MotoPress: WordPress Drag & Drop Content Editor Plugin

Published on May 21st, 2014

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2020


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There are lots of Drag and Drop content editing plugins being released lately as people are wanting more control over how their sites look without having to resort to using a web developer to carry out design changes to their sites.

One such plugin is called “MotoPress” and aims to replace the default WordPress editor and help end-users edit content, articles and custom post types with a drag and drop interface with the bonus that it works with any WordPress theme –  It sounds interesting in theory but how does it work and how does it stack up to other content editor plugins on the market ?


In this post we will be taking a look at the installation and setup of the plugin and how it works creating a custom page with the drag and drop interface.

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Installation & Setup

After you upload the plugin and activate it, you will be promoted for your license key which you can paste in to make sure you get updates. The next thing to do is visit the “MotoPress” options link and setup some basic options. Here you can choose which post types to enable it for ( pages, posts etc) and you can choose user levels to disable the plugin for, choose whether to enable spell-check, paste in custom CSS and choose whether to convert shortcodes to in excerpts to HTML.


Once you have chosen your initial options you can get on with the business of creating your pages.

Creating a Page

To being using the plugin, you will need to create a new page or post, visit the “Add New” page and you will see a new button at the top called “MotoPress Content Editor” hit that and you can begin.


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The page will go white and the plugin displays a loading image while it loads up :


Once the editor has loaded up, you are presented with your page canvas with publish, save, preview and cancel buttons to the top right. Down the left hand side are icons where the available modules are stored and in the centre is your area where you are invited to “Drag Objects Here”.


Your available objects are as follows, Text :


Images & Sliders :


Buttons & Social Sharing :


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Video & Audio :


Special Shortcodes such as Posts Grid, Accordions, Tables, Tabs, Charts and Maps :


Finally, you can add regular WordPress widgets :


To begin creating your page you simply start dragging over the elements you need from the left menu. Placing a text box brings up text formatting options :


Drag all your content over as required :


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And then you can click the preview button to see how it looks on the site :



The pricing structure for MotoPress is quite reasonable, a personal license which is charged yearly at $29 will do for one website, the business license is $79 a year for 5 websites and the developer license is $139 for unlimited websites so represents great value if you are reselling this on to your clients.



I liked MotoPress – I have always been put off using or recommending content editor plugins but this is a polished product – it installs easily and doesnt have a million options to setup and once it is up and running, using it is intuitive and produces good results. If you are handing a site over to a client who will be handling content production, then installing the plugin and giving them a set amount of content blocks to use should work well – I like the fact you can add you own shortcodes so you can tailor this for specific needs and website types.

The drag and drop feature is nice and simple to use, far better than typing in or inserting shortcodes by hand into a page as the plugin handles the code so there is no room for error.

The pricing structure is fair and sustainable and the product feels well-made, coupled with the fact it works with any theme and is also responsive I recommend checking this plugin out if you need a good drag and drop content editor for WordPress.

Check out MotoPress »

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