Receiptful Review: Supercharge Every Customer Interaction

Published on August 18th, 2016

Last Updated on July 20th, 2020


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If you run an eCommerce store then Receiptful could be just the tool you need to make sure you are maximizing your profits. Receiptful has been designed to help businesses personally engage with their customers and consequently drive sales every step of the way — all through the magic of automation.

In this review of Receiptful, we will be taking an in-depth look at what the service offers and how it could benefit your business. We will cover the features of the solution, including looking at the differences between the free plan and the premium service.

The Importance of Receiptful’s Service


Only recently have people begun to realize the value of transactional emails. These are personal, one-to-one emails that are sent out by a company as a response to a consumer’s actions. For example, a receipt after the purchase a product or service. This type of email has an extremely high open rate, as customers are waiting for the information they contain.

The importance of transactional emails cannot be underestimated. With such a high open rate, this is a key opportunity to promote your brand and upsell to customers. Unfortunately many eCommerce stores often miss this highly profitable marketing opportunity.

Receiptful is the answer to this problem. This feature rich service enables you to personalize and tailor every interaction with your customers, so not one email is a missed opportunity to market your brand and sell your products.

Why Choose Receiptful?

Why Receiptful

Receiptful has been specifically created to help eCommerce store owners optimize their site and emails for engagement and revenue. Receiptful’s email receipts have a 70%+ open rate and a 10%+ conversion rate. They can be customized to suit your website’s design and style to help raise brand awareness among your customers. Once set up Receiptful takes care of the rest, sending emails automatically after a customer has purchased an item.

The Receiptful premium service also offers automatic follow up emails and abandoned shopping cart emails to help you stay in contact with each and every customer. On your site you can display tailored recommendations to your customers based on their page views, using one of Receiptful’s widgets. This will help increase your sales and average order value.

If you like the sound of what Receiptful has to offer so far and how your business can profit from it, let’s look more closely at its features.

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Top Features of Receiptful

Receiptful is packed with features to help you run a successful eCommerce business and increase your number of conversions. With Receiptful you can expect easy setup and a positive user experience, beautiful aesthetics that can be customized to suit your design, automatic product recommendations, supercharged receipts, follow up emails and abandoned cart emails full of upsells and marketing components as well as advanced analytics and much more.

Easy Set Up

Receiptful Plugin

Receiptful is extremely easy to setup and use. Complete a simple sign up form and your account is created. If you have a WooCommerce store, to link to your site you will need to install the Receiptful WordPress plugin and then within your WordPress dashboard you can enter your API key, given to you on registration. If you have a Shopify store you can download the Receiptful App.

To upgrade to the premium service you simply have to enter your billing information.

Design and Appearance

Receipt Builder

Receiptful sends professional and stylish emails that will help to market your eCommerce store. Not only that, they can be customized using the drag-and-drop receipt builder, so customers will immediately identify them with your brand. Add a company logo, insert an image, write your own title, change the font and create a color scheme to match your site.

These beautiful emails are responsive for easy reading on all devices and will help your company stand out from the crowd. More impressively, this customization is offered on the free plan, as well as the premium version.

Supercharged Receipts

Upsell Products

Receiptful’s supercharged receipts are easy to create and give you a variety of options to help your site convert against its goal. You can add an upsell to increase your sales, such as an advert for similar products, or offer a discount on shipping or the order total.

Discount Coupon

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You can also select marketing components to insert in the receipt, like a link to your website, social media profiles, latest blog post, or a feedback request. By adding these extras to your receipts, you are encouraging the recipients of the emails to interact with you, return to your website and purchase more products.

Marketing Components

Supercharged receipts are part of the free service. However, if you want to differentiate your receipts for first-time buyers and repeat customers then you will need to upgrade to the premium plan.

Premium Service Emails

If you opt into Receiptful’s premium service then you gain access to both the follow-up and the abandoned shopping cart emails.

Follow Up Email

Receiptful automatically sends targeted and engaging follow-up emails a few days after sending a receipt. Again these can include upsells and other marketing opportunities. This interaction and customer service can help turn a one-off buyer into a regular customer.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.53% but the chance of recovering a sale by sending a reminder email, especially with an upsell, is 63%. So Receiptful’s automatic abandoned shopping cart emails should quickly start recovering the revenue you are losing at the moment.


Recommendation Widget

Receiptful’s premium plan offers a collection of widgets including a supercharged Search widget and a Customer Feedback widget. However, it is the Recommendations Widget that will make the most impact on your business.

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Once setup, the Recommendations widget will automatically display product recommendations on your site to potential customers browsing your store. Powerful algorithms mean that each individual is shown specific products tailored to their interests and page views. By marketing products to your audience in this way, customers should increase their total spend and be more likely to return to the site for future buys.

Advanced Analytics

A further feature offered on the premium plan is advanced analytics to track your site’s performance and help you better understand your customers.

Store-wide metrics will give you an insight into average order values and the lifetime value of your customers. Customer-wide metrics will help you analyze total spends and the average time between purchases. This is crucial information for eCommerce stores to help optimize sales and make more money.

The Receiptful Academy

Receiptful offers an eCommerce Academy to help all their users. Here you can find tips and tricks to help you effectively leverage Receiptful’s service. Other content is also offered that will guide online store owners to create successful websites and businesses.


Receiptful’s free plan lets you send out automatic receipts of your own design every time someone makes a purchase. However, if you would like to benefit from the extra tools mentioned in this article then you will need to upgrade to the premium plan.

Reciptful’s premium service starts at $19 a month and then increases depending on the number of completed orders that your store processes each month. The cost increases in increments, for over 50 orders the price will rise to $39, over 100 orders will cost $60 and so on.

Final Thoughts

Receiptful’s service is professional and effective. Not only does it encourage visitors to make a purchase, it helps maximize all contact with your customers once they have left your site, encouraging them to return and to continue purchasing products from you.

Creating a strong relationship with your customers by using Receiptful’s services boosts your customer’s lifetime value. By upgrading to Receiptful’s premium plan, you will optimize all customer interactions, which will consequently help your site convert against its sales goals.

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