ProfilePress: A Free User Registration, Form Builder and Profile Plugin for WordPress

Published on February 10th, 2016

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

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ProfilePress is a short-code based Form building plugin which will allow you to create user registration, login and profile pages which will enable you to build a community around your WordPress site. It works with the existing WordPress user system and is compatible with any theme, the plugin includes 5 different style of forms so you can pick one which matches your site the best. There are a number of themes for the plugin available also if you wish to change the styling of the forms.


The plugin is available to download free from the WordPress directory and there is also a premium version available which includes extra features such as avatar upload for users, social media logins and Captcha solutions.


Download Free Version » View Premium Version »


Features of the free plugin include:

  • Unlimited front-end login forms / user login.
  • Unlimited front-end registration forms / user registration.
  • Unlimited front-end password reset forms.
  • Live preview of form design as you code.
  • Multi-step registration forms.
  • Redirect WordPress default login to custom front-end login page
  • Redirect WordPress default registration to custom front-end registration page
  • Redirect WordPress default password reset to custom password reset page.
  • Redirect users to a custom page after login
  • Redirect users to a custom page after logout.
  • Built-in theme installer for installing ProfilePress form themes.

If you need even more features, then take a look at the premium version which includes:

  • Unlimited edit-profile forms.
  • Unlimited front-end user profile.
  • One-click WordPress widgets creation.
  • Custom avatar uploads for users.
  • Social login: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub.
  • Unlimited custom profile fields.
  • Customizable tabbed widget.
  • One-time passwordless login.
  • Auto-magically user login after registration.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after login.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after logout.
  • Redirect default profile to a custom edit Profile page.
  • Welcome message to newly registered users.
  • Customize-able password reset mail.
  • Built-in user moderation.
  • Users login with username or email address.
  • Global admin login to users account.
  • No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for combating spam

How to Use the Plugin

Once you upload and activate the plugin, it requires you to also install the Shortcake Shortcode UI plugin which is designed to provide a user-friendly interface for adding a shortcode to a post, and viewing and editing it from within the content editor.


Once that’s done you should make sure that user registrations are open by visiting “Settings” > “General” and ticking the “Anyone can register” box.

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Finally, if using the premium version you should enter your license key so you can receive updates to the plugin.


On activation of the plugin, a number of pages are added to your site – Registration, Login, Reset Password, Edit Password etc – these pages have the shortcodes placed for the forms. If you wish to create new pages or change which page they are displayed on, you can do this from the plugin main settings page.


From here you can also change the redirection options so you can choose to send people to custom pages after logging in / out etc.


From this settings page you can also change the emails which are sent out to people when they register, reset their password and account status notifications.


Using the Form Builder

In the plugin settings page, along the top are tabs for each type of form – login, register, user profile and so on. If you select one, you will see that the plugin lists 5 different style forms along with their shortcode. To choose a different one, simply update the relevant shortcode on the page.

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You can then view the form on the front-end of your site to see how it looks :


You can click the “Edit” link next to each form if you wish to customize it, this will bring up a box with the HTML and shortcodes for that form which you can edit in text format if you wish.


The easiest way to edit a form is to click the “ProfilePress Shortcodes” button above the post editor which bring up a popup which contains all the elements you can use in your forms – you simply click the button for which element you would like and its added to the form.


Underneath this you can see a live preview of your form so you can see the changes you make, and under that is a CSS box so you can tweak the styling of your form if required.


Social Logins

If you wish to enable users to signup / login with their social media accounts, you will need to define your API keys in the plugin settings are under the “Social Login” tab, here you enter your credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Github.

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How The Default Forms Look

There are 5 default themes included with the plugin, these are my favorite styles available to you :




There is also a number of extra themes which you can purchase separately if you need a different look to match your site.

  • Pinnacle – a smooth and clean custom login, registration and password reset ProfilePress theme for WordPress with social login.
  • Montserrat – a beautiful one-page ProfilePress account form that combines a login, registration, password reset and social login together thus eliminating the need for creating a separate forms for user registration, login and reset of passwords.
  • Stride – an elegant, customizable WordPress multi-step registration form.
  • Bash one-pager – a simple, pretty, responsive one-page account form with social login.
  • Bash Edit Profile – an elegant, responsive front-end edit profile form for WordPress.
  • Parallel – a horizontal, responsive & aesthetic login, registration and password reset form with social login.
  • Perfecto – a clean, polished login, registration and password reset form with two color flavors.


Pricing for the premium version of the plugin starts at $49 for a one-site license, $99 is for 3 sites and the developer plan includes unlimited sites for $199. All plans include on year of support and updates. The additional form themes are from $5 to $10.



There are also 2 extensions you can purchase, Email confirmation makes the user have to confirm their email address before they can register and MailChimp adds the user to your mailing list with MailChimp on registration. Both addons cost $29 each.



This is a well put-together plugin which should allow you to build a community type website using just about any WordPress theme – It includes all the features you would need such as being able to customize the registration forms to match your needs ( ie adding extra fields which can be displayed on the user’s profile). The default themes included are nice and should go with most themes and the cheap add-on themes are also an option if you prefer one of those.

If you need this type of functionality, check out the free version and test it out on your site, the $49 for the premium version seems fair to me and it includes a 30 day money back guarantee so you can properly test it on your site to make sure it fits your needs.

Check it out …

Download Free Version » View Premium Version »

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