Parallax One: A Completely Free One Page Parallax Theme from Themeisle

Published on July 21st, 2015

Last Updated on April 14th, 2021

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Themeisle have been doing really well lately with their Zerif Lite theme which is currently ranked as the 5th most popular free theme on the WordPress directory. There is also a pro version of this theme which is their top selling theme and helping them to make over $80k per month in revenue which they share in their monthly transparency reports.

Their Zeif theme recently sparked some debate about what can and cant be included in themes within the directory in regards to separating functionality from the theme itself into plugins.With that in mind, I spoke to Ionut from Themeisle who let me know about their latest free theme, named Parallax One, which they are making available to download from for free from their own website, he told me “1. Honestly I think is working on some quite big changes, I am not happy about the demos there and the reading settings, also for seo value I feel is better to release it on our site first”. He said that the team at Themeisle spent around 2-3 months developing Parallax One and they intend to “submit there in few months probably, when demo and directory should be improved”

To download the Parallax One for now, you will need to register an account on their site which will then give you access to the theme.


Parallax One looks like a nice well designed theme with some solid features so I thought I would take a look behind the scenes and see what this theme offers.

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Parallax One

Parallax One is a tidy looking theme for business users, it has a large “hero” image area up top with space for customer logos underneath. A services area with text boxes and icons. An “About” area with a team members section underneath where you can add staff photos and information.


Towards the bottom you have customer testimonials, a call to action ribbon, latest news and a large footer section where you can add a map, contact details and social media links.


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Check out the theme demo to see it action.

Theme Installation

Upon activation of the theme, you are prompted to install the Intergeo Maps plugin, which is a plugin developed by Themeisle and will provide the map functionality at the bottom of the theme.


Themeisle do a great job on theme activation – if you visit your live site now, you will see it is setup exactly like the theme demo, complete with all the images and demo content in place.

Everything is handled within the Customizer so you should head there next to begin tweaking the site to your needs. The “Appearance” menu will let you upload your own logo, tweak the colors and set a background image.


The “Header” section allows you to setup the large hero image at the top complete with another logo, text and button. You can also upload customer icons or use this for social icons.


The “Services” section is where you can create the boxes with icon and text for the homepage to draw attention to some main features or services that you offer.


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The “About” section allows you to write an intro about your company along with an image:


“Team” is where you can add staff members along with their photo, name and position in the company. You can add as many people here as you wish.


The “Testimonials” section lets you add individual testimonials and upload an image, name, and text for each testimonial – again, you are free to add as many of these as you like.


The “Ribbon” section is a neat little are towards the bottom of the theme where you can upload a background image and overlay some text with a call to action button.


“Contact” is where you can add your contact details along with icons and there is also a box to paste a shortcode from the Intergeo map plugin to display an embedded Google map.


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Finally, you have the “Footer” section where you can enter your copyright text and add some social media icons to link to your profiles.


Theme Features

Although this theme is described as a “One Page” theme, which is possible by just setting up the homepage using the customizer – it does also let you create additional pages like any WordPress theme. It has a full blog section with a traditional style layout


It also supports WooCommerce so you could also use it to sell your products online.



This is my kind of theme – Themeisle have nailed the simplicity of initial installation, honestly I wish this is how all themes work. You upload and activate it and it then looks exactly like the theme demo, with all widgets in place, dummy content and images are all there so you can then dive into the customizer and begin tweaking it to your liking. There is no wonder that their other theme, Zerif, is doing so well in the WordPress directory.

Regarding Parallax One, I think they may have another winner on their hands – the theme looks nice and clean and is very easy to use, honestly you shouldn’t even need to read the documentation for it, it makes a nice change from the themes with a million options and required plugins.

The only criticism I could find of this theme, is a very minor point, and that is the homepage news section typography needs a little tweaking – some extra spacing and line-height would make this part look better:


All in all, this is an extremely good theme which you can download for free and easily make yourself a nice looking business style website. I recommend you check it out.

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