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MicrojobEngine Theme Review – Build a MicroJob Platform on WordPress

Last Updated on March 13th, 2021

Published on November 30th, 2017


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Since the big success of Fiverr, new micro job platforms have been popping up every once in a while. Every new micro job platform tries to add more features and flexibility for both the freelancers and the customers in order to have a competitive advantage. Engine themes developed MicrojobEngine to enable any WordPress user to have a micro job platform up and running in a short time. We have tested and reviewed MicrojobEngine in case that you are planning to launch a micro job platform or maybe you will consider having your own platform after reading this review.

Theme Features

  • Responsive and SEO optimized.
  • Supports custom orders.
  • Good messaging system for interaction between buyers and sellers.
  • Nice profile page design.
  • Payment options flexibility.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Availability of premium plugins to add more powerful functionality.

Theme Setup

If you have a little bit of experience with WordPress, the installation will be so straightforward. Even if you don’t have any WordPress experience, the installation process will be so simple.


The theme comes with a child theme. The child theme is used to add any custom code without affecting the original theme. To install the theme, just upload and install its ZIP folder through the WordPress admin dashboard. You can also upload the theme folder after extracting it by using the hosting file manager or FTP connection.

After activating the theme, you will be directed to the welcome page. The welcome page will guide you on how to install the sample data and to choose your website skin from several skins available. The sample data will help you understand all the theme’s features.


The theme has a very detailed documentation including videos to explain how to get things done. The documentation is divided into 6 main sections:

Package content

This section of the documentation just explains what you get once you buy the theme.

MicrojobEngine introduction

Includes a quick introduction to the theme’s features, workflow, and user roles.

MicrojobEngine Page Structure

The third section of the documentation explains the page structure including the header, the footer and different content types that are included on every page.

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General Settings

The general setting section includes an explanation to all the general settings in the admin dashboard, like: importing sample data, theme setup, content management, menus and widgets, translations, emails management and how to keep the theme up to date.

Functional Documentation

The theme’s main functions from managing members and jobs posted to managing payment options and social logins are covered in this section. Managing all these functions is explained in steps to make it easy in case you are not tech savvy.

Theme Customization

Through the customization menus which can be accessed by visiting Appearance > Customize or Engine Settings > Theme Options, you can control all the visual option of the theme.

General Options

The general options which reside in Appearance > Customize section of the theme include the logo, site title, site tagline & the color scheme options.

Menus and Widgets

MicroJob Engine enables you to add up to 4 footers and a sidebar. This can be also customized through Appearance > Customize section.

Content, search & about

By visiting Engine Settings > Theme Options > Microjob section, you can edit setting like search settings, micro jobs pricing control, content format limiting, maximum file upload size & the about us section.


The theme has a translation option. You can customize it through Settings > Theme Options > Translations section. The default language is English but you can change it to any other supported language or you can translate it yourself to the language of your choice.

Basic information and SEO

The Engine setting menu includes 3 important sections. Status section which displays a chart that shows your website status and users’ activity. User section which includes registration, welcome text and email confirmation options. And the SEO section where you can customize the URLs to make it SEO friendly.

Emails and Database

Engine setting menu also includes other sections for more control over your micro jobs platform. Like, email templates section which has been part of the Users section in the recent versions of the theme, database section where you can visually control and back up the database and also theme update section which is part of the welcome page.

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MicrojobEngine has a few premium plugins that can be integrated with the theme to make the website as powerful as most of the top Micro job platforms around. If you need all the plugins you can buy the pro plan which includes all the plugins supported by the theme or the basic plan which includes the necessary ones. The plugins available are:

Mje Job Verification

Allows you to manually verify sellers to add more trust for the buyers.

Mje Stripe

Allows you to accept credit card payments. It is easy to setup. Only 2 API keys form your stripe account are needed.

Mje Bookmark

Allows buyers to bookmark services so they can come back to it later when needed.

Mje Authorize.Net

Another plugin to accept credit cards on a MicorJob Engine powered website through Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Mje Withdrawal

Allows sellers to automate the payment withdrawal requests.

Mje PayU money for Indian Businesses

If India is one of your target markets, then this plugin will make the payment easy and remove a lot of barriers for India based businesses.

Mje PayPal Express Checkout

Add PayPal express checkout feature to the website. It is necessary in case of having buyers who prefer quick payment options via PayPal

How it Looks

In addition to the powerful features MicroJobEngine has a modern design that will help your micro job platform stand out from the competition.

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Job Details page

Category page

Profile page

Messaging system


Final Thoughts

It is all about your business plan. If you have a solid business plan for a micro job platform, then you have all what you need by using MicroJobEngine theme. The price maybe a barrier if you are looking for free themes, but if you want to build such a business, you should be willing to add a little bit of investment.

Go to MicroJob Engine

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