad that Convert Plus is contributing well towards the increase in your email list. Hope it brings more in the days to come! :)

    • Thanks Tom! We actually never spoke, because of your great forum. It’s so good, that I never needed to disturb you ;-)
      There was always someone that had the same question earlier, where you helped them in a great way.
      Thanks for that.

  2. Hi Daan tol,
    Wplift close to my heart, its teaches me what is WordPress. I don’t like the previous design and this new design is great. I like the GeneratePress lot and from the previous month, all my website design replaced with simple GP design.
    I think to use ConvertPlug on my websites, waiting for your case study.

    • Thanks for the input Angel. A week or two ago it was much lighter, so I definitely see where you are coming from.
      Might tweak with it some more. Thanks!

  3. This is awesome. It is easier to find tings now and there is less clutter. I have always loved WPLift. It’s where I come when I want to learn about both paid and free tools in the WP world.

  4. Looks fantastic, well done – I love the logo! It’s worth adding a retina version of the logo, as it doesn’t look very crisp on my Mac – then it will look even better!

  5. Hi Daan….always good to have a fresh new look :)
    Takes a lot of time but overall it’s always worth it. I just launched my latest theme site, but I know I already have plans to make adjustments for 2018, so I can definitely understand when you say you are not finished. Good job on the new design!

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