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Partial Deposits for WooCommerce Review: Accept Deposits for Online Bookings

Last Updated on September 13th, 2021

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In this post we are taking a look at the Partial Deposits add-on for the Booking and Appointment plugin, which itself is an add-on or extension for the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin for WordPress. This plugin lets you take a deposit for appointments or reservations made on your website.

Both the Partial Deposits and the required Booking and Appointment plugins have been developed by Tyche Softwares, specialists in developing ecommerce plugins for WordPress. We reviewed the Booking and Appointment add-on for WooCommerce last year so if you are interested in adding the ability to accept bookings online to your WordPress site, then check out that review now.

While the Booking and Appointment plugin comes highly recommended, today we will be evaluating the Partial Deposits add-on to see whether it’s a good choice for accepting deposits or partial payment for appointment or reservation bookings online with WordPress.

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Features of Partial Deposits

This plugin allows you to let your visitors to pay a partial amount of the total owed for a booking. This amount can either be a percentage of the total price or a fixed amount, and you can decide which from the product page when creating the product or item.

Depending on how you setup the partial payments options, visitors can choose to pay the full amount or the partial amount. Alternatively you can choose to not give them this option and require that they only pay the partial amount, with the outstanding amount to be settled at a later date.

While this is a simple plugin in terms of its features, it does enable you to offer bookings, such as accommodation or other reservations on your website, and only require your visitors to make a partial payment to secure their booking.

Using the Plugin

Once installed and activated on your website, this add-on adds a new tab to the booking optional panel on the individual WooCommerce product pages titled Partial Payments. The booking options panel is added to the product pages by the Booking and Appointment plugin for WooCommerce, which must be installed for this Partial Deposits to work.

Partial Deposits Options

From this section, you can then enable partial payments or deposits for the product you are working on, providing the item has been setup to accept date bookings – this add-on doesn’t allow you to accept partial payments or deposits for regular products.

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When enabling this feature, there are two different options for setting the partial payment type: flat amount or percentage.

Partial Deposits Settings

Then once you’ve chosen the payment type, you can set the amount to be taken as a deposit or partial payment.

You can also allow the custom to pay the full amount when checking out, rather than opting to pay part of the total amount or a deposit.

The final step is to set the number of days after the purchase you would like the customer to pay the remaining amount.

That covers the steps for enabling partial payments for a product on your WooCommerce powered online store. It’s worth noting that you can’t enable this feature for all the products and items in your site through a global setting, but instead it must be enabled on a per product or item basis.

Customer Experience

Once you’ve enabled partial payments for a bookable item on your website, the customer will see an extra field on the item page displaying the amount due for the deposit.

Partial Deposits Check Out 01

If you’ve enabled the option giving visitors the choice of paying in full or paying the partial amount, then the visitor can click on the button to select how they want to pay.

Partial Deposits Check Out 02

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Then when the customer views their cart, they are informed how much they are paying now, and how much they will be required to pay at a later date.

Partial Deposits Check Out 03

The only negative aspect of the user experience is that the fields aren’t marked clearly when viewing the product. This means that the user might not be aware of what the different prices refer to and what the full or partial option buttons refer to. However, I expect the development team will be looking to improve this feature of the plugin if there is demand to do so.

Support and Documentation

While the plugin is easy to understand and setup, there are helpful tooltips for all of the settings which explain what they do.

There is also online documentation which walks you through the setup process for the plugin, and how to use its features on your site. If you have any questions about the plugin, either while using it or before making a purchase, they can be asked on the public support forums.

You can also view the public changelog for the latest developments and additions to the plugin.


The Partial Deposits addon for the WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin is available on three pricing plans, and can be purchased directly from the Tyche Softwares website:

  • Use on a single store – $79.00
  • Use on five stores – $149.00
  • Use on unlimited stores – $249.00

The price includes one year of support, which can be renewed at a discounted rate. The plugin will continue to work after the one year is up, even if you don’t renew.

While the WooCommerce plugin that this add-on requires is free, the necessary Booking and Appointment plugin isn’t and will set you back $79.


If you want to allow your customers to make bookings and reservations via your website, and pay a partial amount or deposit, then this add-on used in conjunction with the Booking and Appointment plugin, WooCommerce and WordPress, will enable you to do so.

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Whether you are offering your visitors to the ability to make food dinning reservations, hotel bookings, or book other types of appointments via your website, then this combination of tools is an easy to use solution.

Those looking for a WooCommerce add-on for accepting deposits or partial payments on regular products can try the Woo Deposits add-on from Webatix.

If you have any questions about how this WooCommerce add-on works, or how it can be used, then please leave a comment below.

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