WooCommerce Plugin to Add Order Delivery Dates & Times to Your Online Store

Published on October 8th, 2015

Last Updated on April 15th, 2021


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Today we are looking at a plugin for WooCommerce which will let customers specify a delivery date and time for their purchase at the checkout page of your online store. Named “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce” it allows customers to choose a delivery day and time and also allows you to specify different delivery charges depending what date is chosen. You can also integrate this plugin to build a WooCommerce restaurant ordering system, which lets customers select a delivery time for when they place their order. You’ll need the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to achieve this.


This plugin can help increase your orders as a customer can specify an exact day when they will be home to receive the order, this is good for larger orders which wont fit in the letter box or for deliveries which require a signature on delivery. It will also be handy for stores which sell gifts such as flowers, cards, cakes when it is important that the order arrives on a specific day.

Another use for this plugin is to use it as a booking plugin – for example, letting customers book an appointment at a specified time and let them pay online for it. I can see this being useful for businesses such as hair & beauty salons, personal trainers etc. It could also be used to schedule meetings, phone calls and coaching appointment.

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Plugin Features

We have covered this plugin before on WPLift, you can check out the review here. Here is a run-down of the plugin features:

  • Allow the customer to select Delivery Time along with Delivery Date
  • Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time
  • Limit number of deliveries per time slot
  • Specify the time range available for delivery
  • Set minimal interval between the order and delivery date
  • Add holidays or black-out dates to the calendar
  • Option to show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email
  • See delivery date & time entered by Customer in the order
  • Choose from 24 different themes for the calendar
  • Choose the convenient date format
  • Customize field label, field note text
  • Capture only delivery date or only delivery time or both
  • Show 2 months in calendar
  • Set maximum deliveries / appointments / bookings for a day
  • Can also be used by site owners to have customers select in-store pickup date for web orders
  • Set Specific Delivery Dates for delivery instead of Weekdays
  • Send Delivery Date in Admin Notification emails
  • Show Calendar in one of 62 languages

Since then there have been a number of improvements made to the plugin so lets take a look at what’s changed.

  • Delivery charges can be applied to the weekdays and to the Specific delivery dates. It can be applied on Same day and Next day delivery settings under Time settings tab.
  • The delivery date column will be displayed on the WooCommerce> Orders page only when the “Show on Orders Listing Page” feature on the Date Settings tab is enabled.
  • The time slots can be formatted in either 12 hour or 24 hour format.
  • A new field “First Day Of Week” is added on the Appearance tab which will let you to set the 1st day of the week to be displayed on the delivery date calendar.
  • The delivery date field on the checkout page can be set in the shipping section too. This can be set from the Appearance tab.
  • Time slots can be set for specific weekday.
  • You can use Recurring days and Specific delivery dates simultaneously.
  • “Disable the Delivery Date and Time Slot Fields for Virtual Products” from Appearance tab will hide the delivery date and time slot field for Virtual products.
  • There are two different options available to show the time slots on the checkout page. You can find this setting on the Time slot tab.
  • The admin side UI has been changed using Settings API.
  • The delivery dates can be enabled for specific product categories
  • A calendar view has been created for the delivery dates. You can find this feature on Order Delivery Date -> Delivery Calendar page.
  • You can now create different delivery date & time settings for different shipping methods. This can be done from Order Delivery Date -> Settings by Shipping methods tab.
  • The time slot and the time selected from time slider will be displayed on the WooCommerce> Orders page in the Delivery date column.

Plugin Compatibility

This plugin is also compatible with a number of other WooCommerce plugins:

  • WooCommerce Customer/ Order CSV Export
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note
  • WooCommerce Print orders
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
  • Zapier plugin
  • WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife plugin
  • WooCommerce Checkout field editor Plugin
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin
  • WPML

Using The Plugin

To get started using this plugin you should first have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated, you can then add the Order Delivery Date plugin and activate it. Once it’s added it will create it’s own menu item separate from WooCommerce named “Order Delivery Date”. If you visit this you will be taken to the “Date Settings” page where you can begin to configure the plugin.

The first thing to do is tick the “Enable Delivery Date” box which allows you to turn the plugin on or off, you can then choose which days to offer delivery on. You can also choose a “Minimum Delivery Time” in hours which sets the amount of time needed to prepare the delivery. Underneath you have a few more options you can set, such as making the Delivery Date choice a mandatory option, locking that date after a specific number of orders, show the delivery date on your orders page.


If you wish to allow the customer to pick a time for their order delivery, you should visit the next tab “Time Settings” and tick the box at the top to enable it. You can then set a time range for the slider on the front-end and a time format ( 24 hour or 12 hour ). From here you can also enable same-day deliveries and next-day deliveries and specify an additional charge for each of these.

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If you wish to setup Holidays for your site where your delivery times will be affected you could do that also, visit the “Holidays” tab and you can add as many holiday periods as you like by entering a name for the holiday and picking a start date and end date for the holiday.


The “Appearance” tab is where you can configure how the plugin looks for users of your site. You can choose from 64 different calendar languages, the format of the date, first day of the week etc.


Underneath is a preview of the calendar shown to customers with a number of different themes you can choose from in different color schemes so you can pick one that matches your theme the closest.


If you wish to charge more for specific delivery dates, you can do that also, choose the “Delivery Dates” tab and you can pick a date and enter a delivery charge for that day.


If you wish to add the ability for customers to also pick time slots when choosing their delivery date you can set this up on the “Time Slots” tab and choose to enable this feature and also make it a mandatory option. Here you can add different time slots for different days of the week, you can add time slots for specific dates that you set up in the last section ( this could be used for appointment bookings ), you can also choose to lockout the time slot after a certain amount of orders.


The final section is one of the most important features of the plugin, it allows you to set different delivery date & time settings for different shipping methods. For example you could offer a standard shipping rate with no option for delivery date and you could offer faster courier delivery which allows the user to pick a delivery date and then charge them extra for this option.

To use this feature, you should have the different shipping options set up in the WooCommerce plugin, if you visit “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Shipping” you can define your supported shipping methods here.


Once that’s done, visit the “Settings by Shipping method” tab and click the link to begin adding your shipping methods. Click in the “Shipping Methods” box and a list of your shipping methods will appear, allowing you to choose one and then setup different delivery date settings for that method only.


Once you are done configuring all your options, you can visit the checkout page of your store and you will see the delivery date option added to your WooCommerce checkout form allowing customers to pick a date or time if enabled, using the calendar picker and time sliders:


Support & Pricing

Pricing for this plugin is $99 per year for a single site license, 5 sites is $199 and unlimited sites is $249.

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The full documentation for this plugin is available to view online here and an FAQ here.  There is also a video tour available to help you learn the plugin :

Customer support is provide via their online forum.


This is another solid plugin from TycheSoftwares, who make a number of eCommerce related plugins. I’m happy to recommend them as a developer as they are continually making improvements and updates to their range of plugins as you can see from the list at the start of this post of all the new functionality they added to this plugin.

The plugin itself functions very well, it uses the default WordPress admin UI which is a plus in my book and the setup tabs were all sorted in logical sections making it easy to work your way through setting up your options for the plugin. This plugin will add great value to any store which would like to offer delivery days and times, offering your customer peace of mind and improving conversion rates. Combined with the additional option to use this as a booking plugin for service based websites I recommend you check it out if you require this for your online store.

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