Free McAfee Secure Plugin: Show Visitors Your Site is Secure & Display a Trustmark

Published on June 24th, 2015

Last Updated on March 29th, 2021

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Displaying Trustmarks on your site is a proven way to reassure website visitors and increase conversions, landing on an unfamiliar website for the first time can be daunting in this day of age of security concerns among online shoppers. Malware warnings, phishing scams and so on all make the news on a daily basis so when a visitor sees a familiar logo in the form of a seal or trustmark, it can go some way to alleviate their concerns.

A study was carried out which found the McAfee was the second in a study “in which they asked shoppers which seals generated the greatest sense of trust when shopping online.” source.


You can now add the McAfee trustmark to your WordPress site for free using a new plugin called “McAfee Secure“. The plugin, once installed, will monitor your website for security – things like Malware, Phishing, Hacking and Google blacklisting status. If your website is found to be secure, it will display a badge telling your site visitors that the site is safe. Upgrading to a pro plan will also highlight your site in search listings to users of the McAfee software, saying it is safe also.

Let’s take a look at how the plugin functions.

Download McAfee Secure Plugin »

The Plugin

Download the free plugin and upload to your site and activate it, once activated you can click on the plugin settings and can enter an email address and your website URL.


Then click the “Get Started” button and you will be taken to the McAfee website to carry on the registration process.


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Once you have verified your email address, go back to your the plugin settings in your WordPress site and should see the message ” All tests passed! Your website is certified SECURE.”


If you visit the front-end of your site now, in the bottom right hand corner you will see the McAfee trustmark, if you click on it a popup window will appear stating your site is certified and secure with some other information such as no malware found, no phishing detected and if you have an SSL certificate it should say that as well.


If you go back to the McAfee website, you will see a dashboard where you can monitor your site.


Under the “Security” tab you will see any security alerts for the following :

  • No Malware or Malicious Links
  • Not Google Blacklisted
  • Not a Phishing Site
  • Not an Attack Site
  • Not a Compromised Site

If you do have an alerts, they will be shown here and you click through for further details.


Website Profile Listing

In the McAfee dashboard, is it recommended you visit the “Profile” tab and fill out as much information about your website as possible – this info will be included within the McAfee Secure Trustmark Verification window to confirm more details about the business behind a website. You can enter your name, site description, website category, contact and social media links and so on.

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Your site will then have its own page like so:


Upgrade to Pro and Pricing

The free version of this plugin is available for up to 500 visitors per month, after which the seal is not shown any further. Depending on your site traffic levels it’s possible to use this up fairly quickly so you might want to consider a paid plan which will give you unlimited visits per month.

Along with unlimited trustmark views per month, a paid plan allows you to place the seal in different places on your site to increase visitor confidence, for example near signup forms, credit card forms and so on.


With a paid plan you will also receive search result highlighting, which means your website listing will be highlighted as SECURE in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search results of McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software users.


To upgrade, click the “Upgrade to Pro” in your McAfee dashboard and you can then choose some options to get a customised price which will depend on what options you choose.


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For a website with up to 10 pages it costs $10 per month, 500 or pages the price jumps up to $93 per month. Ticking the boxes under “engagement level” for things like downloadable software, credit card info, password protected area and so on can bump the monthly cost up to $160+.


Using this plugin will give you weekly security notifications which might not be soon enough if you should suffer a security breach, a service such as Sucuri can give you better notifications immediately and also help with cleaning up your site. The value of this plugin is the other features – being able to display a McAfee trustmark on your site should greatly help with conversions, especially if you are an eCommerce site. The McAfee brand and logo are huge in the personal security world and people will associate your website with the brand, giving them peace of mind when using your website. Having your listing highlighted as secure in search results to users of their software should help in getting you more click throughs, and again in turn should help you get more sales.

Even though this plugin is free, 500 visitors can be quickly used up after which the seal wont be shown on your site so to get the most from it you will need a paid plan. The paid plans aren’t cheap for a website of a decent size – 500 pages or above which is easily done with a decent sized eCommerce store and you will have to pay a minimum of $93. What you will need to decide is whether the increased conversions and visibility is worth the monthly cost to you.

Download McAfee Secure Plugin »

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