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Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme Review: A Flexible Theme for Almost Any Project

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

Published on March 16th, 2016


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Optimizer Pro is a WordPress theme that aims to be the perfect choice for almost any type of website. Whether you want to create a blog, an agency website, an e-commerce store, or an online portfolio, there should be a prebuilt template to match.

To help you optimize your website for the best results, this flexible WordPress theme includes a wealth of customization and personalization options to get your website looking just right.

In this review of the Optimizer Pro WordPress theme, we’ll be exploring the features in more detail to help you decide if this the right tool for your next project.


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Optimizer Free Theme

There is a free version of this theme available for you to try out, its one of the most popular themes on the official WordPress directory with over 20,000 active installations and a 5 out of 5 star rating.


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Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme Review: The Features

Optimizer Pro is packed with features, however, perhaps the main selling point of this theme is the ease with which your WordPress website can be customized when using this template.

Optimizer Pro isn’t a one-trick pony, though. As well as the intuitive customizer interface, you’ll also find an impressive selection of preset templates or demo versions to help switch the entire design of your website in just a few clicks. Furthermore, there’s a selection of custom-built widgets to make use of, as well as a collection of shortcodes for inserting useful elements into your content.

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That’s what the Optimizer Pro WordPress theme has to offer in a nutshell, so let’s dive into the features of this theme to find out what you get in more detail.

Optimizer Pro Customizer

As mentioned, one of the highlights of this flexible WordPress theme is the scope of customization on offer. The aim of the game here is to help you optimize your website as much as possible so that you can improve how effective your content is when it comes to achieving your goals – whether that’s greater user engagement, more product downloads, or improves leads.

The customizer tool of the Optimizer Pro theme is described as a front-end user interface for personalizing your website, with a live preview of your website as you work. Therefore, when switching to the theme Customizer view from within your WordPress dashboard, you’d be forgiven for expecting to the see the standard WordPress Customizer interface.

Optimizer Pro Review Customizer

Instead, you’re taken to a modified version of the Customizer, which features a familiar, yet different take on this powerful WordPress tool.

Optimizer Pro Review Tour

Thankfully, there’s a tour of the customizer on offer to help you get acquainted with this new interface. The tour is well worth taking and after doing so, you’ll soon be up to speed with what this customization tool has to offer.

During the tour, or if you decide to jump right in and start exploring the customizer interface, you’ll soon notice that it’s not all that different from the default WordPress Customizer tool. You’ll find the customization menu on the left, allowing you to select the different elements you can work with.

Optimizer Pro Review Customizer Menu

You also get a live preview of your website while you work. The content that is displayed on the front-page of your website is mostly controlled via widgets.

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Optimizer Pro Review Customizer Widgets

As you delve into the customizer menu, you’ll find that you get a good amount of control over how your site looks. This includes being able to significantly customize the header area of your site by controlling the text and images on display, as well the transparency levels, and much more.

Optimizer Pro Review Customizer Header

Through the Basic section of the customizer tool, you can fine-tune the appearance of your website in a number of different ways. These settings and options cover elements such as the background images and colors, the fonts used to style the post text, and the width of your content.

As you can see, there are many aspects of this theme that can be customized and tweaked to help optimize your website.

Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme Presets

If working at the granular level to customize the appearance of your website doesn’t appeal, the good news is you can simply change the entire look and feel of the theme in just a few clicks. This can be achieved by using the presets feature of Optimizer.

Optimizer Pro Review Presets

At the time of writing this Optimizer Pro WordPress theme review, there’s an impressive 27 presets to choose. The best way to think of these presets is different demo versions of the theme, each with their own distinct appearance and purpose.

Optimizer Pro Review Preset Templates

These templates or presets can be imported into your website through the customizer and the whole process only takes a few clicks. With 27 templates to choose from, there’s a good chance that no matter what type of website you are making, there’s a preset to match.

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Optimizer Pro Review Presets More

During testing for this Optimizer Pro WordPress theme review, the import process for the presets worked smoothly. In just a few clicks, it was possible to switch over the website to the new design.

Optimizer Pro Review Demo

More good news is that no matter which preset or template you choose to use, you can still personalize it through the front-end customizer interface.

Custom Widgets

Optimizer Pro Review Widget Custom Text

Another useful feature of the Optimizer Pro WordPress theme is the selection of custom widgets on offer. Some of these widgets are upgraded versions of the core set of widgets included with WordPress while others are those you’d expect to find in commercial WordPress plugins.

Optimizer Pro Review Widget Blocks

These widgets span a number of categories and often there are multiple versions to choose from, including:

  • About widget
  • Box widget
  • Contact form widget
  • Client logo widget
  • Call to action widget
  • Portfolio content widget
  • Posts, pages, and products display widget
  • Slider widget
  • Testimonial widget
  • Video widget
  • Plus more

As the Optimizer Pro theme gives you an easy way to add widgets to the front-page of your website, any of these features can be displayed on your homepage as well as in your sidebars.


Shortcodes are snippets of code, which are replaced with custom content once a post or page has been published. Optimizer Pro includes a great selection of shortcodes that can be added to your content to make it more useful or interesting.

Some of the shortcodes on offer with the Optimizer Pro theme include:

  • Column and other layout shortcodes
  • Icons
  • Call to action buttons
  • Message boxes
  • Sliders and carousels
  • Galleries and video players
  • Social buttons
  • Pricing boxes
  • Plus more

Using the shortcodes is as easy as selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu and then customizing the element to meet your needs.

Optimizer Pro Review Shortcodes

Then, when you publish your post or page, an attractive element of your choice will be displayed to your visitors.

Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme Pricing

The Optimizer WordPress theme is available in two main versions. There’s the free version, which can you find out more about here and the commercial Pro version featured in this review.

Furthermore, the commercial version is available on two different pricing plans:

  • Pro: $59 for use on one website
  • Ultimate: $199 for use on unlimited websites

Both commercial options include advanced customization features, the library of presets, and lifetime access to theme updates and support.

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Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Optimizer Pro WordPress theme is a highly flexible tool that can be used to build a wide range of websites.

To help you decide whether this theme is the right choice for your next project, I’d recommend that you explore the growing selection of presets and templates on offer and see if any of them match your vision.

As you browse these prebuilt templates, it’s well worth remembering that thanks to the wide range of personalization options on offer, you will have no trouble customizing any of these presets to ensure they closely meet your needs.

In short, if you like the look of the presets on offer with Optimizer Pro, then this WordPress theme comes highly recommended.

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