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Introducing Maintaingo – An Agency-Powered WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

Last Updated on June 14th, 2019

Published on November 29th, 2017

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WordPress maintenance is boring. I mean, is there anything exciting about running a backup or preventing a future malware attack?

But WordPress maintenance is also essential. Because as unsexy as backups, security, and their ilk are, they’re necessary to keep your WordPress site safe, secure, and running smoothly.

So if you don’t like having to maintain your WordPress site, or if you’re just plain not sure how to do it, you might wish you could outsource the work to an expert.

That’s what Maintaingo is. Maintaingo is a WordPress maintenance and management service that will handle all the housekeeping for you. And depending on your plan, they might even help you make tweaks to your WordPress site, too!

In this post, I’ll give you a look at how Maintaingo can help make your WordPress life easier by maintaining and supporting your site.

Note – while the thoughts and words are entirely my own and I did use the dashboard and complete a support ticket with them, this is a sponsored post from Maintaingo. We hesitate to call this a true Maintaingo review because, due to the limitations of time, it’s hard for us to fairly review something that’s ongoing (like WordPress maintenance).

Here’s How Maintaingo Helps Make WordPress Easier For You

Maintaingo offers two types of plans:

  • A core maintenance/optimization plan
  • “Support hours” that you can use to make tweaks to your site

You can also combine the two types of plans and get a slight discount.

I’ll talk more about what support hours are in a second, but let’s start with what the core maintenance plan gets you.

  • Daily offsite backups – rest easy knowing that Maintaingo backs up your site every day and safely stores that backup off site.
  • 24/7 security monitoring – beyond keeping your data safe, Maintaingo also secures your site around the clock.
  • Site downtime alerts – if something happens and your site goes down, Maintaingo will notify you right away.
  • Broken link monitoring – broken links hurt your user’s experience and might even cost you money (if you’re linking to an affiliate offer or sales page). Maintaingo helps you sniff out broken links so that doesn’t happen.
  • Maintaingo CDN – Maintaingo gives you a CDN so you use less bandwidth and your site loads faster for visitors around the world.
  • US-based support agents – if you need help, you can talk to an actual person located in the United States.

Need more specific help? That’s what Maintaingo’s support hours are for. These basically let you get expert help on more specific tasks without needing to hire a separate freelancer or deal with an agency.

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All you need to do is submit a ticket or call Maintaingo for help. Maintaingo tracks your support hour usage down to the minute and anything you don’t use will roll-over to the next month.

If you’re interested in just how much help your support hours can get you – Maintaingo has put together a really handy post that outlines estimated times for most common tasks.

For all of these requests, Maintaingo offers a same day turnaround. And as I mentioned, all of Maintaingo’s developers and support agents are located in the USA.

How Does Maintaingo Actually Work?

Once you sign up to Maintaingo, you get access to your own personal dashboard (built on WooCommerce):

maintaingo dashboard

Here you can:

  • View how many support hours you have left
  • See a detailed transaction list for each support hour credit or deduction
  • Quickly add a new support ticket for an issue you want to be fixed

Of course, if you have the maintenance plan, there’s also plenty of other stuff happening on your own website.

But as far as Maintaingo’s interface goes, it’s pretty dang simple. For example, to open up a new support ticket, all you need to do is type your message right in the dashboard:

opena new maintaingo ticket

Once you submit your ticket, you’ll be able to manage its status in the My Support Tickets area below.

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And if you ever run out of support hours and need more help, you can always add additional hours right from your dashboard:

Who Is The Team behind Maintaingo?

Maintaingo comes from DeLapp Design, a Seattle, Washington web/visual design agency that’s worked with groups like Microsoft, the University of Washington, the National Fisheries Conservation Center, and more.

Maintaingo is actually the result of DeLapp Design’s internal need to offer ongoing support to its own clients. After building out their support systems to handle those internal clients, the DeLapp Design team publicly launched Maintaingo in late 2016.

This agency connection is pretty neat, actually, as it means that your support hours give you limited access to a full-service digital agency.

How Much Does Maintaingo Cost?

As I mentioned, Maintaingo offers two different types of plans:

  • Speed & Security – this is the maintenance plan I talked about earlier. It costs $49 per month.
  • X Support Hours – this is a monthly plan that gives you X number of support hours per month. It’s available in 1, 3, or 5 hour plans. Each plan costs $99 per hour per month.

You can also combine the two plans by adding Speed & Security to any of the Support Hours plans. If you do that, you’ll get 20% off the Speed & Security plan, making it just $39 per month.

maintaingo pricing

So if you, for example, want both Speed & Security and 1 Support Hour, you’d be looking at $138 per month in total.

For all of the plans, there are no contracts. That means you can cancel whenever you want. And if you cancel one of the support hour plans, you’ll be able to keep all of your unused hours for use at a later time.

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Put WordPress Maintenance On Autopilot With Maintaingo

If you don’t want to deal with WordPress maintenance yourself, Maintaingo gives you a tailor-made, agency-backed maintenance service that you can outsource the boring details to.

What’s nice is that beyond things like backups, security, updates, and monitoring, you can also get help with specific WordPress tasks as needed. Of course, you will pay extra for that privilege. But finding a quality WordPress freelancer can be frustrating, so I understand and appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly get quality help right away.

Whether you want to offload the maintenance of your WordPress site, have qualified support on retainer, or do both at the same time, you should consider Maintaingo to help make your WordPress life simpler.

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