Onepage Studio: A Multipurpose, Conversion-Oriented, Landing Page Template

Your website’s conversions rate is a direct indication of whether your marketing efforts are making a difference or not.

In fact, the more conversions you secure, the more sales you are likely to have.

It’s even safe to say that your website’s overall conversion rates are more important than driving traffic to your website.

Why, you ask?

Just because you draw traffic to your site doesn’t mean those visiting have a genuine interest in what you have to offer.

However, those following your site’s call to action by giving up their email address means they are definitely interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to purchase something from your online shop or continue frequenting your website on a regular basis.

That said, having the right web design for your website is crucial for attracting new customers, boosting conversions, and ultimately increasing sales.

Not to mention, your website should be SEO optimized so the organic traffic that does come your way is comprised of your target audience.

If you are looking for a way to create a conversion-oriented website, while keeping SEO in mind, check out Onepage Studio and see how it may be just what your startup website is in need of.

What is Onepage Studio?

Onepage Studio WordPress Theme

Onepage Studio is a multipurpose landing page template with a drag & drop page builder. It focuses solely on garnering website owners more conversions, without sacrificing the speed and performance of their websites.

Brought to you by the talented team at TheThemeStudio, Onepage Studio is HTML template designed to give you the necessary tools to customize your site to match your brand and provide site visitors an exceptional user experience, all within a few minutes.

This intuitive template and page builder tool comes packed with customization options, pre-made templates for design inspiration, and site building tools that are easy enough for even the most novice of website owners to use.

Here are some of Onepage Studio’s standard core features:

  • Image Customization. Add a stunning background image to your website, edit the size of custom uploaded images, and change elements such as padding to make your site unique – all from within Onepage Studio’s Detail Editor.
  • HTML Source Editor. Edit source code directly using the HTML Source Editor. Preview changes before they go live, enjoy the convenience of having the editor built right in, and take advantage of the increased functionality the editor provides.
  • Unlimited Pages. Create an unlimited number of web pages for site visitors to explore, without ever sacrificing the speed and performance of your website.
  • Onepage Editor. Customize the look and feel of all written text on your site using the Onepage Studio Editor. Font style, color, and size are just some of the things you can define.
  • SEO Optimization. Add additional meta-titles, meta-descriptions, authors, and meta-keywords and watch your SERPs improve instantly.

Additional features of this multipurpose landing page include:

  • Responsive layout for those on the go
  • Integration of Google Fonts
  • Intuitive interface for easy customization
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Marku
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Long Scrolling capability
  • Google reCAPTCHA for spam protection

In the end, this multipurpose landing page template is prepared to give any kind of website a beautiful look that attracts site visitors, while automatically boosting your marketing efforts at the same time.

Onepage Studio Main Features

Onepage Studio makes site building a cinch with its ready-made and customizable elements.

In fact, it has so many possibilities built directly into its core, you will be able to build a website for any purpose within a few minutes by taking advantage of its excellent features.

Ready-Made Demo Content

To start, Onepage Studio makes your site building experience easy when you utilize any one of their pre-designed business site demos.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos

For example, choose from demos such as Consulting, Event, Photographer, Real Estate, or Yoga and build your site around stunning, pre-made content.

Consulting Demo

Do you run a consulting firm?  Add a service section so site visitors know what you offer your clients.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Consulting, Services

In addition, showcase your best work and include team profiles complete with a photo and role description. Even add some social proof that your consulting firm is as successful as you say it is.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Consulting, Social Proof

With Onepage Studio, your marketing efforts to build a bigger clientele base is as easy as creating a website that does all the work for you.

Event Demo

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Event, Timer

Add a cool countdown timer to inform excited event-goers when the next big bash takes place. In addition, include a list of speakers, link to a section describing your events, and even include a detailed itinerary using the pre-made Event demo.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Event, Description

Get site visitors excited about upcoming events by promoting them with Onepage Studio’s awesome Event demo content. From there, watch your followers, conversions, and ticket sales boom.

Real Estate Demo

If you work for a real estate agency, and are looking for a neat way to highlight available properties, Onepage Studio’s Real Estate demo content has the perfect setup.

Display a large slider with attractive photos for site visitors to get excited about once they click on your site. Then immediately include an extensive filtering system so they can find exactly what type of property they are looking for.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Real Estate, Slider and Filter

In addition, display your agency’s most recent listings, complete with images and descriptions. Plus, share with visitors who the agents are, and don’t forget to add beautiful image galleries that give site visitors an idea what type of real estate your agency deals with.

Onepage Studio - Business Demos - Real Estate, Image Gallery

Altogether, this is just some of what Onepage Studio’s demo content can give you in terms of pre-built inspiration. Just follow the lead of the demo content and build a truly standout website your visitors will enjoy engaging with.

200+ Ready-Made Design Elements

Creating a website is all about getting the right information about your company out there in a unique way. It is also about attracting  site visitors and encouraging them to explore your site in depth.

Onepage Studio - Elements, Pricing Table

Onepage Studio developers know that every business has their own individual needs. As a result, they have given website owners access to over 200 ready-made design elements.

These not only help you personalize your website, but will provide site visitors with all the information they need to decide to work with you.

Onepage Studio - Elements, Testimonials

Some of Onepage Studio’s best element blocks include:

  • About Us
  • Team Section
  • Call to Action
  • Testimonials
  • Social Widgets
  • Newsletter
  • Pricing Tables
  • Video
  • Contact Form

Onepage Studio - Elements, Videos

Build an effective and eye-catching landing page, complete with everything your want your site visitors to see right away, using Onepage Studio’s pre-made demo content and ready-made element blocks.

Drag & Drop Technology

Building your website, whether you utilize the demo content or start from scratch, is a cinch when you use Onepage Studio’s built-in drag & drop page builder tool.

Change element blocks, content, and details by clicking on the appropriate tab and dragging the items to the blank canvas.

For example, add a pre-made About Us section by dragging the one you like to the blank area.

As you can see below, after clicking on Blocks, I am presented with Onepage Studio’s ready-made elements. To utilize them, I simply click on the element block I am interested in (here, the About section) and choose which pre-designed element I want to add to my website.

From there, I will drag the section I have selected and place it into the blank canvas that is my website.

Onepage Studio - Drag & Drop Page Builder Elements

If I want to make changes to any of the text areas within my website, Onepage Studio’s ready-made element blocks easily become customizable.

Simply click on Content and then the area you wish to change. Notice the popup that appears. From there, made your desired content changes and update your content – all in real time.

Onepage Studio - Drag & Drop Page Builder, Content Changes

To make changes to details, click on Details and utilize the Text Styles Editor. Change colors, font styles, and even clone, reset, or remove specific blocks.

Onepage Studio - Drag & Drop Page Builder Details

Lastly, click on SEO and add a page title, meta description, keywords, and page author. This will help you garner higher search engine results once the page goes live and is indexed by the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Onepage Studio - Drag & Drop Page Builder, SEO Settings

Additionally, from the page builder you can preview the page you are working on to make sure it is how you want it to render for site visitors, empty the page and start over if you want, add a new page, and even export your finished page(s) to complete the site creation process.

Onepage Studio - Import and Export Projects

MailChimp Integration

It is important to note that Onepage Studio is currently undergoing an upgrade that will include MailChimp and Campaign Monitor integration. In addition, it will support custom emails as well.

Onepage Studio - Email Integration

Building a bigger email list (and thus increasing conversions) is the point of creating a Onepage Studio landing page. That, and guiding customers down your sales funnel of course.

Therefore, it makes sense that integrating some of the most popular, and affordable, email service providers into the template is a feature users want to see and Onepage Studio developers will deliver on.

Documentation, Support, and Price

Onepage Studio has plenty of documentation for users to take advantage of when they need help or some inspiration. For example, check out their extensive articles here, live demo of the drag & drop page builder here, and the demo content here.

All users get 6 months of support from TheThemeStudio for things like bugs and issues and help with third-party assets. This does not include, however, and customization or installation support.

Onepage Studio is a premium WordPress template that will only set you back a mere $16.

Final Thoughts

Onepage Studio is an inexpensive landing page template that is easy to use.

It offers plenty of demo content that makes site creation simple for even beginners or startup companies. In addition, it is flexible enough for creating a truly unique website that stands out amongst others vying for your same audience base.

Lastly, the drag & drop page builder makes creating the perfect landing page(s) a no-brainer. Simply pick what you like, change what you don’t, and brand your website to match your company’s vision.

For those looking to increase their website’s conversion rates, and hopefully boost sales as a result, I would strongly recommend giving Onepage Studio a try.

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Have you used Onepage Studio to build beautiful landing pages for your business website? How did you like the drag & drop page builder and export process? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay, a freelance writer for hire who loves WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending time with her son and two silly nephews!

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