Pixelgrade Club: The Netflix of WordPress Themes?

WordPress has long been a popular blogging tool. It is currently the world’s most popular CMS. While WP can be used to create a wide genre of websites, it is still a very versatile and nifty solution for anyone looking to create a blog. There are lot of sellers out there providing turnkey WordPress theme solutions for bloggers. Pixelgrade, a popular WordPress theme shop, have recently started a solution tailored for bloggers: Pixelgrade Club.

Pixelgrade Club: The Netflix of WordPress Themes?

What is Pixelgrade Club?

Pixelgrade Club is popularly being dubbed as the Netflix of blogging. In essence, it provides a subscription model for bloggers and content creators. This gives users access to WordPress themes created by Pixelgrade. Furthermore, Pixelgrade Club also comes loaded with regular updates, useful content, and other solutions aimed at content creators and bloggers.

In other words, Pixelgrade Club is a simplified subscription wherein bloggers get access to premium WordPress themes, assistance with customization, recommendations on plugins and content strategy, etc. The Club also seems to have a community model which will enable content creators to interact with and help each other.

But Why?

Here is how Pixelgrade are defining their approach towards this new Club:

Our mission is to help people express their creative ideas better, which means that our focus is to pay close attention to their distinct needs, moving towards shaping an entire experience: from the initial first steps in setting up the WordPress platform to the installation and configuration of plugins, up until the customization of the website to reflect the owner’s personality, a helping hand with the content strategy, and tools to boost their ideas into the world.

We took those value propositions and successfully put them together under the same roof: “Pixelgrade Club”.

Obviously, the logic here is not to simply create another “theme club membership” program. Instead, Pixelgrade have attempted to be more laser-focused and target a niche with various sub-niche. Blogging can include video bloggers, travelogues, food and recipe sites, movie reviews, and a lot more. With the Pixelgrade Club, the focus is more on people who are looking to create a genre-focused website or blog. For regular publishers of content, this Club offers features that may help them promote their online presence more easily.

Pixelgrade Club: The Netflix of WordPress Themes?

What Does Pixelgrade Club Offer?

Here is a preview of what Pixelgrade Club has to offer:

  • A collection of premium WordPress themes catering to and meant especially for bloggers.
  • Access to a customization mechanism that offers basic customization and tweaks, such as fonts and color scheme.
  • Help with content strategy to better organize, promote and develop your blog. This probably also implies assistance with content promotion and content discovery, albeit Pixelgrade have not mentioned this explicitly.
  • Recommendations on WordPress plugins that can help you get more out of WordPress and boost the performance of your blog.
  • Access to a bloggers’ community where you can interact with other like-minded individuals and share ideas.
  • Access to “educational content to empower you in achieving success and making a hit out of your blog”. In practice, this can be read as a member-only blog that is run by Pixelgrade and publishes relevant content meant for bloggers.


Membership to the Pixelgrade Club costs $8.25 per month. If you opt for annual billing model, you get a couple of months free and pay $99 per annum.

There is a 14-day free trial as well. This can help you better assess the merits and demerits of Pixelgrade Club. In this manner, you can verify before purchase whether or not Pixelgrade Club is a good fit for you.


Now that we have seen what Pixelgrade Club has to offer (and how much it costs), is it worth the price?

By the looks of it, $99 per year is a very economical and fair price for premium quality WordPress themes. If Pixelgrade were to sell this theme club membership solely for the sake of their themes, $99 per annum will be a good enough deal for most people. Consider the fact that the club membership offers theme support as well as assistance with customizations, and you are in for a treat! Pixelgrade’s themes are well known for their minimal layout and clean code quality. It is very difficult to go wrong when selecting a Pixelgrade product, so you need not worry about picking a bad theme here.

But What’s in it for Bloggers?

However, since Pixelgrade Club is being billed as more than just a theme club membership and something custom-built for bloggers, let us analyze it at face value for being just that!

Pixelgrade have not offered a demo for the customization mechanism. Thus, it is difficult to verify as to what exactly will it have to offer. However, they have mentioned “colors or fonts”, but neither should qualify for a separate feature. In general, every good WP theme should allow users to customize colors and fonts, regardless of club membership.

Recommendations on WordPress plugins and content strategy can be a useful feature for many users. It is not uncommon to see bloggers struggle with below par WordPress plugins and end up slowing down their websites. With careful advice and expert opinions, such mistakes can be avoided and $8.25 per month is a minor price to pay for this. Similarly, content strategy advice can prove useful for bloggers who are just starting out.

On the downside though, Pixelgrade are yet again mute on what type of strategizing do they have to offer. Will it involve social media campaign help too? What if a blogger is focusing on a specific niche? Will Pixelgrade be able to cover all niche? What if it is a very specific nature of blog — say a blog documenting the experiences of farming in an Icelandic village? Will Pixelgrade’s content strategy help bloggers find their niche, promote themselves, and dominate their niche too?


Pixelgrade Club is a rather novel concept in its own right. If you are looking to get your hands on some good quality WordPress themes, Pixelgrade Club is an apt choice. Similarly, getting curated advice on WordPress plugins and content production is a bonus addition as well.

However, for all other offerings, such as the bloggers’ community, it is yet to be seen if it is worth the hype. Furthermore, certain offerings such as the “ability to switch themes” should come by default with every WP theme, including free ones and cannot, therefore, be counted as legitimate features.

That said, Pixelgrade Club is a good pick for bloggers and content creators who are looking to lend a unique and impressive look to their blogs with the help of amazing WordPress themes. Priced at $99 per year, this particular “club” is something you should surely look at if you are in need of great-looking premium WordPress themes.

And just in case you need more, check out the ultimate guide to premium WordPress themes here.

Have you given Pixelgrade Club a spin yet? What do you think of this new “Netflix of WordPress themes” concept? Share your views and thoughts in the comments below!

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