25 Beautiful Material Design WordPress Themes

Material Design WordPress themes are here and growing in popularity. Google’s material design, a fresh take on flat web designs, sprung up in late 2014 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Many web design forecasters have predicted material design’s rise in 2016, so we hope you enjoy this list of 25 material design WordPress themes.

1. Divi

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes is powered by the Divi Builder, ET’s page builder plugin. The developer doesn’t market this theme as a dedicated material design theme, but it does use material design elements and styles here and there.

Divi Elegant Themes

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2. Extra

Extra is a drag-and-drop magazine theme by Elegant Themes. It uses a tile format with elegant shadows along the edges of various elements in the theme, a key component of material design.

Extra Elegant Themes

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3. Material Theme

Material Theme is a simple responsive WordPress theme by Mercury built on the foundation of the material design style guidelines. The theme is also fully customizable and comes with over 80 shortcodes.

Material Theme Mercury

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4. Voice

Voice by Meks is a magazine theme that combines material and minimalist design elements to create a clean layout for news websites. It’s even optimized for compatibility with WooCommerce and bbPress and contains a built-in ad system.

Voice Meks

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5. Zephyr

Zephyr by UpSolution is a beautiful, material design theme for service-based businesses. The theme comes bundled with the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, including its premium add-ons, to give you a simpler way of designing your site while also saving you over $45. It’s also fully responsive and ready for WooCommerce installations.

Zephyr UpSolution

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6. Woffice

Woffice by Alkaweb is a powerful theme capable of allowing its users to build a number of different networking websites, including social networking websites, community websites, membership websites, and intranet websites, all while borrowing styles from material design. It even comes with the premium Slider Revolution plugin and the ability to design from the frontend.

Woffice Alkaweb

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7. StartIT

StartIT by Select-Themes is a premium business theme targeted toward tech startups. It borrows a few styles from material design to create a trendy, modern design. It has stunning portfolio layouts, easy-to-use options and compatibility with WooCommerce.

StartIT Select Themes

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8. Haswell

Haswell by RedExp is a multi-purpose minimalist theme that incorporates a few elements of material design into its overall style. It has several different layout designs, which essentially allows you to design several different types of websites. The developers are also constantly updating the theme to include more and more new styles.

Haswell Redexp

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9. Kwoon

Kwoon by Tommus Rhodus is another multi-purpose theme capable of producing several different types of websites, from company websites to portfolio websites to magazine websites. There are multiple style combinations to choose from, various header and slider options, single-page options, and more.

Kwoon Tommus Rhodus

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10. Appica 2

Appica 2 by 8guild is one of the best themes you can use to showcase the launch of your app. The developers have created different versions for iOS and Android developers and have incorporated material design elements into the theme’s design to create a modern look capable of showcasing your product.

Appica 2 8guild

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11. Wizard

Wizard by Beantown Themes is a full-page WordPress theme designed for creative professionals. Its overall style is minimalist, but it corporates several different elements from material design throughout the theme.

Wizard Beantown Themes

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12. Tactile

Tactile by Edge Themes is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a clean, sharp, minimalist design. It can be used as a marketing theme for a service-based business, as a photography theme, as a blog theme or pretty much any other type of website you want to build. The theme’s use of material design completes its trendy look and appeal.

Tactile Edge Themes

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13. Obsession

Obsession by HighGrade is a beautiful theme designed for businesses, whether that means large companies or one-man operations. The theme comes with one-page and multi-page layouts, and while its use of material design is more subtle than most of the themes on this list, its style is elegant, trendy and clean.

Obsession HighGrade

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14. POL

POL by Serzh is a dedicated material design WordPress theme that combines bright colors with material design styles. It’s a beautiful multi-purpose theme that shines best when used as a one-page site for creative professionals.

POL Serzh

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15. Skillfully

Skillfully by Design Crumbs is a learning management system theme that draws inspiration from material design. The theme is built for compatibility with WooThemes’ Sensei LMS plugin and works beautifully when used for that purpose.

Skillfully Design Crumbs

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16. Rare

Rare by Cr3ativ Themes is a material design WordPress theme built for blogs, portfolios and magazine websites. Its main layout features an edge-to-edge grid layout that relies on imagery more than anything else, making it a fantastic option for visual creatives.

Rare Cr3ativ Themes


17. Sility

Sility by WP Mines is a resume WordPress theme whose style reflects material design elements heavily. The theme offers a great way for professional job-seekers to portray their resumes and portfolios in a creative manner.

Sility WP Mines

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18. Unika

Unika by TDGR is a clean and elegant material design WordPress theme. It works best when used to build one-page sites for service-based businesses and creative professionals but can also be used to create a number of other professional websites.

Unika TDGR

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19. Calypso

Calypso by Blu Themes is a WordPress blog theme that combines material design elements with flat design styles. It works best as a blogging or content creation theme but is flexible enough to be used for other types of site designs as well.

Calypso Blu Themes

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20. Color

Color is a colorful blogging and portfolio material design theme by Mean Themes. It works beautifully when using grid layouts for blog posts but also supports full-width blog layouts.

Color Mean Themes

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21. FAB!

FAB! by Oxygenna is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme built with inspiration from material design. It’s a different type of multi-purpose theme in that it can be used to build several different types of online stores while supporting the very different styles of those stores.

FAB! Oxygenna

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22. Runek

Runek by Das Infomedia is a wonderful material design theme for service-based businesses and product launches.

Runek Das Infomedia


23. Akira

Akira by ArrowHiTech is a material design blogging theme, but it can just as easily be used for WooCommerce stores.

Akira ArrowHiTech

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24. Fugiat

Fugiat by Premium Layers is a great SEO and marketing material design theme for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Fugiat Premium Layers

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25. Materialize

Materialize by ThemeTon is a multi-purpose material design theme that works best when used as a marketing theme for service-based businesses.

Materialize ThemeTon

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Lyn Wildwood

Lyn Wildwood

Lyn Wildwood is a freelance blogger and avid WordPress user. She loves sharing new tips and tricks with the WordPress community.

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    Great collection. I need a simple theme for my new blog which WordPress theme you would prefer? I’m not an expert in this subject. Can you help me out? Suggest me a theme which suits for a technical blog.

  2. Awesome cool designs for WordPress lovers!! Google’s material design has given a lot of inspiration for newbie designers.

  3. I am yet to come across a collection like that. Material design aims to bring more consistency in the multi-device environment we are increasingly adapting to. Considering that Google now has a presence on almost all these platforms it was very crucial for them to come up with something like this so that the experience is not just beautiful but also predictable and effective. It’s really unfortunate that some developers/designers quickly skim through and just decide that it’s a copy of Microsoft’s Metro UI.

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