Quote This: 3 Ways to Display Quotes on your WordPress Site

Published on September 15th, 2012

Last Updated on November 16th, 2018

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There are times when I hear someone else’s words and wonder how exactly they figured out what was in my brain before I have. For those of you who are inspired by finding new quotes, this plugin is for you! Quote This is a WordPress plugin that offers 3 ways to display random quotes in your posts, if that is what you’ve been looking for, read on!

Installing “Quote This”

In order to install Quote This, head over to the plugin page at wordpress.org and download the latest version. Once you have the zip folder, go to your admin bar, hit plugins, then add new. Upload and choose the zip file from your downloads. Next, press Install Now.

Install Quote This

After a few seconds, Quote This plugin will be installed. Your next step will be activating it and you’ll be ready to start quoting!

Activate Quote This

Configuring “Quote This”

Quote This offers 3 ways to show quotations. The first is a template tag for theme template files which can be used in a basic format or for a specific category as shown below.

Quote This Template Tag

With Quote This, you’ll be able to use a shortcode for adding random quotes to your posts and pages. Wherever you want to add an unexpected quote, just insert the shortcode [quote-this] If you’d like to add parameters to the quotes, your shortcode changes to this [quote-this type=”life”]

Quote This Shortcode

The third way quotes are offered are by use of a widget. You can access the widget by going to the Widgets section in your WordPress admin and moving the Quote This widget out of the available section to your preferred widget area. Here, choose from multiple categories (all, art, film, friendship, individual, life or literature) of topics for which you would like your quote to pertain.

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Widget Backend

Implementing “Quote This”

Whenever you add the shortcode, a random quote appears in your post as is shown in the below image.

Quote This Shortcode Result

Below you can see the result of the widget. I narrowed the quote category down to film and instantly a quote appeared in my sidebar.

Quote This Widget Result

In Conclusion

Quote This is a fun and easy plugin, it can be quite the adventure to add use the plugin and see what randomly comes up! If you like predictability with your blog and posts, then this may not be right for you as it is a complete surprise what will come up, even if you narrow the category. However, using Quote This is definitely a fun way to spice up your blog and keep your regular readers watching for what will come next!

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