How to Make your WordPress Content More Shareable on Twitter

We all want more visitors to our website and social media can be a great source of traffic. But how do you go about more getting exposure on the most popular social networks? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this article on how to make your WordPress content more shareable on Twitter.

By the end of this guide you’ll have a checklist of actionable tasks that will help your WordPress content attract more shares on Twitter, including tips on how to create socially shareable content, and a look at some tools that can take care of sharing your posts on your behalf.

Automate Social Media Sharing

CoSchedule Calender

Automating your social media sharing not only saves you time but also helps you create a successful social media presence. By planning out when your posts will be shared on Twitter you can make sure you are posting regularly and consistently.

CoSchedule is a premium solution to help you plan, publish and promote your content on Twitter, and other social media. By automating your content to be shared on social media, CoSchedule boasts that you will receive up to 75% more traffic than you are used to. Not only that, automated posts will ensure that you are constantly present on Twitter and posting at times when your audience is online, helping your content get more shares.

Share Old Posts

Revive Old Post

Sharing old posts, particularly popular ones, is a good way to keep your content alive. Content is often timeless and articles that have received a high number of Tweets already should be re-posted on Twitter after some time to help them be continually shared and reach a wider audience.

Revive Old Post is a free WordPress plugin that helps promote old content from your website on Twitter, and other social media channels. You can customize the settings to specify specific categories of posts and times when articles are to be tweeted. There is also a premium version of this plugin, Revive Old Post Pro, which lets you Tweet images and create custom schedules for particular posts, to help further engage with your Twitter audience.

Monitor Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics

Monitoring your Twitter analytics is really a important job that is often not given enough attention. Studying your analytics will help you understand what content your audience likes to share, what Tweets they engage with and when they are most active. From this you can tweak your content to make it relevant to your audience’s interests, and ensure you are posting at times when they will be online to see it and share it.

Hootsuite is a social media solution that will help you share your content on Twitter, promote your brand and help increase traffic to your website. This feature rich premium service offers in depth analytics to help you become more effective and efficient on your social media platforms. By analysing how your posts are received on Twitter, you can alter your content and Tweets accordingly to help increase shares and follows.

Advertise on Twitter


There are many different ways you can advertise on Twitter. One of the campaign objectives you can choose from when setting up Twitter Ads is to increase Tweet Engagement. This will help you increase likes, mentions and retweets, to reach more people and get your content shared with a wider audience.

You can also choose a Quick Promote option, that enables you to promote your best performing Tweets and content to a larger audience. Because these Tweets look very similar to non advertised Tweets, and as they are getting maximum exposure due to their position at the top of timelines, they are more likely to get shared by viewers.

Create Tweetable Quotes

Click to Tweet

Having quotes from your articles tweeted on Twitter by your readers is an effective way of getting your content shared and reaching a wider audience. The best way to encourage people to Tweet your thoughts and opinions is to turn key statements into obvious tweetable quotes on your website.

Click to Tweet is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to easily create tweetable content. Excerpts and quotes from your posts can be highlighted in custom boxes and placed within an article, to encourage readers to Tweet this information. Content that stands out, makes a statement and is easy to share is more likely to get tweeted.

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Articles

If you want your content to be widely shared on Twitter you need to add a social share button at the top of, or underneath, each article. People like to share quality blog posts, so make it easy for them to do so.

Twitter is the official Twitter WordPress plugin that will help share your posts across the Twitter network. Buttons can be added at the top or bottom of a post, or both, and you can choose either a small discrete button, to a large option. This enables readers to immediately Tweet your article out to their followers, whilst they are still reading.

Display Follow Buttons with Your Follower Count

Monarch Social Share

As well as social share buttons you should also display follow buttons on your site, to help build your following. If you have a large following on Twitter it can be particularly effective if you add follow buttons that display your follower count. People like to follow the crowd, so the more followers you have the more likely people are to follow you. If you are displaying a follower count in the 1000’s then viewers will think that you must be worth watching, and will be more likely to join you on Twitter.

The premium Monarch Social Sharing plugin from Elegant Themes allows you to place follow buttons in any widget area. These social follow links can be displayed in a variety of ways and can show your follower count. This can be a very successful way to gain followers and consequently increase content sharing.

Embed Tweets into Your Website


Embedding a Twitter feed into your WordPress site is a great way to encourage your readers to follow you on Twitter. It helps to display your Twitter community and create interest around your site and content. And we all know, the more followers and engagement you have on your website, the more your content will be shared on social media.

The free WordPress plugin Jetpack has a module called Extra Sidebar Widgets that, amongst other things, enables you to embed an official Twitter Timeline Widget into your sidebar. With this widget you can display your recent tweets on your website and viewers can click on a Tweet to take them directly to your Twitter page. Displaying a Twitter timeline like this on your site is an effective way to engage with your readers, gain followers and increase the likeliness of your content being shared.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways you can make your content more shareable on Twitter. All of the options above should help, so try them out and monitor your analytics to see what works for your site and with your audience.

Make sure you are consistently posting high-quality content that is relevant to your audience and keep constantly active on Twitter. By building a community and engaging with them you should be able to create a following that will willingly share your content.

Have you found any of these tips useful? Which ones are you going to implement on your site?

Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Megan is a freelance writer who loves all things WordPress. She currently lives in Brighton with her partner and two small children. When she isn't online she likes walking by the sea, cups of coffee and traveling anywhere and everywhere. She is available for hire so check out her website

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