11 Live Chat WordPress Plugins for Customer Support

Published on August 2nd, 2016

Last Updated on April 12th, 2021

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A tiny “Chat with us” or “Send a message” button goes a long way in establishing you as a retailer/provider who is proactive about customer support and satisfaction. So of course you need a Live Chat functionality on your business portal’s front end user interface. And if you have that site built on WordPress, all the better for you.

On WordPress, integrating a live chat feature on your front end UI is simple as installing a plugin and configuring it to your requirements. In order to help you narrow down the search for the perfect live chat plugin for your website (out of a sea of thousands), I have listed 11 Live Chat Plugins for WordPress here – handpicked exclusively on user rating, code quality, aesthetics, and features.

Take a look:

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Price: $18

I’d like to kick off with a nice plugin that was already mentioned on WPLift in 2013. Still no monthly fees, a simple and clean chat plugin that gets the job done.

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Price: Premium Plans starting from $19/month

Dear Lord this is one feature-packed plugin. And I don’t say that lightly.

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LiveChat means business. It comes with a range of features neatly stacked in about a dozen categories, all of them aiming at improving CRM and UX. You get Team Management (agent grouping and more), Customer feedback interface (built in with ratings, comments, stats, and more), airtight security features (2FA and Google Login along with IP blocking and visitor tracking), eCommerce specific features (sales info, campaign settings, etc.), total customer support features, a highly integration-friendly API (works with every major marketing automation/analytics tool/CMS on web)… and I can go on and on.

Check this plugin out if you’re not intimidated of an extensive, detail oriented tool. It’ll be worth it once you learn how to manage everything from LiveChat’s single, highly intuitive UI.

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Formilla Live Chat


Price: Premium plans starting from $11.99/month

This one is formidable purely by the extent of its sizable feature list.

Formillalets your support staff/agents run parallel chats through a series of some quite frankly stunning iOS and Android apps as well as desktop clients. You also get features like extensive visitor activity monitors, offline status (complete with custom messages, email forms, and visitor stat capturing), chat queue management, auto respond, etc.

The coup de grace is the beautiful way it can integrate with CRMs for a complete business/eCommerce management experience straight from your WordPress website. This includes a rather fun and interactive customer support system complete with email, phone, and help-desk.

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Zopim Live Chat


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Price: Premium plans starting from $15/month

If you have heard Live Chat plugins, you have heard of Zopim. This one is a classic beauty.

A Zendeskmasterpiece, Zopim is self-sufficient in its features – you get intelligent triggers, chat badges, offline status (custom message and mail forms), social media integration, visitor monitoring, SSL support, IP blocking, avatars and Gravatars, sound alerts and easy translations, comprehensive analytics, and so much more.

It’s highly customizable, super-easy to integrate with any WordPress website (regardless of niche, industry, or scale), brilliantly manageable (thanks to an advanced administration screen built-in with the plugin), and is at home with all devices and browsers.

It’s a marvellous thing you must check out for a long term solution.

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Tidio Live Chat


Price: Premium Plans starting from $12/month

This Flat design UI will fit a modern WordPress website like a glove.

You get a simple, straightforward thing (those are the best) with Tidio–a slew of supremely customizable chat apps and widgets complete with auto responding, working hours, built-in capability for conducting user surveys, contact/mail forms, visitor tracking and monitoring, superior analytics, and an advanced API for further integrations (for the more ambitious/creative coders only). And that’s barely the surface.

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It’s featherlight and fun once newbies get over the shock of some of the more hardcore features.

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Casengo Live Chat Support


Price: Premium plans starting from €39/month (Billed monthly)

I know the pricing gave you heart palpitations. But Casengo is worth it.

Here’s why: The plugin comes with an elite feature list packed with basic and hardcore (pro) features like – Email/Chat/Whatsapp support, unlimited mailboxes (and easy mail management), lead generation (contact form built-in), Help-Desk, cross platform compatibility (multiple apps for various mobile OS), and multi-platform integrations (CMS independent).

Basically, an all-in-one live chat plugin with complete relationship management features for your business; that’s what Casengo is.

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Price: Premium plans starting at $5/month

Formerly known as FlexyTalk, Frescochat is a lovely little thing – simple, straightforward, and great for beginners.

You get an easy to configure plugin with a whole wide range of simple settings to work with – set your working hours (with complementary “Offline” custom messages and chat bar hiding features, etc.) group agents (based on user roles or more), define popup triggers, manage chat queues, show status, et al.

What I adore about this plugin – Google analytics pre-integration, geo-location and targeting features, social media, advanced search on chat archives, and similarly powerful (yet easy to use) features.

The design is easily customizable (with built-in templates and custom CSS). As an bonus, it’s also multisite compatible.

What more could you ask for?

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Chat by FlyZoo


Price: Premium plans starting at $9.9/month

For websites that take their technical aspects seriously, Flyzoois a safe bet.

This plugin works like a charm with cloud servers, subdomain installations, and Secure SSL encryption websites. You can restrict access based on user roles, monitor visitor activity, moderate chats, block potentially malicious IP addresses, embed chats, chat in private mode, upload multimedia files, and go through a meticulously saved chat log.

It’s a highly responsive, rather amazing looking plugin and comes complete with translation capability and design customization options.

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Chat Pro


Price: Requires WPMUDEV Membership

It’s a classic WP-MUDEV creation – simple, sassy, yet powerful.

Chat Pro (Lite version available free on WordPress.org Plugin Repository) gives you affable and easy features like chat embeds, built-in styling options, avatar (and Gravatar) support, simple transcripts, IP blocking, chat moderation, social login, and more – all wrapped in a signature interface that’s inherently user-friendly.

The plugin comes with a slew of apps your agents can use, and it’s BuddyPress compatible. Whatever it does, it makes sure to do it well.

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WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support

Price: OTP licenses for single domain usage starting from $39.95

WP Live Chat is value for money.

With this one time purchase plugin, you get a brilliant, highly customizable chat widget full of features like – unlimited agents, quick (and auto) respond, translatable interfaces, white labelling, message records and chat transcripts, visitor monitoring, IP blocking, and more.

There is yet more with Developer (Unlimited usage) site licenses, like Experience rating (Pro add-on), and other well-known premium plugins like responsive tables and Sola support tickets bundled together for your ease.

It’s simple without unnecessary bells and whistles.

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Price: Free

This one is a genuine sweetheart and razor sharp to boot. (Much like its mascot Mel).

Tawk.to is based around your support agents, with a mile-long list of features that lets them efficiently manage everything from design customization to widget personalization (language, aliases, usernames, etc.). You, the admin, can work with chat triggers, look at meticulous chat records, put your editorial team to work creating easy-access FAQs, customize audio and visual micro-interactions, notifications, real time visitor monitoring, and IP blocking features. And that’s just on the surface.

The plugin works through a series of stunning apps for all major mobile platforms as well as a desktop client.

Not shabby at all for something that’s free.

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These are the best in class live chat plugins that should help you take your CRM and UX through the roof. Let us know your thoughts (and favourites!) in the comments below.


Author Bio: Catherrine Garcia is a Web Developer at HostingFacts.com. She is also an avid blogger who loves to share her knowledge through her articles. She enjoys playing various sports and a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.