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Product Comparison Table on WordPress using WP Table Builder

Last Updated on April 13th, 2023


In this post, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how you can use the WP Table Builder plugin to create your product comparison tables on WordPress.

Shopping online can be a real challenge. With so many products and suggestions out there, it only becomes more and more complicated for the buyers to settle on a product.

It is not something new that started to happen recently. This trivia has been there since the beginning. No matter if you are choosing offline or online, you will always find an alternative for the product you are looking for.

This is indeed a good thing as you get more buying options to choose from, but sometimes there are so many similar products out there that it almost becomes impossible for the user to settle on a single product.

Users are always able to short down the competition to a bunch of products, but the hardest part is selecting a single product from a bunch.

But! There is a solution for that.

You, too, as a dropshipping shop owner, want your user to make up their buying decision as soon as possible and become a customer from a visitor. This is what every store owner wants. For trivia like mentioned above, a detailed product comparison table serves just right.

For example, take a look at this amazon product comparison table, which lists all the details of the product selected for comparison. We all use product tables to compare products. There is nothing better than a table that can help us identify the differences in a tabular form.

You as a WordPress store owner can use tables to compare products as well. If you do not know how to do it, then this article will be perfect for you.

How to Create a Product Comparison Table on WordPress using WP Table Builder

Let’s first get familiar with the plugin we will be using. WP Table Builder is one of the most simplified page builders out there. You do not need any coding knowledge to work with this table builder. In fact, the drag and drop design of the page builder has made it super easy to use and get started working with. Before we start creating our table, let’s see how we can use WP Table Builder. From beginning to end, the WP Table builder is super easy to use. Here is what you need to do to create a table with WP Table Builder.

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  • Create a new table
  • Add content in the cells on your table
  • Customize and style the table
  • Save and publish
  • Insert using shortcode

This is what we will be doing here in the below steps. We will go through each step in detail so that you can understand how easy it is to use WP Table Builder.

For this tutorial, you will need the WP Table Builder installed and activated. You can download it for free from WordPress.org repository. Just install it like any other plugin, and it will be good to go.

Once you are done installing, you can follow the steps below to create a product comparison table.

Step 1: Adding a New Table

Once you have installed the WP Table Builder plugin, you will see a Table Builder option in the WordPress admin dashboard. Simply go to the Table Builder option and click on the “Add New” option to create a new table. Once you do that, the table builder interface will open up.

Step 2: Creating Table and Adding Contents

Once you are in the interface, you need to enter the name of the table. Give it a name, and if you want, you can change it later. I am naming my table as “Product Comparison”.

product comparison table

Now, we need to define the number of rows and columns on the table. Toggle or enter the number of rows and columns you want and click on the Generate button. The table will generate instantly.

Now we will be adding content to our cells. There are five types of content that you can add to the cells

  • Text
  • Image
  • Button
  • List
  • Star Rating

To add a new elementor or content type to the field, you can simply drag and drop it in the cell. Once you have added the element in the table, you can customize them further.

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For example, here, we have added the Text element on the page. As soon as you add it, you will be able to change the color and the size of the text from the left bar. You can make other changes to the text as well, like bold, italic, alignment, and can even add a link to the text.

So, simply go ahead and start adding the fields which you want to have text in it. Also, just like adding a text element, you can go ahead and add other items as you wish.

Here I am creating a table to compare two-page builders for WordPress – Beaver Builder & Elementor.

I also want to make the first row as the header. For this, I will just go ahead and toggle the “Top row as Header” button. This will make the top row as the header.

product comparison table

Now go ahead and add the respective elements on the page. After adding items on my table and customizing the color, font size, borders, this is what the table looks like:

elementor vs Beaver Builder

Step 3: Styling and Customizing the Table

Now, although I have already done customization to the image attached above, we will still look over the customization that you can do to your product comparison table.

Coming to the managing of cells, you can easily add and remove rows, columns, cells from the Manage Cells button.

Click on the manage cells button to customize the table. You can insert columns, rows, just by clicking the buttons placed on the top.

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Coming to cells merging, you can do that by selecting the cells you wish to merge. You just need to make sure the cells are empty or have at max one cell with data in it.

WP Table Builder

Coming to borders and padding, you can easily customize that from the settings available in the home editing screen. You can set the thickness and color for the borders, as well.

product comparison tableMoreover, you can even customize the background of the table as well.WP Table Builder

Step 4: Saving and Publishing the Table

Once you are done making the changes, you can go ahead and save the table and even preview it. Simply hit the button on the top right corner of the page.

WP Table Builder

Step 5: Inserting Table Using Shortcode

Now we are done with the table designing; we just need to display it on the page using a simple shortcode. Here is how you can do that.

Click on the embed button in the table editor to get the shortcode for your product comparison table.

shortcode WP table builder

Now you can simply embed this table on any page using the shortcode. Simply copy and paste the shortcode.

Adding shortcode

Creating a Product Comparison Table: Summing It Up!

Now you know how you can create a table and display it on your website with the WP Table Builder. Go ahead and try out the WP Table Builder plugin and let me know what you think of this. This plugin is one of the easiest ways to create a table on a WordPress website.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you found this article useful, do share it!

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