One Click-Upsells Review – Add One-Click Upsells to WooCommerce

Published on September 8th, 2017

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021

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Have you ever purchased something from an eCommerce store only to have them offer you some special deal or upgrade immediately after you finish checking out? Usually, they’re pretty tempting offers, right? I mean, you already bought something…so the allure of getting a deal on a connected product is about as attractive as it ever is.

If you know what I’m talking about – you’ve experienced the genius of one-click upsells.

Well, the plugin I’m reviewing today helps you add that same functionality to your WooCommerce store via an easy-to-use interface.

If you’re intrigued, keep reading my One Click-Upsells review to learn more about the plugin and get a hands-on look at how it works.

What Are One-Click Upsells for eCommerce

One-click upsells are a method of boosting your eCommerce sales by recommending products to your customers on the checkout thank you page. Customers can then purchase that product or deal with a single click, rather than needing to check out again from scratch.

Essentially, your customer already made a purchase. Now, you’re trying to “upsell” them to buy something else as well.

If you target your upsells well, which the plugin allows you to do, you can make this upsell helpful by showing a product that’s relevant to what your customer just purchased.

For example, if your customer purchases a pair of sunglasses, you could “upsell” them on a case for the sunglasses. Then, customers can add that purchase to their order with one click.

One Click-Upsells Review: The Feature List

One Click-Upsells lets you create unlimited upsell funnels that you can either target globally (for your whole store) or to individual/groups of products.

For each funnel, you can choose to pick one or multiple products to display as your upsell offer. And you can also offer an optional discount on those products.

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Additionally, you can:

  • Only display the upsell if a customer purchases a certain minimum number of products
  • Disable the upsell offer if the item that you’re planning to upsell is already in the customer’s order (helpful to not look weird by upselling them on something they already purchased)

And the really important part is that your customers do NOT need to re-enter their credit card details to take advantage of the upsell.

While the plugin’s end functionality is pretty neat, it’s still simple to use. So, let’s just jump right in.

Hands-on With One Click-Upsells

WooCurve, the company behind One Click-Upsells, gave me a demo sandbox site to play around with, so I can’t speak to the actual install process for the plugin.

I can say that once you get the plugin installed and activated, you have a new One Click-Upsells tab under WooCommerce in your settings.

Setting up One Click-Upsells Settings

Before you jump into creating some upsell funnels, you first might want to take a second to configure the plugin’s global settings.

You can do that by going to the Settings tab of One Click-Upsells.

Here, you can:

  • Set up the default page to display your upsells on – you can create custom pages for specific upsells if you want – this is just the default.
  • Change some colors
  • Customize button text
  • Add UTM tags
  • Disable unused payment gateways
  • And configure some other minor settings

Once you configure those basic settings, you’re ready to jump into creating a funnel.

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Creating an Upsell Funnel

To create an upsell funnel, you first need to give it a name and choose which products its targeted to.

You can either target your funnels to specific products or use the global option to target all of your products. There’s also an option to target product categories that’s in development, but it’s not currently available in the version of the plugin that I’m reviewing.

Beyond targeted products, two other neat things that you can do are:

  • Set a minimum quantity of the target product that needs to be met in order for the upsell to appear
  • Skip the upsell if the shopper already has the upsell offer in their cart

one click-upsells review

In my test funnel above, the upsell should only display when a shopper adds at least 2 beanies to their shopping cart.

Once you’ve targeted your upsell, you need to choose which offer(s) to display:

When you click +add new offer, you can configure how your upsell offer functions:

In the example above, you can see that I specified that shoppers can get 10% off a pair of sunglasses if they order 2 beanies.

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Neat things to consider here are that you can:

  • Add multiple offers – you’re by no means limited to just one
  • Cancel the initial order if the user accepts the upsell – which lets you set up upsells that are a replacement for the original order, instead of just an add-on. That’s pretty neat!

Once you save your funnel, you’ll be taken to a page where you can view all of your existing funnels and disable them as needed:

Testing My Upsell Funnel

To see how things actually function on the front-end, I went through the checkout process using cash on delivery to see the upsell.

After going through the checkout process, I did indeed see my upsell page:

Remember – you can customize the page that displays.

The plugin actually includes a shortcode tab that makes that easy:

Thanks to these shortcodes, you could even build your upsell page with a page builder if you’re not especially code savvy.

Final verdict? The plugin works as intended, though you’ll likely have better results if you put in the time to take advantage of the plugin’s custom page functionality.

Viewing Upsell Revenue Reports

Another super neat thing about the plugin is that it adds a new 1 Click Upsells tab to your WooCommerce Reports so that you can see exactly how much extra money your upsells are earning you:

This is a handy way to see just how effective your funnels are.

How Much Does One Click-Upsells Cost?

One Click-Upsells is part of the WooCurve membership. There are two plans for you to choose from:

  • $300 per year ($25 per month, billed annually)
  • $37 per month billed monthly.

Yeah, that’s a bit pricey. But it also has a chance to increase your revenue by much more than that price. Is that worth it? Well, it’ll depend on your store and how well you implement your upsells. That is, you’ll need to test for yourself.

We did notice that you can use 1 license on multiple sites – so if you got more stores, it’s definitely worth it!

Final Thoughts

One Click-Upsells is easy to set up and navigate. It does exactly what it promises. Beyond that, the report feature is helpful for seeing how effective your upsells are.

With that being said, I think some deeper functionality would benefit the plugin. For example, the ability to add start and end dates to upsell funnels would be helpful. While you can manually disable upsells, being able to put the process on autopilot would help, especially if you’re running lots of different offers.

With that being said, the plugin is still an easy way to add flexible upsells to your WooCommerce store. I think upsells are definitely something worth testing – so give it a look and see if it can increase your revenue.

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