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Published on August 8th, 2013

Last Updated on January 23rd, 2019

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I am contacted multiple times per day with people wishing me to cover their new WordPress plugin or theme and I while I do cover a lot of requests either in full reviews or in roundup posts, a lot of the time I can’t cover them. Writing posts takes either my time or money (if I have to pay another writer to do the post), so to help solve this I have decided to start offering a range of promotional services detailed below.

Hopefully by offering these new services I am helping more WP related companies to get the word out about their product ( I know how hard this is from doing it myself ) and also adding a new revenue stream to WPLift which will help sustain us and grow for the future. By adding this offering, I have now retired my old design and development services so I can focus more on WPLift and also growing my own theme company.

Sponsored Posts

You can now purchase a sponsored post on WPLift which you can write yourself about your company or product and it will be posted on the site. It will be clearly marked as a paid post and you will be attributed as the author. The post will still be subject to editorial control so must be well-written, not sound spammy and must contain good information and images which fit our current style on WPLift.

Paid Reviews

I am also offering paid reviews where I will review your product myself and write an unbiased review of it – if I find fault with it, it will be mentioned, likewise if we love it we will tell our readers so. There is also an option for a paid review and placement in our weekly newsletter – this is the option which will provide most coverage.

Sponsored Competitions

If none of these options appeal to you, we are now also offering a sponsored competition service so if you would like to run a giveaway on WPLift you can also do that. Our readers love competitions and these are a great way to spread the word about your company and also boost your social media profiles as we use rafflecopter to generate social sharing of your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

To see the range of new services being offered, please see the promotions page to make your booking.

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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift in 2010.